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– Warmly, Honey

Sisters All Over The World


sisters all over the world

Every night, in the middle of the night, I quietly reach for and open my laptop, sit up in our bed to answer all of your warm words and questions. I click into my comment section on my website and then I go to Facebook and reply to all of you, my sisters all over the world. Here I am a woman, much over 50, who is excited in the wee small hours of the morning to interact with you.

Authenticity, sharing, and gratitude are three gifts I hope to leave my children, my grands and you. With these ingredients in your mix of emotions, you can wake up each day, face your challenges and live a meaningful life.

I cannot explain how touched I am hearing from you…you are women from all over the world. Many of you I now recognize by name or picture. Often I click on your picture to see where your interests lie. A travel photo, a sunset, the grands, your family, your garden, flowers, art, and my list goes on.

Several years ago I needed a new purpose and Honey Good was born. Lacking experience as a professional writer and no knowledge of the Internet my strong desire and tenacity overruled common sense. Why? I knew I would reap a great deal of satisfaction and gratification.

Sisters All Over The World

Friends in need are friends indeed

Of course, nothing is simple. I was faced and still am faced with screaming frustrations.

My frustration was caused by lack of knowledge of the Internet. I knew nothing of the technical side. I had never heard of a keyword, SEO, Google analytics, Dropbox, Social Media… and that is just for starters.

Fortunately, I picked a great team, Carolyn, Ines, Birdie, and Susan who are probably more frustrated than I am because they have to tutor and mother me along. And they do a great job. I really try to be efficient but it is difficult as a woman over 50 to grasp huge advances in technology. I learn fast but technology moves faster! Do you know the feeling?

After all of these years, I can talk the talk more or less but I cannot walk the walk!  I know the girls’ hearts race as they receive 20 emails in one day, sometimes asking the same question twice, and have to bite their tongues in frustration over my lack of Internet skills, but I also know they love me.  I too love them and we truly love and therefore we are a ‘ sisterhood’ of women with MOXIE!

sisters all over the world

Thank you, my sisters all over the world

We are different ages and we have different opinions but we have one strong thread in common: We share and we care.

I think the differences that separate Honey Good from other sites for women over 50 is the community that you, darlings, have helped build. We interact. Though we come from all walks of life, some of us married, some widowed, some scholars, some world travelers, some career women, some shy, some outgoing… we have a connection. Amazing really given that we live in different states across America and countries around the world.

Every day, I share my sorrows and over the top joys, my one million tips, my family, my ultimate concierge, and new pooch, America. I share with you all my relationships, my widowhood and illnesses, my girlfriend sagas and world travels. You can relate to me and I to you; that is what makes Honey Good special and different from other sites for women over 50.   We are a community of women over 50 who share and who care. While the world speaks of divisiveness we are united in our yearning for connection.

I want to take this time to thank you for giving my days more meaning than I ever expected. I am very grateful that I have all of you in my life.

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  1. I adore your spirit, your courage, and your openness with all of us. You’ve truly enriched my life, Honey Good! Thank you,thank you, thank you!!

  2. Hi Honey, We net twice in Palm Desert atvSaks and chatted at Il Corso !! I want to tell you that I enjoy all of your posts can relate to so many of them. We are very like-minded In our vibrancy and our appreciation of life and gratitude for what we have. I was so happy to hear about America after what you went through with sweet Orchid. You seem to be staying in Chicago for the time being – is that right?? Thank you for your musings and insight. Hugs, Ruth

    1. Dear Ruth: Of course I remember our meetings. Look so forward to seeing you in PS this winter. We will get together. We leave for PS on November 8th. Please, when you have the time, get in touch with me. I look so forward to being together. Warmly, Honey

  3. Love this, honey!!! We all need meaning in life. Connection. People with whom to share our ideas, thoughts, hopes, sorrows, questions, joys. I read your posts almost everyday and have shared them with friends. Thank YOU for putting yourself out there and being a source of courage and belonging and inspiration in our troubled world! Life is so much better when we have each other. With love from Allison❤️

  4. Well said.
    I have a friend who has gone through surgerys with the same Drs. in Indianapolis. He lost his ability to have children and much more but he is doing well. He and his wife and one child are traveling the world and happy.
    My heart goes out to you and your granddaughter. You are in my prayers.

    1. Her cancer mutated into something far worse. I am so happy for your friend and his wife and child. Thank you for your prayers. Warmly, Honey

  5. Dear Susan –

    I have been forced into an early disability retirement and am lost in this newest chapter of life. My work family is still working and, though we exchange texts and emails, the easy laughter and daily lunches are no more. I have been diagnosed with Stage IV Inflammatory Breast Cancer and a great many of my new cancer friends have died, many leaving behind young children who will now grow up without the loving care of their mothers. My retired neighbors love to travel together, something I cannot do.

    The result of many years of chemo have destroyed my joints and left me with severe neuropathy in my hands and feet. This makes it difficult to walk, caused some hearing loss, and has taken away my hobbies of quilting, gardening, and other activities I once loved.

    Our family’s financial picture has changed dramatically with the loss of my income. I loved my job! Now my Social Security Disability Income is less than a third of what I once earned. My medical expenses are several times higher than my monthly income. The rising debt robs my husband and I of much needed sleep. We truly do not know how to stop this bleeding.

    What I miss most are the women who once made up my “pack”. I need to make new friends, ones who know what cancer and treatments mean and are not scared off by it. I need friends who meet to do things other than just go to lunch a few days a week – I can’t keep up.

    My one year old grandson is a shining light in my life. I keep him a few days a week while his mother works. Whew! I am slowly building strength to keep up but he is a delight. For the past 30+ years I have served as an advocate and continue in a limited manner. This gives purpose to my life.

    Starting over is daunting and I am exhausted. I will fight my way out of this isolation. I have many interests and love good conversation. Somewhere out there are folks with whom I can connect. Wish you lived around the corner.
    I believe we could find many subjects to chat about.

    1. You need a new purpose. I may have a new outlet for you. You love conversation and have many interests. I am going to have Susan Berman Hammer email you. She is part of my Honey Good Team and in charge of MOXIE. Please go to my website, and join Moxie. It is free. The new venture will be like Facebook but private on HG. There will be different groups and each group needs its Ambassador. You may be interested in being an Ambassador. Please do not feel obligated. Susan will email or phone you and discuss this opportunity with you. You know, I am a Cancer survivor and my young grandson’s wife is fighting for her life with Cancer and they have a one-year-old little girl. We are all heartsick. I know how you feel and I see you are by no means giving up on life. you are a survivor and I applaud you. If you belong to a church you can ask about groups. Yes, we would have many subjects to talk about. 🙂 Warmly, Honey

  6. I love reading your blog! I have always known the importance of connection and being true to your spirit. I just returned home from a weekend with sweet sister friends that live in my former home city enjoying the wedding of a sister friend’s child. It filled my soul with gratitude to spend time with these girls and to know that I have “true, honest” women in my life that I love and that love me in return. I received the greatest compliment from one of them. She said, “You are so good at making sure we stay connected and that we talk and see one another throughout the year.”💕

    1. An older friend told me many years ago that to be a friend takes time. Friendships don’t happen. They need nurturing and you and your friends have obviously cared enough to take the time. Wonderful. Warmly, Honey

    1. I am smiling as I sit at my computer answering your cherished comment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so happy to have you alongside me. Warmly, Honey

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