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The holidays are a time for socializing. There are shopping dates, long phone calls with friends and family, nights spent chatting and wrapping gifts, dinners with those we haven’t seen in awhile and of course the traditional evening holiday parties. Some of the people you see at these functions you haven’t seen since the last holiday party! So, of course, you want to look chic and fashionable.

I want to give you some tips for dressing for holiday functions to help you choose a look you feel confident in! Because if you look good you’ll feel good and you’ll have a ball at your party!

Don’t try to look younger, but embrace trends

We have all been to the department store and been totally frustrated because all of the new fashion-forward looks seem to skew younger. DON’T LOSE HEART! There are plenty of fun ways for you to incorporate trends into a holiday look. However, you are fabulous at the age you so don’t go overboard trying to look younger. Don’t cake on the foundation and don’t go out in a dress you aren’t comfortable in! Just be you and embrace your age and look.

Metallic: Shine on

Metallics are very popular and really perfect for the holidays. And just because the fabric may be flashy there are ways to tone it down so it is just a pop of fun. Try a metallic blouse with a fitted blazer or a fun metallic jacket over a black dress. Also, check out my story on how to use metallic makeup this holiday season.

Left: Alfani Novelty Metallic-Print Bell-Sleeve Blouse – Buy it here: $59.99 at Macy’s

Center: Vince Camuto Metallic Satin Blouse –  Buy it here: $89 at Nordstrom

Right: Lauren Ralph Lauren Metallic Faux-Wrap Blouse – Buy it here: $99.50 at Bloomingdale’s

Velvet: You probably already own it

I already talked about my love for velvet earlier this year( if you missed it read it here!), but holiday parties are the time to break it out! And if you didn’t save it from years past here’s some pieces to consider.


Left: MICHAEL Michael Kors Crushed Velvet Dress – Buy it here: $110 at Bloomingdale’s

Right: Neiman Marcus Velvet Tie-Front Blouse, Plus Size- Buy it here:  $44.55 at Last Call By Neiman Marcus

Menswear: Suit up

A few weeks ago I was watching the news and saw a woman wearing a tux to an event. I thought to myself “I can do that too!” So I broke out my Armani tuxedo which I have had for ages to inspire you darlings. Be bold! Try an unexpected look at your party!

Left: Calvin Klein Tuxedo Jacket – Buy it here: $69.99 at OFF 5TH

Center: H&M Tuxedo Jacket – Buy it here:  $54.99 at H&M

Right: Tracee Ellis Ross for JCP Heaven Tuxedo Jacket $59 – Buy it here:  $59 at JC Penney 

No need to be matchy or kitschy

I told you in “5 Style faux pas of women over 50” that being overly matchy is an outdated look so here’s another look that may come across as outdated: holiday-themed sweaters or scarves or jewelry. If you really want to add something that is themed to the time maybe consider adding metallic more heavily to the look or red, green, or blue hues to the look. If that doesn’t do it for you, making a subtle ode to the holidays with a pin or a broach might be appropriate.

Just have fun

While these events actually can be a little stressful to think about they are actually supposed to be fun, darlings.(la-di-da). So at the end of the day wear what makes you feel good.

November 20, 2017


How to dress for a holiday party after 50

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  1. Lulie says:

    How did you know what was on my mind?! Thank you for your words of encouragement Honey. I know exactly where I will shop for a touch of glamour. PS I adore you in your Tux!

  2. Pauline Cambridge says:

    I love vintage and usually dress that way. People always recognize me by my style which is different from anyone else.

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