Short of plastic surgery, darlings, there is not much a woman can do about her aging neck. Trust me, I have done my research. I must admit, my once swan-like neck has gone south and dare I say, yours has probably joined mine. So what can we do? And what do we need to think through when considering plastic surgery?

I asked a girlfriend who l had not seen in quite awhile if she had work done because she had the neck of a 40 year old. She said she had and gave me the name of her plastic surgeon.

Visiting a plastic surgeon

I made an appointment and took my husband along to visit the “best plastic surgeon” of the hour in Beverly Hills. After looking me over from the neck up, he asked what was bothering me.

“I can’t stand my neck,” I proclaimed with a sigh.

He said, “You can have a beautiful swanlike neck once again.” He then gave me a mirror, walked behind my chair and very gently put his hands on my neck, pulling the skin back ever so slightly.

Instantly, my neck looked 20 years younger and I felt 20 years younger, too.

I then asked, “Can you give me a youthful neck without doing my face?” I have a small face and did not want a facelift.

“It is impossible to do a neck lift without a facelift,” he replied. After explaining in detail why, I realized he was not lying.

As the doctor continued speaking, I had a flashback to a scene that took place in the lobby of our condo. My mother and three girlfriends were lined up on a bench conversing and I remember thinking to myself, “My mother’s face looks so soft and beautiful.” Dear readers, she had opted out of the facelift scene. While her girlfriends, each of whom had multiple facelifts, resembled old Barbie Dolls and their hands did not match their faces.

I so badly wanted a beautiful new neck, but not at the expense of having a face that did not match my hands, arms and legs.

On the drive back to Rancho Mirage, my husband and I had a conversation about whether or not I should go through with the procedure.

“I can’t have it all,” I said trying to find justification for avoiding plastic surgery.

Tongue in cheek I continued…

1. “I can squint when I pass a mirror.”

2. “I can put makeup on my face, concealer under my eyes and shoot Collagen, Botox and Restylane into my wrinkles to look lifted and rested from the chin up.”

3. “I can save you a ton of money.”

4. “I will not have to worry about the outcome, wondering if my neck is too tight or my face too pulled.”

5. “I would rather you buy me a wide neck choker for my birthday, Valentine’s Day and our anniversary then go under the knife for a major operation.”

6. “I can wear turtlenecks, scarves and mandarin collars.”

After listening to myself out loud, I decided I would prefer to live with my neck. After all, the only time it bothers me is when I look in a mirror.

We have lifestyle options, or as I like to call them, feminine maintenance:

  • Invest in the finest neck crème.
  • Apply the finest moisturizer.
  • Apply a daily sunblock.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Exercise your neck muscles.
  • Eat healthy.

Dear readers, I have placed a “new neck” on the back burner. Why? Because I am happy with my lifestyle. I prefer to look my age because I am vibrant, visible and me.

Remember my philosophy: 80% of a woman’s beauty is her mystique, her mystery, her magic and her charisma. It is her inner beauty, not her neck, that makes her special to those around her and more importantly… to herself. So remember to be thoughtful when considering plastic surgery.

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