How I Got “Lucky” On Friday The 13th

Friday, the 13th has come and gone. All is well in the Good home. I never doubted that it would not be a good day. I know Adam was expelled from Paradise on Friday, the 13th and died and was cremated. Eve served the forbidden fruit in her garden. Last Friday, the 13th, you may have given a little knock on wood that the day would come and go, and all would be well. A slight knock never hurts, darlings, right?

When I heard a short exchange on television of the fears some people experience on the 13th my mind went in the opposite direction. I thought of my ‘good luck’ and my serendipitous experiences. Sure we all have misfortunes, to include myself, but I am a true believer that we should use our troubles as learning tools to bring us back into a happy state. Remember, we are bloomers, wise women over 50, who by now have learned a lesson or two or three or more.

So, take a moment, right this minute, to count your blessings, your serendipitous happenings and rethink your disappointments.


Many of you know we lost our beloved, pooch, Orchid Good in April 2018. Her loss brings my ultimate concierge and me to tears. Her eating and drinking bowls sit in our kitchen with her collar and tags in one and her favorite chew bone in another. Her ashes and paw print sit on a shelf in our den, and a photo of the three of us hangs on our wall. Our grandson, Logan, painted her portrait; a gift given out of love, that adorns our home.

My ultimate concierge’s open grief over the loss of Orchid turned my attention away from my miserable state into a definite mission. I would find a Wheaten pup for my man. We would open up our hearts to a new pooch. Little did I know it would be harder than buying a new home!

Orchid’s breeder stopped breeding years ago, and I had my doubts about her because of the type illness Orchid developed, so I began my research that wound up taking hours and weeks of research, with no positive results finding a pooch. I spoke to Wheaten lovers who sent me to people they knew who had soft-coated wheaten terriers. They were accommodating and shared the name of their breeders. Their breeders had no litters and sent me on to other breeders. I made calls across the USA to breeders with the most exceptional reputations. I studied websites. I sent emails. I sent out so many emails I finally began to copy and paste them! I refused to give up because I knew, indeed knew, I would have good luck and find the right pooch for ‘my man.’

Luck Sat Down Next To Me!

And, then by pure chance, unexplainable chance, serendipitous ‘good luck,’ on an American flight from New York to Chicago with over 300 passengers on board, who sat next to us…a couple who just lost their pooch!

The wife asked me, “What kind of a dog did you have?”

“A soft-coated Wheaten terrier,” I replied.

She said, “My best friend rescues Wheaten terriers, and we just left her home.”

I told this lovely woman my story of how I could not find a pooch, and before the plane took off, she called her dear friend, Susan. I was on the phone with Susan as soon as we arrived home.

By five o’clock that day, I was able to tell my man the delightful news. “We have a new puppy. He is a few weeks old. You will have him in your arms by the end of August,” I said to Shelly with glee.

I went on to say, “Do you think It is best we have a male?

“Yes,” he responded. “We will not compare him to Orchid, but I think his middle initial should be O.”

A New Pup

Our breeder’s female Wheaten had nine babies. They are now four weeks old. She and I text often. I sent her photos of Orchid and us. I told her about Orchid’s personality. I filled out a form leaving nothing unturned. She sends me videos of the puppy’s development. I watched them take their first steps, drink their first sip of milk out of a dish, try and get out of their large cage. I hear Sandy talking to them. I listen to the sound of kindness in her voice and watch her gentle hand lift the puppies; all in videos all the time wondering: which pooch will be ours to love?

This was without a doubt serendipity, darlings. Was it good Karma? Was it a miracle? Was it good luck? Yes, yes and yes! And, to be sure it was a blessing.

And, I cannot end my musing without saying, “Our ‘good luck’ would not have been possible without the kindness of two women strangers who reached out to help me.

My ultimate concierge and I are doubly blessed because of the high standards Sandy sets as a member of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America, SCWCA.

I can explain my serendipitous experiences. Serendipity presents itself because I am in touch with my inner feelings. I always grab on to ‘chance’ because I see it as an opportunity. Serendipity is chance that can lead to good fortune because of a person’s will.

