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How To Pack So You Can Survive Winter Travel

Guest contributor Sophie Armstrong, who has a passion for solo traveling, shares with us how to pack to survive winter travel destinations! Enjoy darlings. 

Packing for the winter can be a brutal endeavor–snow, ice, and sleet can ruin a perfectly good vacation. Even at its sunniest, the winter weather can dip to -5°C during the winter months. You need to pack smart if you’re going to be traveling in the throes of winter so that you can enjoy the view, have a cup of hot chocolate, and make the most of your vacation.

In this article, we’ll be discussing different survival tips for traveling during the dead of winter. We’ll take you through how to pack and the different clothing factors you need to consider. Keep reading to see our top tips so you stay warm and toasty on your winter trip!

1.   Quality Over Quantity

Packing for the cold doesn’t have to mean bringing five suitcases, all packed with fleece jackets. When it comes to surviving winter, it’s all about packing smart–you should value quality over quantity. Don’t just think about how much clothing you’ll be needing, think about how well the clothes you bring will function.

Ditch the twelve cheap sweaters and take the two heat-tech pull-overs instead. Before you pack for your trip, make sure that you’ve invested in all the right clothes.

Sure, winter-proof clothing might be a bit pricier, but it’s definitely worth it in the end. Remember to prioritize your needs over how much you need. By investing in all the right clothing, you could even end up packing light!

2.   Dress in Layers

Train yourself to think in layers: don’t pack a ton of sweaters and no rain jacket or, alternatively, pack a gigantic parka and have no base wear. Dressing in layers offers you a lot of protection against the elements. It also allows you to reuse certain clothes, which is great because doing laundry can be terrifying during the dead of winter.

There are a lot of different ways to layer–and the great news is it doesn’t even have to be expensive. There are a lot of quality stores that offer good prices for winter clothes. By shopping on quality online stores like MK Nordika, you can go through the different types of insulation innovations available to you and build your outfits from there.

How warm does your sweater need to be so you don’t overheat under your parka? How should adjustable should the venting on your parka be so that you don’t freeze when the snow is coming down on the city? Take these tips into consideration and you’re halfway through surviving the winter.

3.   Cover Your Whole Body

A lot of people forget about accessories like gloves, snow boots, and earmuffs. The thing about snow is it doesn’t just fall in one direction. Depending on the wind, humidity (or lack thereof) and the intensity of the snow, these small accessories could make the difference between survival and get sick.

Your extremities often get battered during the winter, especially when you’re walking outside. Fingertips can grow numb, the tips of your ears could get frostbitten just by walking outside for half an hour. Even your nose could get wind-bitten on a, particularly gusty day!

This doesn’t just cause discomfort–they can also cause you to get sick which is a no-no while you’re in transit. The difference in the body’s temperature makes it hard for the immune system to regulate itself. Don’t forget to cover your whole body so that you stay safe and healthy.

4.   Pack a Good Base Layer

Make sure to pack thermals. Not a lot of people give thermals and compression underwear enough credit. Not only do they protect your body from unnecessary friction with your outerwear, which could cause sweating under your clothes, they also help regulate your blood flow.

The trick to keeping warm during the winter months isn’t just to keep the cold out, it’s also to retain whatever natural body heat your body produces. Choose quality base layers made of natural insulators like fleece and wool.

5.   Don’t Compromise on Your Outerwear

You only really need one good quality parka or shell jacket to keep you fully protected from the snow and rain. Given that your base layers are in place and you’ve got your gloves and earmuffs, having great outerwear will make you invincible.

Choosing top quality outerwear can also lessen the number of inner layers that you need to wear. When you choose quality outerwear from top outlets like The North Face or MK Nordika, you tick all of the items on this checklist. If you’re going to invest in anything, it should be this.


Surviving the rigors of a trip during the winter can be a real challenge–but it’s by no means impossible. If you invest in the right clothing and plan out space in your suitcase, you can curate just the right clothes to make your vacation fun and frost-bite free! Keep these in mind when you plan your next winter trip to the mountains!

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Sophie Armstrong has a passion for solo traveling and fashion with a love for sunglasses. She’s always hunting for a new adventure and experience and she prides herself on finding the best local hotspots and untouched secrets anywhere she goes.  




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December 27, 2019


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