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As a woman who has lived through many passages and learned through my larger than life experiences (positive and negative), I’ve discovered how to take a big empowering bite out of life.

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From Journaling My Thoughts To Marquis Who’s Who

Darlings, it is with great excitement and honor that I am finally able to tell you all about my inclusion in the Marquis Who’s Who – I can’t believe this feature has come after years of journaling my thoughts. 

It’s sort of a strange thing – one, to talk about myself like this, and two, to see me amongst all of the other nominees. ME! Just Susan “Honey” Good. A grandma influencer! I’m not dismissing all of my hard work, because I have worked very hard all these years, but it is amazing to see myself listed in the Who’s Who when all I aimed for starting out years ago was encouraging other women over 50 to celebrate life.

Marquis Who’s Who Announcement

And look – here we are! Celebrating life together; an amazing community of women over 50 working hard to be better versions of ourselves. 

In 1899, Marquis began publishing biographical information and they have remained the standard for biographic reliability ever since. The family of Marquis Who’s Who publications present unmatched coverage of the lives of today’s leaders and achievers from all over the world and from every significant field of endeavor. I am honored to be one out of only a dozen women bloggers over 50 included in the Who’s Who. 


Back To The Beginning: Journaling My Thoughts

When I started Honey Good nine years ago, I had no idea I would be where I am today. I love to empower women over the age of 50 to discover themselves and navigate life truthfully. It brings me such great joy to be your trusted mentor and storyteller, teaching you about visibility, style, and relationships

 Being able to tell the stories of my life with passion and know they are being read by the eyes of women that need them is indescribable. I have found so much in common with women across the globe as I’ve poured my soul into this blog and it brings me peace to know we are all alike in one way or another. You all know I love to share about traveling, both inner and outer beauty, finding your style, and relationships after 50. And if you’ve been here a while then you know I often write about all the hard things too – losing my dear husband in my forties, navigating rejection in adult life, overcoming invisibility, and learning how to live with familial suicide. No matter what I have written, it has been met with acceptance and grace. 

 Thank you for being here. It makes me smile to know that even after I’m gone, my children and grandchildren will always have a piece of me in the stories I’ve written here. And you all will be able to read them and pass them on, too! 

 Darlings, I promise to always remain authentic, resilient, and positive – and help other women over 50 do the same.




October 20, 2022

Passages After 50

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  1. Flappy Bird says:

    I admire her so much, I wish when I was over 50 I was as beautiful as she was. I always follow her every single post.

    • Susan Good says:

      You can choose to be and do anything your wish. Thank you for following me. I am thrilled that you do. Warmly, Honey

  2. age of war says:

    I hope to be able to read more interesting posts then. Will probably tell all of my friends about how smart you are

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