To you, darlings, who don’t experience serendipity I beg to differ with you. You do. You will experience serendipity if you are ‘aware’ the luck of chance is presenting itself. Grab onto your chance, like I do, and make it work to benefit you. Mix Serendipity with positive effort, and you will have good luck. I promise.

This story is a perfect example. Our new pooch will be in our arms because of serendipity and effort. A chance meeting and a strong desire to make it happen and come true is going to make ‘my man’ a very happy man. Me, too!

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  1. I do believe good things happen when we expect them to and also when we least expect it to happen. Friday, the 13th has always been a blessed day for my family and me. My son was born on this day, he got engaged on this day and also married on a Friday , the 13th. So happy for you that you found a puppy. Celebrating the serendipitous moments.

  2. This is wonderful news for the two of you. I am so glad you had the good fortune to speak with this woman on the plane-it was meant to be! I am sure you will show us the pictures of your new baby as soon as they are available. What wonderful parents this new baby will have-the best of all to you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So happy for you but after years of Golden Retrievers from the best breeders, we now are firm believers of rescue adoptions. We have a beagle and black lab, 10 and 11 respectively that we rescued as puppies and they have been wonderful loving and loyal family members.
    Good luck and enjoy your new baby.

  4. I enjoy reading your blog. I have never left a comment, but feel my life has some similarities to yours. I was widowded at 49 and also remarried a wonderful man. We have a big blended family of 7 combined children, spouses and grandchildren. Grand babies 14 and 15 are both due Jan. 13th, 2019!
    What I really wanted to comment on is that I am so happy you have decided to open your hearts to another dog! I have a 13 years young golden doodle. I thought about my home without a dog when my older girl passes and added a Standard Poodle last summer. Yes, they are work and traveling is more difficult, but I think it is worth all the love they give in return. I was very sorry about, Orchid. I am happy that you are going to welcome a new dog. Will look forward to reading about puppy.

  5. a new puppy,how lovely,enjoy……but an old friend,a Holocaust survivor used to describe to me making his own luck,this cannot be overemphasized…..and how his stories influenced my Niece and nephews on March of the Living!

  6. Loved this article. I agree, we partly CREATE our own luck. Waiting for wonderful things to happen just does not work. Great things may come easily once in a while but making life happen for you, the way you want and perceive it, requires more investment of your time and energy. I do believe luck and fate have a place but it is transitory compared to preparation.
    As a quick example: As a single teacher who knew what I wanted, I found summer employment, season ski tickets where I skied (pricey for a teacher so I found another way!) and even absolutely fabulous apartments that had not been advertised, by taking a completely unusual approach. (We will talk some time!)
    Actively extending yourself to what MAY be out there is a way of thinking that is best described as a quest for what is already waiting for you! (Or at least that was my way of thinking about it.) so many people I talk with have a defeatist attitude which makes this creative search impossible.
    I loved your story and your approach – and it is the way I too, approach things. I actively seek and research those things in life that make me happy. The easy way has never been my way because I want to be aware of as many of the caveats as is possible before I commit. (ie. You did not go with the first breeder you found. You researched the breeder.)
    We love our Ragdoll Cats we have now, in addition to those who came before them but are no longer with us, as much as you continue to love Orchid. We were hollow and devastated when each of them passed away. They had given us so much joy each day. We too have their ashes, paw prints and collars.
    It took us a while to get another Ragdoll cat pair for one to two years after each of their predecessors passed away because we were literally in mourning. It took a long while to find the right breeder but we found her and we now have a pair we have had since we chose them from the litter. Lucy and Desi are loving and adorable and were worth the quest and the wait.
    Congratulations on your new little man. I can’t wait to take his photo at the TCC Dog Show just as I took magnificent Orchid’s photo.

  7. My husband and I know our Trixie Dixie the Cat is elderly and while we hope she lives to 100 in human years, we know her life, all life is finite. All I can say is animals make our lives sooooo much better. And we’ll probably always be cat people all our lives. Loved this piece you wrote.

  8. I am so very happy for you!! This little pup is so lucky to have you as “parents”………cant wait to see photos and learn his name.

  9. Sorry for your lost of your beautiful girl but now so happy you have found a beautiful boy. I, too, believe in the luck of Friday 13th and am never disappointed.

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