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My Relationship With My MacBook Pro

Diligently working on my Macbook Pro


Several times each day I am on a computer, writing my musings, answering emails, sending texts to grandchildren and children, etc… As I stare at my computers I fall in love with their beauty.

My love affair is unending with Steve Jobs for combining his stunning art design of the Apple with his brilliant technology. The combination makes my heart sing. When I open my computer and gently place my fingers on her keyboard, emotions of pure joy rush through me–until like all relationships–something goes wrong. This is usually the case in most relationships and always the case with my MacBook Pro 12 and 13 and iMac 1 and 2.

When one of my computers and I are having a disagreement I text my computer teacher, “13 is driving me crazy! Help me calm the waters!” And, he does. At that point, I don’t know who I  love more… Andrew for fixing her or 13 for listening to him!

Relationships Make the World Go Round

Relationships make the world go round is an old but oh so true story.

I believe if you took an inventory of all the relationships you have had with different people, places and things over the years and compiled them into a book, you would have quite a directory. Furthermore, if you jotted down the different types of relationships that exist all over the world, that list might be just as long. After all, besides family ties and affairs of the heart, we have alliances with countries, countries have alliances with each other, people have interconnections with their books and their heirlooms, art, music, their pooches and their grandchildren. But, their computers?

Honey and her MacBook Pro

Loving Technology 

I recall a conversation I had with my Ultimate Concierge who without question holds the honor of being my most important relationship. It was early morning. We were having coffee in bed. The television was on with the morning news; America was in bed with us chewing on a toy and laptop 13 was resting on my lap open, of course. I said, “I love you,” to my Ultimate Concierge. He did not respond! He always responds with, “I love you, too.”

“Why didn’t you respond?” I asked.

“Because I thought you were talking to your computer,” he said.

“My computer!?!” I answered in a startled voice. “No, I was talking to you!

“I know, he quipped, I was just teasing.”

A Different Kind of Love

I mentioned at the beginning of my story there are several relationships we have with our possessions. Personally I love my perfume, my wedding band, family photos, a sentimental note and all of my collections.

But far and above my favorite relationship, as far as possessions go, is number 13, my Apple MacBook Pro computer. Thank you, Steve Jobs.

As I look down on the keyboard I place my fingers on her keys. As always I feel an immediate attachment to her. Hand in hand we are a team. We have a romance. We create together. My thoughts are her thoughts. I write the stories she sends on to you. I would be lost without her, for she is the messenger. My relationship with my Apple MacBook Pro 13 cannot ever be severed. It is airtight.  And the best part of our relationship is that she is not human. She is a beautiful and technical genius.

The Reasons I love Apple MacBook Pro 13

This is how I feel about 13 and why I love her to the moon and back.

    1. She accepts me for who I am at all times.
    2. 13 allows me to express myself on my terms.
    3. She is there for me in good times and times of need.
    4. When I engage with her I have a purpose and a passion!
    5. She is a great teacher. Hitting Google gives me my answers!
    6. 13 lets me communicate with those I love no matter where I am in the world!
    7. She does not gossip.
    8. 13 is reliable.
    9. She is a class act!
    10. I love her and she loves me!

What more can I ask out of a relationship, Darlings? Only one thing. My husband, Sheldon Good, provides me with that!


You can have a favorite relationship with a possession to brighten your daily life. A great book to read, a needlepoint to make, a flower arrangement you design, making a family scrapbook. These are all touchy-feely. You are connected to something you enjoy. It is called a relationship.

A material possession can never take the place of the human touch. I treasure my human relationships above all else. But, there is something very special about one’s possessions. They narrate the story of one’s life. A favorite Sea Shell has a story. A favorite perfume carries your scent. Photographs tell the story of your family and art shows your taste. My MacBook Pro connects me to you and my family and friends. It houses all my thoughts. I don’t want to relinquish them. They are me.

Cherish Every Relationship 

Love all of your human and non-human relationships, Darlings. Reflect on what each brings to your table. They all remind you of something.

13 and I are next to my Ultimate Concierge who is elbowing me to go to sleep. I say goodnight to 13 and close her top, then I say goodnight to my Ultimate Concierge and add…“I love you beyond.”  Goodnight, Darlings.


What is your favorite possession that you own? 



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  1. And if you didn’t have that computer geek so accessible, you would want to throw it out your 41st floor window, yes, knowing your glass would break. Thank you for NOT doing that. Now 2 “typing” funnies to make you smile.

    I have a pharmacist friend who, back in the day, typed all the bottle labels, hunt and peck. He told me that one day he got so mad he threw the typewriter in the trashcan. I guess he calmed down and retrieved it at some point and resumed typing the labels. He was filling about 150 scripts a day and hunt-and-peck typing the labels .

    A rowdy boy in my high school typing class said he’d never been so mad at anything (his typewriter) that could not fight back. We had manual black high back Royals with unmarked keys.

    1. Thank you for sharing your stories. My computer geek sometimes confuses me more than #13!! I don’t know which is worse but I love them both and can’t live without them!!!! Have a happy day. Warmly, Honey

    1. I love #13 even though we drive each other crazy!! What would we do without all of our connections?!? Warmly, Honey

  2. I have always had Mac computers – starting with one of the first iMacs that came out in the late 90s, a cute little real thing that I still have 20 years later- because that’s what I used at work when I was a newspaper reporter. Their user-friendliness beats a PC any day, even though I also know how to use PCs. Wonderful article, especially the part where you enumerate the reasons you love 13!!

    1. I was smiling when you mentioned #13. I am writing to you on her now, the little darling!!??? I have a love…hate relationship with her but I can/t live without her. What more can I say! A newspaper reporter. Wow. Did you enjoy reporting the news. Are you retired. I am glad you appreciated my story.Warmly, Honey

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