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How Did You Get Your Name?

How Did You Get Your Name

We all ask our parents the reason they chose our given name. It is interesting, even if we are not fond of our name, we rarely change our parent’s decision. Maybe that is why we are so adamant that we decide the name our grandchildren call us. Finally, we have the choice to choose our name, our identity.

Decisions, Decisions…

And speaking of choosing a name, as you all know, I was recently faced with naming our new pooch! Of course, there is a story. Like most of you, I deliberated and deliberated about a name for our new Wheaten Terrier. I wanted a female and had chosen the name Tulip. The name made me smile, and the story behind the choice of the name was loving.

My ultimate concierge and I decided, after the devastating loss of Orchid, that our home was not a home until we had a pooch. We knew precisely our choice of breed and sex, and I never anticipated that I would be unable to get a female Wheaten.

On my way home late one afternoon, I stopped in at my favorite little flower shop in the Drake Hotel. I wanted to buy a bouquet of tulips, for my mom. Walking home, I passed several dog owners walking their pets, and my thoughts turned to the naming of our new pooch.

Looking down on the bouquet of many colored tulips, I felt uplifted by the gorgeous array of color, and in an instant, I said to myself, “Her name will be, Tulip.” I couldn’t wait to tell my mom and my ultimate concierge. My mom loved the tulips and the name. My ultimate concierge seemed happy, too.

How Did You Get Your Name

As luck would have it, and I mean that sincerely, I was unable, after hours of searching, to find a female Wheaten. Our only chance was a male, and after deliberating, we decided it was for the best. Bringing the opposite sex home would be easier emotionally. However, little did I know, naming the new puppy would be taxing.

My Initial Ideas

Having lived many of my adult years in Honolulu, I was sure I wanted a Hawaiian name for our new pooch. I also wanted to honor Orchid. I loved the sea, and after much deliberation, I decided on the name Kai-o. Little did I know how hard the name would be for others to pronounce. My ultimate concierge continued to say Kyle and people in our building said, “What? Could you say the name, again.”

On our first morning walk, I decided to change his given name to Kai. The O would be his middle initial. I kept saying Kai, Kai, Kai to myself and it did not flow. I loved Kai-O because it had two syllables.

As I entered the park with little Kai, a woman with a large white dog approached asking me the breed. I, in turn, asked her the name of her pooch.

She said, “Payton.”

“Did you name your dog after the athlete, Walter Payton?” I asked.

“She responded with, “Yes.”

“Oh,” I said, “I had a Doberman named General George Patton, and we called him, Patton.”

We parted, and little Kai and I continued our walk. My mind drifted between thinking of doggie names and saying, “Go pee!” to Kai.

Third Time’s the Charm

My mind returned to famous Americans. I thought to myself: Payton, Patton, Washington, Edison, Lincoln and a myriad of other artists, poets, athletes, scholars, and on and on. “OMG,” I thought to myself, “America, has so many heroes.”

Kai finally peed. I smiled, patted him and said, several times, “Good boy.” We continued our walk, and I continued thinking about names.

My mind would not stray away from the name America and how much I love this country. I could not stop thinking about how proud I am of our forefathers and how proud I am to say to the words, “I am an American.”

America It Is!

And then it hit me! Our new Wheaten pooch would carry the name of my country, America! His name would represent all the male and female heroes, all Americans who made this land what it is today… from sea to shining sea.

I bent down and picked up all twelve pounds of our little pooch; hugged him to me and said, “America, I love you.” And, darlings, I meant it in more ways than one.

I knew people would wonder, why the name, America? However, I cared not one bit because I feel joyful each time I say it. Some young people hug me, some people stare at me and say nothing and others are bewildered, but smile.

My ultimate concierge loves the name though, and when I mentioned, America, he stared at me for a few seconds before commenting. “One of my grandsons texted saying you choose a strong name.” Interesting comment, I thought.

I know each of you has a story behind the naming of your pet that provoke strong feelings.

In the past, I named Orchid because Orchids are my favorite flower, while I called our Doberman Patton because he was the General of our home. I named our cats Georgio, Princess Daisy, and Plumeria because one was a yellow Tabby and the color of my favorite perfume, another because the fur on the top of her head was in the shape of a crown and Plumeria because her tail was plumb-like and I love Plumeria Orchids.

I never dreamed I would name a pooch America, but I am glad I did.

What is Your Pet’s Name? I’d Love to Hear It!

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  1. Dear Honey,
    The name you chose couldn’t be more perfect. America means so much to us all.
    The first picture shows your love for America and for Orchid. A touching and beautiful photo.

