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– Warmly, Honey

Weekly Wrap-up: Age is just a number!

Darlings, I was battling a nasty cold all week, but I finally feel like I am “back in the land of the living.” Age came up quite a few times this week on Whether it was taking a “young” fashion look and teaching you how to feel comfortable wearing it after 50 or a conversation on when I felt old this week, it was a thread that went through the entire week. So let’s recap!

Last Sunday, at the height of my illness, I wrote about the power of positive words. I came to this conclusion: “Communication, is our greatest source of happiness and can be our greatest source of unhappiness.” Luckily my husband and ultimate concierge used all his positive loving language to help me get back up and healthy.  So many of you responded to this topic and we had a great conversation under the post on Facebook. If you didn’t get the chance to then, click here and weigh in.

Contributor Akaisha Kaderli took us on an adventure on Monday and recounted the story of the trip that ignited her passion for travel. Akaisha and I have a love of travel in common and it made me remember all of the reasons I love visiting new and exciting places. Dear readers do you like to travel? In the comments share with me the trip that ignited that love.

This week I also got to introduce you to one of my “Grands,” Robbie! As part of the “Bridging the Gap” campaign Robbie and I both talked about our relationship on the blog. “Bridging the Gap” is all about bringing together the older generation and the younger and talking about how we are similar with the idea that we are stronger when we work together and support one another. I just love that! I think keeping lines of communication open is vital and one of the biggest ways I do this with the “younger generation” is with my Grands!

In the realm of beauty this week I discussed the importance of a makeup cleanser. We have to take care of ourselves, darlings, and while it might not be the most interesting cosmetic it might be one of the most important. Consider using one. Your skin will thank you!

And remember when I mentioned earlier the “younger” style that I tried to convince you to wear this week? It was fishnets! I adore fishnets. They are such a fabulous accessory and while it might be bold I think you should DARE yourself to try it out. However I have to say, on Facebook I found a lot of support for my love of fishnets. Seems like many of you already like them. You can comment your opinion here.

And Friday we talked about an experience I had feeling “old.” I immediately banished it from my mind! Age is simply a number and it certainly doesn’t define you, but I also put forth some commandments for myself to remain positive and keep the idea of age in its place.

One of our popular Facebook posters this week really spoke to my feelings on Friday.

I hope you had a fabulous week and a relaxing and recharging weekend!

  1. Dearest Honey,
    I adore your thoughts each day. Thank you so much for writing to us!
    Now, about “age” as only a number–my sister-in-law, ten years my junior, is distressed about turning 60 in mid-November. Well, I found the perfect birthday card for her!
    Picture the front of the card– a cartoon pen and ink drawing of an adorable mature cat with a twinkle in her eye appearing quite sassy, in the background you also see an empty birdcage obviously in motion. The “cat” says “A little bird just told me how old you are!”
    Open the card and the “cat” says, “So, I ate him”!
    That my darling new friend seems like the friendliest of all ways to approach the birthdays of others!!

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