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Let’s Get Back to Living Life to Its Fullest

Let's Get Back to Living Life to Its Fullest

As I take a deep breath I say to you, darling, “Spring is here and it is time to get back into the business of living life to its fullest.” I chose the word “business” instead of “into the swing of life” because I feel like I have been in forced hibernation for over a year.

Fortunately, living in the middle of a bustling city helps. The fact that I hear sirens and helicopters is a daily gift…because it means life is still going on 71 stories below my condo in the sky. If I l had lived in a home in the suburbs the last year, the forced hibernation would have been far worse. I wonder if bears think while they are in hibernation? If they don’t, I’m sure they must wake up from their long sleep, refreshed.

The Twilight Zone

My type of hibernation did not allow me to sleep without a care. I, like you, was forced into retreat from the life we once knew. My mind and yours were active but as I said in my last musing on Sunday, there was no peace. Chaos reigned when COVID-19 struck in almost every corner of our lives.

For a year plus our clothes hung untouched on hangers, makeup sat in drawers and on shelves, coats hung in closets, jewelry felt neglected and handbags were empty. My treadmill went unnoticed as I passed it several times in a day and workouts were no more. Shopping and dining and theatre and opera and museums were closed. But most importantly, our celebrations with families, conversations with our friends, the excitement of travel, and our calendars were replaced by death, fear, isolation, covered faces, political turmoil, and Zoom meetings. Elsewhere became the Twilight Zone.

The Arrival of Spring

With the combination of the arrival of spring and American voices screaming, “Enough is Enough,” we woke up to life.

My treadmill is humming, a new personal trainer is starting, I left Yoga for Pilates and my physical hibernation is ending. Why? Because I realized that during the past year and one month, my physical being went to ‘slug mode.’

I remember the first time I saw a slug while I lived in Hawaii. It was at night and it was on the sidewalk. I asked a friend what it was and she told me. Since I had not seen one before, I stopped to watch it. However, it did nothing physical. It just laid there. No movement; not even the fear of me standing over him made him move. That is how I feel physically after one year plus of physically hibernating in Elsewhere.

Tides Are Changing

Tides change with the weather and people change when freedom reigns and isolation fades away. Darling, I have sprung along with the buds on the trees, the tulips dressed up in their brightly colored petals, the sun in the east moving slowly but surely south. The window washers going past our windows smiling and saying hi to me on the 71st floor leave me as happy as a clam and with glittering and shiny windows. We are finally taking our first trip since the pandemic started by flying off with America in tow to celebrate my birthday and my granddaughters in Arizona.

And, I had a huge and uplifting surprise! I had Cataract Surgery and everything I look at is so bright and crisp that I am literally in awe. Darling, I hope seeing the brightness of my world is the symbol of “the best is yet to come.” My optimism has come to make it all happen. I am going to grab onto the feeling and roar!

Living Life to Its Fullest

I am going shopping and then away to Arizona next week. And, we are attending our first event in over a year, The Van Gogh Show. My calendar is no longer stark white and my treadmill is humming a happy tune. My physical life is back in business and my mind and heart are grateful.

Stay tuned and learn what I am seeking out in the stores, museums, grocery stores, movies, travel, and home decor. As well, I will be making an announcement soon.

Have a wonderful Thursday. I am so glad you are in my life!

How will you live your life this spring? I would love to hear your plans for the coming months. Let me know in the comments at the bottom of this page.

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  1. Encouraging post. Thank you. It has given me inspiration to pick up where we left off or even better, refreshed to start anew.

    1. I am so glad my post gave you the extra nudge!!! We want to have a will to survive and thrive. Warmly, Honey

  2. Honey,

    So nice that you will be traveling to Arizona (I know you love traveling). My two granddaughters live in Arizona, the youngest attending Arizona State University. What city will you be visiting?

    I will be traveling to Atlanta next week to attend my grandson’s high school graduation. Can’t wait for more trips to come.

    Hau’oli La Hanau a little early, and enjoy your family in Arizona when the time comes.

    Warmest Aloha, Bonnie

    1. You are going to the most talked about state in America right now. And, Atlanta is beautiful. Have a great time. This part of my family lives in Scottsdale. I am very excited.Happy Mother’s Day. Aloha, Honey

  3. Hi Honey! Lovely article. I am with you all the way! I feel a sense of blossoming in the air. Not just in the flowers and springtime, but in a renewed positive energy that is bringing us into the light again. As we ease back into our glorious everyday things in life it gives a beautiful rejuvenation and motivation of starting anew and at the same time this muscle memory of going back to your “happy place” in life. I think this hibernation that we are all emerging from will bring about a fresh attitude, gratitude and zest in our being. A brand new Spring! Thank you for bringing sunshine into the lives of others.

    1. What lovely words. Thank you for bringing sunshine into my life this morning at 5:05 AM. Warmly, Honey

    1. I am laughing!!! My first laugh of the day and it is 5:03am! Thank you for making me laugh!!!! Warmly, Honey

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