    Our dogs were all rescues with names already attached. We have Coco, a golden retriever and Javier, a pure white German Shepherd. We have been so lucky to adopt such good dogs into our family. Now I’m looking for a new puppy which will be a big challenge. Javier is 13 years old and I’m feeling blessed with each day we still have him.
    I’ve been looking for a long time but I believe the humane society will be our next stop.

    Wonderful to meet America. I’m so happy you found him.


  2. Love America! I had a little tear after I read that. We have Winston(lasapooshi). He is a road side rescue and the best dog ever! Then last year I a walked into the shelter to drop off a donation and though I promised my self not to …look. They walked out of the back with the fluffy little white dog that would become Lilly Belle the Pmpooruss!

  3. hi Honey, what a wonderful name for your handsome boy. America is just beautiful, in all ways. Our furbaby is a 14-1/2 yo Maltese who is the love of our family. We seem to love him more and more the older he gets, something so special about a senior. we cherish every minute. His name is Poco, he was so small when we got him, and my daughter, now 27, was taking Spanish in middle school and said how small he was. Poco it was and though he is now a hefty 13+ pounds, Poke, or Poco, is still our little man. good luck with America, and please accept our condolences once again, on the loss of Orchid. A house is not a home without a pet!

  4. My sweet poodles are Polo and Pace. I had a beautiful Pom many years ago named Jen-Sal. I think you new little dog is very handsome. Congrats on your new addition.

    1. So many names. I love reading your story and all the story about naming a pooch. Thank you for sharing. Warmly, Honey

  5. Congratulations on beautiful America! While Orchid’s memory will always be joyfully present, America will bring so much happiness to your lives. I have Petey, a Boxer and Austrailian Shepard, rescue who is my joy!! We got him after our beautiful Rotty, Lucky Dog, passed on. Wet doggie kisses to all 🐶

    1. I am greeted each morning and actually all day with wet doggie kisses. A blessing for all of us to have such uncomplicated love. Warmly, Honey

  6. To read about your sweet “America” on the day following our nation’s observance of 9/11, my heart is filled with love for our great country. With each mention of your “America,” I will be reminded of the many who have given and those who are giving on my behalf to keep our nation free.
    Your America’s happy spirit reflects the happiness we each daily enjoy in our great America.
    Yes, I totally agree that you, Honey, have selected a strong name for your new addition.

  7. Love the name! My current pet is a cat that I named after my 3 year old daughters suggestion. It’s the name of a cartoon character, Sheriff Callie. We call her Callie of course, & it fits her perfectly!

  8. What a beautiful story Honey! I’m sure your sweet boy will carry his name proudly. My little Doxie is called Reese, and the story is cute. We had other pets and they had food names like Pepper and Coco. When we got this little guy, our grandson said we should name him Reese, the “peanut butter pup”, after the candy, because he is the colors of chocolate and peanut butter. We love our yummy, sweet little Reese.

  9. I have a Maltese his name is “Valentino” I love the breed and find them to be so elegant. I lost a Maltese not long ago his name was Picasso- good luck with America- I love his name and the wheaten terrier – your Orchid was beautiful- many years of happiness and good health to America!

  10. As my last Yorkie was getting older after multiple health issues that I got her thru…well most, I was shopping w my mom, and bought this lovely blouse. I decided to wear it to dinner and cut off the tags. It fluttered to the floor and I picked it up and it said, “Zoe, Greek for life” and that touched my soul and I knew my new lil girl would be Zoe. THe next day before the necessary surgery, my sweet heart girl passed, needing to be away from me… 6 months later I found my Zoe and she has lived up to her name for almost 15 years. She will be 15 on oct 25… My love my reason to be… along w my clients…. Unfortunately I have yet to find my ultimate concierge.. Blessings and love to you and yours dear woman.

    1. As I said in my story, “Every name has a story.” I love your story, too. Keep your eyes and ears open for your ultimate concierge.Warmly, Honey

  11. My West Highland White Terrier is named Tulip! Tulip turned four years old last May. This is the second Westie I have had. We have tried to time our pups so we always have at least one dog. The first Westie had a heart condition and we got Tulip about a year and a half before he passed. Tulip was the only name my husband and I could agree on. We now also have a third Westie and he will be two next week. His name is Tucker!

  12. America – Land of the Free! Beautiful name choice especially in this climate of growing patriotism and optimism in our country thanks to our wonderful President and all his hard work. Congratulations~

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