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Revive to Thrive

The past two years of living in Elsewhere have proven difficult and oh so debilitating for every age group. How has life in Elsewhere affected your wellbeing?

For yours truly, it has been a mix of fear, sadness, and anger. There’s the loss of control of many freedoms, and unfortunately, lethargy.  The fact that Covid 19 was probably man-made exhibits to us that we are at the mercy of some scientists. I am aghast that there is a third variant rearing its head in Africa. Because I, like you, don’t want to continue living under a cloud of doom with a heaviness weighing me down.

Today for the second time, we were forced to cancel our dream trip to Rwanda.  We were going to track the lifestyle of silverback gorillas – an experience we have our hearts set on. Then we were to be off to Tanzania and to the Island of Zanzibar. Well, hopefully, the third try down the road, will be the charm.


I know lethargy has encroached itself into my life as well as into my friends and family.  

My Ultimate Concierge and I just returned from a trip to Arizona. We spent almost one week at my daughter’s home. On one occasion my granddaughter, daughter, and I talked about how physically and emotionally tired we’ve become. We joked that maybe the government put a lethargic drug into the vaccines.

The point I am making is that three generations of highly motivated women felt the same. I believe it is due to living for almost two years in Elsewhere. Therefore, since we can’t change it and we don’t want to join it, I suggest we fight it. We do this by empowering ourselves to get motivated in an area(s) that nourish us emotionally and physically.  

Unfortunately, none of us can change the dynamics in Elsewhere. It has reared its ugly head in every age bracket. What can we control? … Our personal lives.


You can do this by luxuriating in positive energy that will uplift you. You can begin by taking care of your physical and emotional health. This begins with acknowledging that you have to accept ‘everything’ you cannot change.

But how? Number one get into the mood. Toss negative words from your vocabulary – lethargic and sluggish – and replace them with spirited and energetic.  Put on your red lipstick and write out an empowerment and enlightenment plan, tying all positive thoughts together.


Ultimately, you can achieve this when you commit to seeing things as they really are; not as you wish they were. It is hard work. I promise you will be rewarded when you move past what you cannot change. Concentrate on what you ‘can control’ because there is plenty of good stuff.


              1. Come back with a bang, don’t retreat

              2. Ask for what you want

              3. Focus on being more present

              4. Enlarge your world

              6. Dwell on what you can control

              7. Believe in your personal dynamic self

              8. Trust your instincts

              9. Sound the style sirens

             10. Acknowledge all blessings

             11. Raise your awe!

In conclusion, I am certain you are accomplished in many of the above areas to bring ‘the buzz’ back into your life.

My question is this: How are you utilizing your skills to revive the life you want for yourself, in Elsewhere? Or are you having trouble?

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  1. How many people can relate to your sadness about cancelling your trip too Rwanda.
    How privileged you are to be able to plan a trip and pay for it.
    If the people reading your blog are financially well off to do what they please, great, otherwise
    I suggest you think about those that do not have the financial means to plan a trip and skip your sadness.

    I am able financially to do what I please, however, I couldn’t relate to your sadness.


    1. I am sorry my Revive to Thrive Rwanda mention upset you.Life is about living. A curious woman leads a charmed life. It can be bumping into an old friend by chance and feeling excited to catch up on her life or in my case in the story visiting and learning about the Silver Back gorillas. It is the gorilla’s history that takes me there. It is curiosity. If it came across as bragging that I can go to Rwanda when others cannot, I missed the boat in my writing. I am grateful to have the opportunity and I am sure in my blog I mentioned, gratitude. Thank you for your honesty. I appreciate you. Warmly, Honey

  2. What great advice Honey. You have given me some great things to think about and work on. I have been feeling pretty flat of late as every time we make arrangements to go somewhere or meet up with friends it is cancelled due to this stupid virus. Elsewhere is a great description as that’s what you feel like you are Elsewhere. Thankyou I will work on some of your suggestions to pull myself out of this slump. I didn’t really notice this feeling up until now as I guess I was going through my treatment and putting all my energy into getting through one of the toughest time of my life and now I just feel blah I am well enough to live life and we keep getting stopped. I will work on being positive and push forward. Take care. Love Janne . xx

    1. You are such a positive and lovely woman. You are feeling like everyone is feeling. It is the new normal. We have to push ourselves to move, rejoice and enter the life we once knew. It is so difficult for me, too. We must get back into the race. Arn’t you in Hawaii? Would you like our group meet up to restart? Let me know. Sending friendship across the miles. Warmly, Honey

  3. I’ve commented in this space and also asked for advice and you have responded with care and wisdom. This care and wisdom comes through in many of your articles. I’m so grateful I found your blog about 5 years ago.
    Today again you have given me hope
    A couple of weeks ago I worked out ( gut instinct) that my husband of 39 years , has been having a texting relationship with one of his former and much younger female worker . He started this relationship after she had left the work place under the guise of “ she needed someone to talk to and give her advice “. By the time I found out there were over 50 texts, then phone calls , then driving her home twice and going for a walk with her.
    When he saw that I had been “ spying “ on him – his words . He deleted most of the texts and then switched over to WhatsApp to continue their relationship.
    He is adamant that there is nothing sexual in the relationship whatsoever.
    I gleaned from what I read before things got deleted that she would love to have a baby she will be 36 in a couple in a couple of weeks , she has attempted suicide once before and now she threatened suicide when my husband told her that I knew of their relationship. Her husband and his family are against her – she has been married for 15 years. That my husband is her most favorite person in the world. That when she is reincarnated she hopes she comes back as his child.
    The points you listed at the end of this article gives me a huge starting point of putting my broken self back together.
    Thank you

    1. I think you are fine. Your husband is broken!!! If you loved and liked your husband before this interference, hang in there. This woman is married and is emotionally blackmailing your husband with suicide. Tell him to watch the Michael Douglas, Glen Close, Ann Archer movie ( cannot remember the title!) and he will run away from her…fast. Warmly, Honey

  4. On June 1 I started a diet plan and have lost 38 lbs. I traded my visit with a therapist for a weekly visit to medi-weight loss. It’s a 70 mile jaunt to my former home area once a week. I’ve turned it into a “me” day so that I shop and sometimes meet up with an old friend that lives in the area after my meeting.
    I then upped my game in September and joined a quilting class. I’m knee deep into a quilt called the Bethlehem Star. It’s an afternoon of fun with a group of women my age who are enjoying being creative as well as the opportunity to interact with others face to face. I treated myself to a new sewing machine and thoroughly enjoy shopping for fabric.
    Oddly enough this has been better than any medication could be and my elsewhere is in some ways better than my former days filled with anxiety and loneliness which I believe is a major contributor to overeating.
    I cannot watch network TV, I cannot bear to see the disintegration of life as we know it so my husband and I live a more insulated life hoping we will see a return to our American values in our lifetime. Until then, we enjoy our home and activities and try to stay healthy.

    1. I am thrilled for you and I do believe everyone who reads your note to me will take away positive feelings and the will to act. Thank you, Margo. Warmly, Honey

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