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As a woman who has lived through many passages and learned through my larger than life experiences (positive and negative), I’ve discovered how to take a big empowering bite out of life.

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Who I am and why I matter. (Hint: You do, too!)

Today, the New York Times published a story about HoneyGood.com, MOXIE! and the power found in connection.

Little did I know, when I started HoneyGood.com several years ago, that my musings and our community would end up in the New York Times.

After all, I wasn’t searching for attention when I began HoneyGood.com; I was on the hunt for inspiration… for a purpose.

I was looking for a way to re-write what life after 50 looked like, and so, I picked up a “pen,” and authored my own story, my narrative of life as a visible, vibrant woman after 50.

And you joined me.

Together, we are rewriting the typical story told about women of a certain age. And today, you, my co-authors if you will, number in the hundreds of thousands.

Together we are far from invisible after 50! Together, we have MOXIE! Today The New York Times covered HoneyGood.com and the power of our tribe. We are so very visible!

But for those of you who don’t know me, and may have just discovered our delightful community from the NYT article, this is who I am, why I matter… and why you do, too!


Susan Honey Good

I am Susan “Honey” Good

I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, mother-in-law, girlfriend and grandmother to 25, who affectionately call me Honey. I am also a woman over 50 years old…but I don’t let that define who I am, not one bit. At heart, I’m a survivor – multiple times over.

When you look at me now, it might seem like I am just a very lucky girl, full of gratitude for my blessed and wonderful life. And that’s certainly how I feel, too. But what I have is the result of the way I have chosen to embrace life, day after day, no matter what came my way. Just like everybody else, I have experienced the bitter and the sweet, tremendous joys and equally great – perhaps even greater – sorrows.

Like I always say, I’ve earned a Ph.D. in life! I’ve endured financial hardships, the heartbreak of widowhood, the horror of a suicide in the family, the unknowns of cancer, the challenges of building a blended family… and more. I have truly been through it all and continue to be, as I grow older.

Yet, I am still standing strong. And I feel more beautiful and visible than ever because of it, even now that I’m well past 50 years of age.

I have learned that if I accept life on life’s terms and commit to making the most of whatever it throws at me, I can overcome anything. And so can you! That thought can give us great power, especially as we age and are faced with many destabilizing changes.

That’s why, through my new book and my new project – MOXIE! – I have decided to show other women 50 and over how to keep taking a big bite out of life – with humor and style – and get a kick out of it, like I do every day.

I am an author

I am not a writer by trade and yet, when searching for my purpose after 50, I met a woman who was a writer.

She told me to keep a journal for three months and never miss a day writing. She promised me, “You will find your voice.” I was not a writer by degree but then again I did not know how to read at age six until I worked and learned.

I was intrigued by her statement, “you will find your voice,” so I plunged into daily journaling for three months, never missing a day.

It was not long after I found my center. I loved to write, to spend time alone with my inner thoughts in the quiet of the day and the quiet of the night with my precious pup by my side during the day and my fabulous husband by my side at night.

My perspectives and perceptions of people, lifestyle, family, friends, personal needs, fears, desires and “who I really am” exploded outside my subconscious into consciousness.

I thought about everything long and hard before I shared my musings and I must tell you, darlings, writing has changed my feelings about oh so many things. And, it is all good. And I am happy because I worked to find positive fulfillment.

I am a wife

I was shockingly and unexpectedly widowed in my early forties with two children. I do not know how I survived this loss, and yet I did.

Meeting my second husband, Shelly Good, after the heartbreaking loss of my first husband, became my personal fairy tale. The story starts out with a simple comment: “I’m not interested in dating,” I said to my dearest girlfriend when she mentioned the name of a man she wanted me to meet. We were walking along the Hawaiian shore at sunset. She was visiting me in Honolulu seven months after I became a widow. Little did I know that day my life would change forever. She turned a deaf ear to my comment about not being ready to find love again. She knew Shelly, and she knew we were meant for each other. She played Cupid and arranged that Shelly and I meet. Because of her, Shelly Good became the love of my life.

Twenty-seven years later, my pitter-pattering heart still belongs to Shelly Good. His devotion is unprecedented. He is my soulmate and best friend. I often say to him, “If I could have one wish it would be to relive our life together.” There is no one I admire and love more than my husband, Shelly.

I am a Mother and Grandmother to 25!

I have 25 Grandchildren that I call my “grands.” Needless to say, they are each my pride and joy. There is truly no love like a grandmother’s love.

I’m also thrilled to announce my first book, Stories for my Grandchild, is now on sale on Amazon. The book is a keepsake journal of your life, your values, your family history and your wisdom and dreams for your Grands that you will pen in your own words and gift to your Grands as a ‘keeper,’ a lifetime heirloom.

As the author, I wrote this book and developed the prompts for you to answer. Abrams Books was looking for a 21st Century Grandmother to be their author. I was so fortunate they chose me and was thrilled and elated that this project appealed to me. I was selected to be the grandmother who produced the prompts you would answer to record your family history, including your life story, your values, and wisdom, and love in your written words. It is a forever keepsake for your Grands.

I am a visible and vibrant woman after 50. Are you?

I’m about to get very real with you. There was a time that women of a certain age were not seen as beautiful. While this was always incorrect, there was a time that – to society at large – it was true.

