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An Update on Life in Elsewhere…

An Update on Life in Elsewhere...

Life in Elsewhere has had its emotional effect on me. I feel blah. I am edgy, I am angry, fearful, and I am lonesome for my family and life as I knew it. And, I miss the freedom to come and go and simply be.

My belief that our Democratic way of life would never be threatened and that man is basically respectful and good is gone. I am beyond upset by the actions, lies, and unkindness of ‘the so-called higher-ups’ from Government, huge corporations, and those in all types of entertainment… all for self greed. Darling, I am appalled by the hate toward others displayed by gangs of thugs, many paid (again greed), to do the unthinkable with no conscience and no concern for the innocent. I watch in awe at the dismantling of our history and say to myself, “What right do these people and groups have to disrupt the lives of all decent Americans?” and I actually feel sick inside. That is a mouthful! But, that is how I am feeling.

The Day to Day

I feel uncomfortable that I am in this state of mind but rationalize that I did not bring any of this on myself. It is natural to feel the way I do. It’s emotionally healthy to express myself. No, I don’t lie in bed and bemoan the situation. Yes, I put on my red lipstick and spritz myself with Baccarat 540 before I leave our apartment in the sky with America. Yes, I am busy, busy, busy every minute of each day but often, with a sigh.

I also began first-time yoga lessons, started cooking in my Wok again, doing meet-ups on Zoom, watching lots of documentaries, learned to shop on Amazon, packed up my beloved Shangrila in California, and bid her a loving farewell and I am now unpacking. I have learned a lot and that is a biggie. After all, a woman has to be interested if she wants to be interesting! Right, darling?

New Chapters

For those of you who read my Sunday Story last week you learned we sold Shangrila; the secret name I gave our home. You know about the love I have for my little olive tree and my housekeeper for twenty years, Rosa. One of the many bonds I had with Rosa was our love for nature. So, on the last day before I left forever, my Olive Tree left Shangrila, too. She now sits in Rosa’s yard and I am beyond happy to know that she will be loved and cared for and Rosa will feel daily joy. You must remember darling, where there is a will there is always a way! I am smiling and not sighing as I tell you this.

Now back to sighing…

The Ages of Mankind

The Prehistoric Period was the first age in history. There was human life but no records to document human activity. The Prehistoric Age was followed by Early Civilization, then Classical and of course The Middle Ages led to the Renaissance and on and on. Every age saw positive change until the age I call–the “Elsewhere Age.”

The COVID-19 virus was the culprit that moved the civilizations of the world into the Elsewhere Age. The virus arrived with a gust and literally caught the world population off guard engulfing every citizen’s life (except for the Chinese government and the scientists in Wuhan) with dread. Life in the world was changed dramatically. Unlike the other Ages that changed due to progress, Elsewhere has appeared to change due to a pandemic and the honest inability of governments and doctors and scientists to know how to handle this plague.

To this day the citizens of Elsewhere do not know if COVID-19 was accidental or an act of Germ Warfare, by the Chinese Government.

Fear in Elsewhere

I believe Elsewhere is in a state of decay, but, I have a positive outlook that the decent people of Elsewhere will win over COVID-19.

I am not old fashioned. Believe me, darling. I get what is going on as do you. Nothing outside our home life is normal or pleasant. Personally, I see my beloved America in a state of moral and physical decay. However, I have hope that out of bad will come good. The majority of Americans will not let this continue.

I remember one day in March the population of the world (7.594 billion people) was told not to leave their homes. A shiver went down my spine when everybody except the citizens of Sweden, who were told to continue life as they knew it with caution, obeyed. In the USA, 328 million of us did exactly what we were told.

What gives me the shivers is how government can control its citizens with one word… fear. We ran into our homes and life stopped. Just like that! Family life ceased. Businesses closed. Social engagement with friends was taboo and children were not allowed to go to school. All forms of entertainment–theatre, movies, and sports were not curtailed. Life as we knew it ceased to exist.

Something to Think About…

I was frightened when 328 million of us obeyed our Government instantly. And, I did not think our Government should go to the extreme of shutting down our entire economy. And now I know my instincts were correct because two days ago WHO, the World Health Organization said, “It is not advisable to have shutdowns.” (See article HERE

We still have not heard the last of masks. One minute it is “don’t wear a mask.” The next minute it’s, “Wear two!” Darling, we will learn to be smart from being dumb.

