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This blog post is sponsored by Hair Biology. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Honey Good Hair Biology Hair Care After 50 Shampoo for Silver Hair

We live in a youth-obsessed society. Many women over 50 run to their hairdresser at the first sight of grey hair to eliminate any sign of aging. 

But I have noticed a quiet shift in attitude. More women now embrace their grey hair. My hair turned silver in less than one hour and I have never looked back. I went with the flow. My hair color went silver at the front and dark at the back, once I allowed nature to take its course. I just gave it a little nudge!


My hubby was looking for a new barber. Walking across the street from my condo to the Museum of Contemporary Art, I saw a woman. She had a great haircut, very short. I stopped to ask her if she would mind sharing her hairdresser info. “Not at all,” she replied. 

I had no idea on the day of my husband’s first appointment that it was my hairstyle that would transition. From long, highlighted blonde to a natural dark brunette crewcut with a white silver streak in the front! I went natural at age 50 and have never looked back. 

It happened by accident. The stylist cut and shaped my husband’s very long crewcut. She gave him a well-defined short cut. I sat behind my husband and the hairdresser could see my reflection in her mirror. As she was cutting my husband’s hair she said casually, “You have great eyes and would look great with a crewcut!” 

I’m never one to miss an opportunity for change. And once I realized that my long hair was damaged, I considered. I was skeptical but at the same time, curious. 

“You’re catching me off guard!” I said. 

Then I asked my hubby his opinion and he said, “Do it!” And, I did. I made the leap and, happily, and as I mentioned, have never looked back.

It was a daring decision. I wore my crewcut for four years. What a sense of freedom. And, as my silver hair became more pronounced in the front I was constantly stopped on the street by women who asked me how I achieved my look. “Go natural,” I said smiling.



A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. As the silver becomes more pronounced, it is more difficult to care for. When the time came, I had to rethink our bathroom shelf. I learned from hairdressers that as hair loses its melanin granules it is deprived of its elastic properties. Silver hair also becomes finer and dryer and loses its shine. 

Because of these texture shifts, there is a greater focus on shampoos, conditioners, and smoothing and glossing treatments. Over the years I have done my homework and want to share a new brand with wonderful products I have come to love, Hair Biology, which is sold exclusively at Target! 

I was gifted the Silver and Glowing collection from Hair Biology, and the collection is infused with biotin. This is known to improve the body’s keratin infrastructure and support strong, healthy hair growth. It’s also free of parabens, which is something I look for when choosing products to take care of my hair. 

The fabulous purple formula balances out those yellow tones and I could feel the difference in how smooth and glossy my hair was, and was so pleased to see my silver strands glowing! I love the scent of the shampoo and conditioner, and the Silver Shine Serum makes my hair feel like silk as I glide it onto my hair. 

These are the products I tried: 

To sum it up, I love Hair Biology’s line because it’s specifically formulated for grey hair and tames all of the issues that might be associated with it. I adore the way it makes my hair look and feel, and it’s affordable.

Maybe I cannot persuade other women that a woman with grey hair is just as much a silver fox as her younger sisters. But I can choose to show off my own silver hair and hopefully pass on ‘the look’ to my contemporaries.

Have you taken the leap and gone silver? Join the conversation in the comments below or on Facebook and Instagram.

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June 15, 2022


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  1. Lizzy Kerwin says:

    I went natural when Covid reared its ugly head. The transition months were long. I now like my silvery brown hair. Glad to be done with the coloring. I spend that time and $$ on my nails. Got to keep up pampering myself.

  2. Patricia DeGruchy says:

    going for low lights on Saturday. A little nervous. Sadly we don’t have Target in Canada any more.

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