But it is not “true” anymore! Society’s view of beauty has changed. Now 50 is the new 40, old is the new bold and age is just a number.

I don’t mean to imply that you ever needed society to tell you that you were beautiful in order for it to be so, but there’s no longer much of an excuse not to embrace the beauty that is yours.

Wear lipstick if you wish, grow your hair long or cut it shockingly short, let it go gray if you desire. There are no rules, just the feeling that is so right that you are beautiful. The beauty that defines you – and me – comes from within. Take pride in how you look, take pride in how your face has changed and matured along with that stunning mind of yours. Acknowledge your beauty and let it be seen. Inside and out!

Are you embracing life after 50 with passion and joy? Do you have MOXIE!? I would so love to hear from you on TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.


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November 10, 2018

Passages After 50

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  1. Lynn says:

    Honey, I love reading your blog. You are a true inspiration to women over 50. God Bless you.

    • Patricia Cochran says:

      Hi Honey, you are a true inspiration to us all. I love your stories and photos. You’ve helped me learn to embrace my inner beauty! God bless you.

  2. Kimberly Gorman says:

    You inspired me this morning! I feel like dancing, singing, floating around holding on to my skirt and smiling. Think I’ll stop and buy a journal

  3. Lela Freigo Gahwiler says:

    Congratulations on the New York Times recognition of the fine wok you do daily, Honey. It is wonderful for mature women to have a forum for joy and celebration of life together.

  4. Frankie Hand says:

    I am one of your over 50 followers and I always enjoy your mix of writings about, fashion, travel, family, food……Several friends have encouraged me to blog about fashion and style for women and I’ve never blogged. Perhaps I need to keep a journal for 3 months and find my voice.

  5. Kathy Meyers says:

    Dear Honey,
    I enjoyed your NYT article! Congratulations! Are you forming another Moxie group for those of us on the wait list?

  6. Lori says:

    Congratulations! This is amazing! You are amazing!

  7. Jean Skelly says:

    Congratulations on the NYT gig.
    You’ve worked hard and deserve every success you achieve!

  8. congratulatiions honey good .You have been an inspiratiion to me a marvelous mentor and communicator You have been my life line over the last few years with the loss of my son in latter life and living with my husband with a rare form of cancer Thank you for your help and keep in touch wishing you and your family a happy christmas and new year

  9. Lisa Rubin says:

    Opened up the Styles Section of the NYT this morning and there you were. Kol Hakavod : good job!

  10. Susan Henry says:

    Susan – I was thrilled to see pictures of Mr. America (and you, of course). He’s growing up so quickly. How do you transport him to your destinations? Or did you drive this time?
    Looking forward to Moxie!

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      He travels in our lap!!!! Or sleeps at my feet. He is already the Mayor of our neighborhood in Chicago. He is running for office!!! He loves every dog, person, bird, squirrel and even flying leaf (from the wind). He is adorable. He follows me everywhere. Looking forward to having you on MOXIE! Warmly, Susan

  11. DOROTHY Dworkin says:

    I loved reading the NY Times article as it spoke to me. Congratulations are your commitment to remaining relevant and alive into you “adult” years!

  12. Irene smith says:

    You are my daily morning inspiration. And I am close to 80….but really the new 60, thanks to Honey Good. Now I’m wondering if you could give me some advise…..for my daughter in her 40’s who is widowed with child because of suicide. It has been 13 years and she is ready to date and share her life. The problem is how do you go a bout doing that? She has checked out the online sights but that’s not her thing. I keep advising her to work on “self”, happiness is an inside job. She is so lonely without the traditional family. Has the child, the dog, a good job. Any ideas on how to help her?

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      I was widowed in my forties, too. I know the feeling. I was very fortunate to meet my ultimate concierge. My best girlfriend introduced us. I think your daughter has to push herself even if she is afraid to get out there and join some type of group that interests her. She has to meet people. What about a church group? A co-ed gym? A spiritual group. Encourage her, mom. I am so happy you read my stories. Thank you so very much. Warmly, Honey

  13. Randi says:

    Thank you for your positive and encouraging words. I lost my husband of 30years after he battled dementia for 7 years. I also was his third wife, thus, litigation was occurring while he was still alive. To the outside world, I am an inspiration for creating a new life. I am a 65 year old woman, outgoing, attractive, athletic… all wonderful qualities. Inside, I am so traumatized and sad but trying really hard. There is no magic bullet. We all have to put one foot in front of the other and hold our heads up, proudly.

  14. Alison Read says:

    So happy to have found you… I have a group called Fabfiftysocial here in Brisbane Australia. I have told all the members about you as well. We have get togethers and support one another through different challenges. We also raise money for Breast Cancer research. Thankyou for your inspiration.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      I apologize for answering you at such a late date. Please except my sincere apology. I am thrilled to have you with me. Please bring your Fab Fifty to my private facebook group, GRANDwomen with Moxie…where loneliness disappears. We would love to have you join us.We are very interactive and most importantly nice and very caring. On Wed. we have a Zoom meetup ( small in number) and one of the girls is from Australia. She just went through a bout with breast cancer. I am thrilled you found me. How did you, if I may ask.Looking forward to more interaction. Stay safe and well. Warmly, Honey

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