I am not blaming anyone in the medical field or government because COVD-19 is very much a mystery and medicine is a ‘practice’ and government officials listen to scientists and doctors. The culprit is China and they should be punished by every world government. It boggles my mind that China is not in the news.

Big Tech in Elsewhere

I know that everything I am doing on Social Media is being watched. They know where I live, what I wear, where I travel and certainly what I buy. I cannot stand their intrusion into my life.

Big Tech has shown its true self during this pandemic. There are only two industries that call their customers users, the illegal drug industry, and software companies! This is a social dilemma when 50 designers between the ages of 25 and 30-years-old are impacting the minds of 2 billion people. Big tech is a threat to our Democracy, to the minds of young and old and at no times have I experienced this blatant power grab happening than during the Elsewhere Age.

I Don’t Like What I’m Seeing on Social Media

These companies create social division by taking one side over another, often with misleading information. They have the power to turn our democratic society into a socialistic society; where the ruling class determines how all of us, except the very very rich, live. These companies are thriving on conflict instead of unity and on misinformation instead of solid truth. There are studies that show that false information or fake news gets six clicks over honest news or accurate news that often gets zero clicks. The attention-based business model of social media companies cares about one thing… driving up their advertising revenue.

These big tech companies, Facebook, Twitter, and Google should not be allowed to regulate themselves and play with our minds through their algorithms. I do have faith their wings will be clipped, big time.

By the way, I’m using incognito on Google and the app DuckDuckGo for privacy.

Watch the documentary, “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix. And also watch, “What Killed Michael Brown,” written by a Shelby Steele.

Shopping on Amazon

If it weren’t for Elsewhere I would not be shopping on Amazon because I like to walk into shops, talk to the salespeople and get their advice. And, I like to look and touch items and support shop owners. But alas, what is a girl to do when she is forced to stay home and shops are closed or have limited inventory? She can’t stop shopping, right darling? Admittedly, I love to shop on Amazon while using my Honey App on my laptop to save money; but with guilt and sadness for the shopkeepers.

Elsewhere is Not Social!

I love, like you, interacting with people in my family and friends and the taxi driver–I support taxis! And, I am a people person and I am sad to say I have gotten ‘house lazy’ not ‘stir crazy’ living in Elsewhere.

I have learned to do almost everything from home. Haven’t you darling? I can even see my doctor from home! I don’t, but many women do. As well, I have learned to shop for all my needs and for things I love. For food, I use the Instacart shopping and delivery service–I find this to be the best. I also use Amazon Prime’s free shipping.

I recently bought new dishes and satin hangers for my granddaughter’s first apartment. I also bought Zinc vitamins, a new 2021 calendar and was going to splurge and buy a newer model of my beloved Vitamix Professional Series (recommended by the Culinary Institute of America.) But, after making a smoothie for breakfast, I still love the one I already own.

As well, I shop at NET-A-PORTER, MatchesFashion, The Real Real… I can call any salesperson at any store and have a delivery in a matter of days. Unfortunately, I have become almost 100% self-sufficient staying at home.

Sounds marvelous but it is not healthy, mentally, and physically. We need daily fresh air, socializing with others; hugs and kisses from our families. We should be able to hail a taxi and go to the theatre or a football game and see one another’s face.

Some Final Thoughts on Elsewhere Living

We are not living life as life should be lived. We are social animals hiding behind masks. And, the sad part of all of this is that after eight months of hibernation we are more or less getting conditioned to this. And, dear Dr. Fauci announces a few days ago that, “We may be able to spend Thanksgiving with our families in 2021.” What kind of positive statement is that to announce to an already depressed public?

If I use one word to describe what is missing in our all of our lives in Elsewhere it would be exuberance; that quality of feeling energetic, excited, and cheerful. I am as busy as ever but I am out of sorts because Elsewhere has deprived me of normalcy.

Do you feel as I do? Let me know in the comments at the bottom of this page. I want to hear your opinion. And remember, let’s be kind to one another. 

