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5 reasons you should change your hair

Our hair color and hairstyle are large parts of our identity. When we change our hairstyle and/or color we mentally take on a different persona not only to people who know us but, happily enough, we feel a change within ourselves. Unlike most of my girlfriends, I change my hair quite often. I think women often get too comfortable and also are afraid of change.

My hair story began when I was very young and continues to this day. For the first 18 years of my life my mother cut my hair, and I didn’t get the chance to choose my own look until I was in college.

My college friends were city girls and taught the ropes to this girl from Kankakee by the Sea. They went to the hairdresser weekly because they said they were mature. They dragged me along to be pampered and I loved my first hairdresser, who streaked my brunette hair blonde and took pleasure in styling it as it grew longer throughout the year. Young women meeting me for the first time would ask, “Are you from LA?”

I wore my hair long until I married Sheldon in my 40s and  he casually mentioned to me, “I love short hair.” I was looking for a change and figured, why not try a new ‘do? I have noticed that women change “their look” when there is a change or a lack of change in their lives. If you don’t believe me, maybe this will help — here is why you should change your hairstyle.

  1. Change is good. I think change is refreshing, darlings. A change in hair style or color, I believe, is uplifting.  According to UK hairstylist, Andrew Collinge, women change their “hairstyles” as much as 104 times during their lifetime! I suggest taking the plunge if you start to feel the itch for change. As Nike says, “just do it.”
  2. Pamper yourself. Walk into a great hair salon and get pampered. A trim, a rinse, a new shade of color. You will at the very least come out with an added spring in your step. If you’re lucky, you may get a glass of wine or two on the house —never a bad deal. Might as well make a day out of it and get a mani-pedi too, who cares, you deserve it!
  3. Transform your image. One of the top five reasons women change their hair is because they want to reinvent themselves. It could be a break-up, moving to a new city, a new boyfriend, or a new job. Or maybe it’s just a yearning for something different. Get out of your rut, change it up.
  4. Adjust your age. Who wants to look their age? When you are young you want to look older. And when you are older, well, you want to look younger. ‘Tis the conundrum we deal with our whole lives, but guess what? A hairstyle can add a few years (if that’s really what you’re looking for) or better yet, it can trim a few off. Go to a trusted salon and have the confidence to leave the styling up to them.
  5. Embrace a new perspective. I think changing your hair can change your life and your perspective on things. It may sound silly, but new hair alters our confidence, attitude and sometimes our personality. You know how it’s hard to have a good day when you have a bad hair day – well, it’s hard to have a bad day with great hair…

Now, I’m not just talking the talk, I’ve walked this walk many a time.  I have worn my hair long, short, buzzed. I’ve never added color, but I’ve explored all kinds of looks. With the change of my hairstyle my wardrobe  also changes which creates a change in my life, a transformation of my image and is just a fun new feeling to change things up a bit!

October 24, 2017


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Honey, I love your advice, but dearest, the shadow/eyeliner UNDER your eyes looks terrible. You are such a pretty thing, please address this!

    • denise daly says:

      I agree Jennifer. Where is her stylist? Also, too much goo in the hair. Softer looks are in right now, more movement…..

  2. Linda says:

    I agree I too have never colored my hair, I love my grey hair and always get a great cut. Never a day goes by that I don’t get a compliment.

  3. Geri Guy Blackwelder says:

    You are right! Just last week I went shorter and warmed up the color with more of a caramel tone for fall! Color is wonderful, needs to be your next change!

  4. Mj says:

    Good article! When I change my style people say, “Oh! I didn’t recognize you! What have you done?”
    So it doesn’t go w/o notice! Plus I like to be different….alot!! Hugs mj

  5. Susan, another grandmother says:

    Love this, thanks! Love you too!

  6. SoCalAllison says:

    Just got mine cut in the new chin-length Lob at a new hair stylist! Took the plunge & got it colored in a burgundy brown base with a caramel brown highlight! They call it Tigereye! Wore my new brown leopard print maxi dress and it all clicked together!

    Have never had my hair all the same length so it’s new to me! Covers my gray frizzies well, too! Sporting a new look for my new life!

  7. Sharon Zinn says:

    For the past 12 years I travel to Louis Licari and Arsen for cut and color. Louis said” no woman should ever be gray as it adds t least 10 years”. Sorry Honey. Each spring I have updated color, great style and fabulous makeup and return to zhouston feelin like a new woman. My Concigere loves it.

  8. Kathleen Blanton says:

    Love this article! Just the motivation I needed!

  9. Vicky L Smith says:

    I am now 60 years young and still rock a layered red look! I get comments ALL the time about how folks love it! The comments I get from the older ladies is they love it but are not brave enough to do it!!!.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      You know who you are and you go with your feelings. Help your friends and others you know ‘be brave.’ Personally, I don’t think you are brave,I know you are confident. Warmly, Honey

  10. WillaDean Lewis says:

    I was born with black hair and always wore it long. As gray started to appear, I had my roots colored to match. As I’m now 64 I had the color stripped and my hair cut into a cute edgy asymmetrical cut. My hair color is all natural now, naturally almost white on top and sides around my face and still black underneath. I have women, young and older, asking me who does my hair! And such freedom!! Darlin’, your article is spot-on!! God bless, dear friend!

  11. Amy Winters says:

    I’m glad you pointed out that changing your hair can make your more confident and improve your personality, which combine to help you embrace a new perspective on life. I’ve felt like I’ve been in a rut for a few months now, and I’d love to have a new, more positive outlook on life. Changing my hair color sounds fun and exciting, so I think I’ll take your advice and go for it!

  12. I do agree when you said that change is good. It’s about time I pamper myself so I’ll have my hair cut. Personally, I think I need to transform my image so I’ll go to a hair salon and get a new dye and cut my hair.

  13. Honey Good says:

    My pleasure! Warmly, Honey

  14. Luke Smith says:

    I like that you talked about how one of the top five reasons women change their hair is because they want to reinvent themselves. My wife kept her current hairstyle for such a long time now and she is starting to think that it is time for her to get a new hairstyle soon. Styling your hair is not simple, so I think she should go to a hair salon this weekend.

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