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How Hawaii showed me the need for living simply

Honey Good talks about the joys of living simply


Ten years of living in Honolulu, Hawaii had the most positive and profound impact on my life. I learned what living simply meant.  I am grateful for those beautiful years, and I hope that my story will have a life-affirming influence on your life.

The effect of the Islands

Living in the islands connected me to my love of nature, my deep spirituality and it reminded me to simply live. It was not until I was 37 that I realized my love of nature, my deep spirituality and my desire for simplicity had been implanted in my DNA by the island. I am grateful.

On the island, I was surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the view of Diamond Head Mountain was outside my window. The sun seemed to rise out of the sea and the moon reflected onto the ocean each night. Orchids gave me a daily dose of joy and trade winds quietly blew through the palms, bringing me happiness and personal growth. For ten years I could simply be.

Of course, I had misgivings, problems and too much nonsense going on in my life, but the easy, laid-back, simple island lifestyle kept me focused on what was important – allowing me to fall back into a healthy reality. I am grateful.

Living simply in the big city

I left my island life after the death of my husband and moved to my beautiful Chicago and my apartment in the sky overlooking Lake Michigan. The lake reminds me of the Pacific Ocean because of its grandiose size. I have orchids and live trees in our home to bring nature into my life. I thrive as I watch the morning sun rising over the lake and the moon shining on the water. I am grateful that my apartment is surrounded by water and blue skies during the day and the moon and brightly shining stars at night. Our home is my island, and I am grateful that my husband  loves, guards and protects me, just as he respects my need for spirituality and peace.

However, no man is an island, and no man stands alone. Life gets in my way, and I have certain obligations that I cannot avoid. I have family and community demands, social pressures and the ever-widening demands of contacts, interests, and duties. My mind reels from it all. The island was able to settle me, take me back to the reality of what was really important and help me reflect on that which I did not need. The island’s personality simplified my lifestyle, and I was grateful.

What does living simply mean to you?

I am sure my feelings make you question yourselves. What is the answer to a meaningful lifestyle? An appreciation for simplification. But how? Balance.

So let us pare down our material possessions. Be who you are. Don’t wear a mask. Do away with unnecessary complications. Delete. Simplifying your outer lifestyle will never be enough.

Understand the real answer to how you want to live your life is in your DNA. Search until you find it. And when you do, be grateful.

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  1. I am grateful to have you as my special friend. You make us realize how blessed we are to see the sunrise and sunset each day. You open our eyes to the beauty around us.

    1. I am grateful to have you as the sister I never had. What more can I say. Thank you for your loving words. Warmly, Honey

  2. I lived on the Big Island on Hawaii for 40 years…
    Everyday is a blessing in Hawaii.
    I as well Love and live simple
    I connect to you because I had a very bad ankle injury and I am in recovery and I love that you lived in Honolulu.

    1. I was in a cast and a boot for six months. I am fine now. I hope you are healing. My favorite Island was the big Island. I love Kona, the black sand beach, city of refuge, parker ranch, the volcanic national park and the SEA.
      Aloha, Honey

  3. Such profound advice! I think I shall read this all-important piece every single morning!
    Thank you, Honey, for sharing your rich life lessons. I am grateful for you!

  4. Honey, I have the privilege of enjoying every morning along with my coffee your insightful articles. They help me incredibly to start my day on a good note.

  5. SIusan, this is a beautiful reflection on life lived well. Knowing ourselves is our most difficult task, and one that is easily put at the end of our priorities. This next question will sound random. but it actually deals with something I may face in the near future. You say that you live in a beautiful high rise in the city. You have a dog you love. So how does that work? I have a dear Havanese named Willie and a big back yard. He is never left in the yard, but if he needs attention early morning, middle of the night, whatever, I just open the door and he’s back in a flash. He is perfectly capable of going hours when I happen to be away during the day. So, from a practical standpoint, from one who knows, how does it work? Thank you for your writing!!

    1. It is easy. We take her out 3 times a day. Early morning I enjoy my walk with Orchid. In the afternoon I must admit we have a dog walker so we can have our day and at night my husband or both of us walk her. It is as good for us as it is necessary for her. Warmly, Honey

  6. Honey, I lived on the island of Oahu all of my adult life (45 years) and felt so much like that was right where I belonged. I too had to leave to care for my elderly parent who have since passed, but I wouldn’t trade the short time spent with them for anything. I have a daughter and grandchildren still in Honolulu and am able to visit 2-3 times a year. Life is good!! BZ

    1. Hi Catherine, I am happy you found me, too. Thank you for enjoying and have a nice day. Warmly, Honey.

  7. This is my first time on your website and I am so grateful to have found you!
    Even though I know age is just a number, turning 60 has been an adjustment.
    Simplifying my life is my main focus. I am so over material possessions. Now I want to enjoy being around beautiful surroundings and just breath.

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