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Hear It From Honey: It’s GOOD Advice – “The Importance of Lipstick”

Did you know that today is National Lipstick Day? Let’s celebrate by talking about the importance of lipstick and why I personally adore it. 

Hear It From Honey: It's GOOD Advice - "The Importance of Lipstick"

A Short History of Lipstick

Did you know that the ancient Sumerians were the first to wear lipstick 5,000 years ago? They crushed gemstones. Egyptians wore lipstick to show social status. Cleopatra used henna and crushed carmen to add color to her lips. In the 9th Century, Geishas of Japan would redraw their lips in a bright red with the natural pigment of the plant, beni-bana.

Lipsticks in Greece were initially restricted to courtesans and prostitutes. The Chinese made lipstick from beeswax to protect their lips. In Australia, Aboriginal girls painted their lips red for puberty rituals. In the 16th Century, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth lip coloring became the rage with stark white faces and bright red lips for the upper class, only.

Modern Lipstick

But it was the French House of Guerlain, the oldest fragrance house (Shalimar) in history, that was the original inventor of lipstick housed in a tube. It became the first modern lipstick in history. By the end of the 1800s lipstick was here to stay! Guerlain still continues to have the reputation of being a #1 brand.

Before Guerlain, lipsticks were made at home with a variety of substances. From crushed bugs to Ochre to shimmering pearlescent; from the scale of fish to crushed mulberries, beeswax and deer tallow, and more.

Aging Exquisitely

I love the word ‘Exquisitely.’ When I put the wordage in front, Age Exquisitely, I love it far more. Aging Exquisitely relates to the historic and stunning olive tree, works of art by Monet, the glorious Sistine Chapel, the heritage of America depicted at Mount Rushmore, vintage accessories, and of course, lipstick on a woman’s mouth. Why? Because of the stunning effect, it has and the exquisite uplifting feeling it gives a woman after each application.

My final act after the application of my make-up is following the outline of my mouth and watching my lips take on a glow of either red, pink, or plum. Lipstick is better than any shrink because of its ability to brighten and uplift my spirit for the day. Lipstick brings out certain bells and whistles that elicit a dazzling ooh-la-la feeling from within. I feel complete and powerful and very feminine as I slide the tube back into its case.

Therefore, I never leave home without wearing my lipstick. From early morning on and throughout the day and evening, I wear lipstick. Lipstick is my internal symbol of readiness. After applying it, I feel ten feet tall. I am ready to tell the world, “Here I come!” I am ready to take a risk instead of a flat-out no. My lipstick is my daily pick-me-up.

My Favorite Lipstick Brands

You and I live in a world of excess. Though I believe in the value of quality over quantity when it comes to my lipsticks, I am a sucker at every beauty counter. I cannot help myself. I love Tom Ford because it stays on and Sisley Paris because of the gloss in its color and its fun and sophisticated zebra stick design. As well, I love Guerlain because it’s French and was the first company to manufacture the tube that holds our lipstick.

I love Nars because of their beautiful colors, Maybelline for its price point at the drugstore (I don’t feel guilty stocking up on them!), Shiseido because of their creamy nudes, and Chanel because you can’t go wrong. And most of all, I love lipsticks because they bring out my razzle-dazzle. And, as you know darling, I love that feeling.

Do What You Gotta Do!

I have friends who do not wear lipstick. I should ask them why because I don’t know the reason. When I see their faces I feel a certain serenity come over me. Maybe that is what they require to have their ooh-la-la day. Their razzle-dazzle. Personally, I think that is cool. There is no right or wrong when it comes to lipstick because each of us has gotta do what we gotta do!

Have a great day, everyone. Maybe after reading my musings on lipsticks you might want to go out and buy a tube of bright lipstick and experiment. If you don’t try you will never know, darling! I am smiling.

What are your favorite lipsticks and brands? Please tell me in the comments. As well, do you have a question or advice you’d like to know from me? Please send me your questions at info@www.honeygood.com. And remember you can always stay anonymous! 

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July 29, 2021


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  1. Kay Ayers says:

    I don’t wear lipstick anymore. I am 84 years old. Lipstick bleeds into the vertical lines around my lips. I have tried Lancome, Nars, Mac, Revlon, channel. I have tried using a ” lipbase” pencil liner and vasoline skin prep, do you have any suggestions?.. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you. My email kadsrt@aol.com.

    • Honey Good says:

      There are products that do work. Ask Google for the top three and take a chance. Or call the make-up counter of a good store and ask them. One will work. Warmly, Honey

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