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October 18, 2020


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  1. Carol Seltzer says:

    I have enjoyed reading your blog for years & am fortunate to have been in your presence many times. I respect your option & have been aware of your political views for a long time.
    Today’s blog was an insult. You have always stayed clear of politics & today that changed and personally I am disappointed. You have made several statements that you present as FACTS, accurately these are your Opinions and should not find a home in this format.
    This is my opinion, you can discard it of take it to heart, you lost me today!

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Dear Carol, I reread my story and I am sorry you are insulted. My views are from an independent point of view as I am not registered to a party and vote as an Independent. i have voted for dems and republicans depending not on the party who is speaks to me and my values. Is it wrong to love Democracy? Is it wrong to despise violence, the burning down of innocent American’s businesses and our historic statues such as Christopher Columbus, Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Roosevelt? I did not blame any scientist, doctor or politician for Covid 19 since medicine is a ‘practice’ and not a science.Is it wrong to blame politicians who want to diminish our police force that is half Caucasian and half black and ethic groups? Is it wrong to feel blah living an abnormal life style? Again I am sorry if I insulted you. quite frankly I don’t know how. My intension was not aimed to hurt anyone. And, all the comments that I have received except yours and another woman’s have been positive. No one likes violence. No one enjoys wearing masks. No one enjoys isolation. As far as SM it is the truth and both of the political parties are calling the CEO’s to Congress on Wed. These companies should not know our personal life and should not take sides during a political campaign.They should be broken up for the sake of the 2 billion people they are affecting with one point of view and false news that gets an average of 6 clicks that produces advertizing money for these companies. Watch the documentary I suggested on Netflix. As Americans we have the privilege to express our opinions. If yours are different from mine, I will respect the feelings you are entitled to and still be your friend. Peace. Warmly, Honey

  2. Jeanne says:

    I agree!

  3. Carole Graveline says:

    Suzi….yes, yes, yes….these are the worst of times.
    So glad for your blog…i agree with you 110%.
    I recently subscribed to the New York Post because they had the guts to print the truth. We need to support any and all who are trying to get the truth out to us.

    God Bless America keep us free.

  4. Shirley Floyd says:

    Honey, I feel as you do about Elsewhere. But, let me add in addition, I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and am facing surgery on October 29, 2020. This has been a horrible year!

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Dear Shirley, Thank goodness you went for your mammogram and found out you have a problem.Of course you are scared and worried. I have been in your situation three times with other Cancers and I was terrified. I am here today because I was proactive about my health and each time the Cancers (serious ones) were caught in time and I am here to tell you. I continue to be proactive and never miss an appointment for my Cat scans. Never. After your surgery and healing come and Join my private face book group, GRANDwomen with Moxie …where loneliness disappears. Every Wed. a few women (the group is small,) but the network has a total of 1300 at this point, Zoom together. Three of us have had cancer. One woman just completed breast cancer surgery , chemotherapy, etc. and is going to have reconstruction in January. She is wonderful and from Australia. It would be wonderful for you to be with us. She will help you through the rain. My private facebook network is free. Let me know when the time is right and I will help you join, etc.. Tell yourself before surgery, “I will be fine.” Be positive. Even though I was very scared, that is what I told myself. I will be thinking of you on the 29th. Warmly, Honey

  5. Andi says:

    Hello Honey, I have greatly enjoyed reading your blog and following you on Instagram, but this post has me concerned. Could you please cite your sources for this statement: ‘World Health Organization said, “It is not advisable to have shutdowns.”’ I have searched the internet and have found nothing. In fact, the only thing that comes up on a Google search of that quote is a link to this blog post.

    I know this is a trying time for all of us but it is irresponsible of someone with a public forum to credit WHO with a direct quote such as this and not back it up with facts. I’ve followed you because I find you entertaining and enjoyed reading about your life and you have every right to say whatever you wish on your own blog, but please be responsible with your words. If you cannot find a link to this quote it would be the responsible thing to remove it. If there is an actual quote from WHO please provide a link so I and your other readers may further educate ourselves.

    Thank you for listening.


    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Hi And, It was all over the highly news on television a few weeks ago. I was dismayed when I heard the commentators and a gentleman I believe is a board member from the World Health Organization spoke. The WHO no longer believes isolation works. The man was older and had grey hair! As I recall he had a slight accent. It was on the air more than once and I believe in the WSJ. Maybe not all the stations ran it? You can always trust me to tell the truth. Promise!!! Warmly, Honey

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