Our lives are filled with several types of relationships. Let’s talk about how to keep relationships alive that we have with our partners, children, grandchildren, and girlfriends. Here are the keywords that I’ve learned over the years that keep my relationships alive and well!


  1. Attention: Your partner should always come first. I learned this from my mother as I observed how she treated my father. He came first, even ahead of my brother and me. She was correct – we eventually left the nest.
  2. Romance: Tell your husband you love him. I tell my husband I love him every day and many days I tell him more than once. Also, dress for your husband.
  3. Praise: Men like to have their mane patted. Come to think of it, everyone does. Give praise.
  4. Appreciation: Don’t take anything for granted. I thank my husband for something daily, even if it’s the smallest thing.
  5. Argue: Fight fair!
  6. Love: Hold hands at the movies. Kiss one another goodnight.

Children and Grandchildren

  1. Unconditional love: Grandmothers are safe love, always. Be a safe haven for your grandchildren.
  2. Time and not money: Send emails and texts during the week, especially if you live apart. Be the one to make the phone call every Sunday, so it becomes a habit. Money will bring love for a moment, but time will bring love for a lifetime.
  3. Support: Always validate your grandchildren’s feelings. You must think about how you felt at their age.
  4. Pass on family traditions and history: Grandchildren love to learn about the history and traditions of their family. Tell them stories with a message and make the stories exciting or thought-provoking.
  5. Stay young at heart: You shouldn’t act like an old fuddy-duddy with your grandchildren.  You should be up-to-date on fashion, technology, and their special interests.
  6. Values and wisdom: This is your ultimate responsibility as a grandmother. Leave your grandchildren with valuable knowledge. They will remember what you taught them.


  1. Trust: Prove you are trustworthy. The normal rule of thought, “If you tell one person, it is no longer a secret.” Prove your trustworthiness to your friends.
  2. Maintenance: Make an effort. Remember, friendships take a lot of tender loving care.
  3. Share: Share activities and intellectual interests with your close friends.
  4. Like-minded: Choose women who have similar qualities of character.
  5. Self-disclosure:  Disclose who you really are. It is a vulnerable feeling but will create a true bond.

Do something good today — tell those you care about that you love them.

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