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My Tips to Becoming Visible: Self-Nurture After 50

I believe the ultimate secret to self-nurture after 50 is to identify more with your inner self because it does not grow older;  it becomes exquisitely wiser.

I’m a firm believer that women of every age should nurture themselves without guilt.

I’ve seen the same thing repeatedly throughout each phase of my life: women so busy being caregivers that they forget to take care of themselves. 

Darlings, how are we, as women, supposed to be good to others if we are not ‘good’ to ourselves? 

If you haven’t started treating yourself like the queen you are, then now is the time. 

self-nurture and self-care after 50


Find a community and love others!

Over the years, I’ve found satisfying ways to self-nurture after 50 – and one of the best ways has been working to fill others’ cups around me. 

Women need women, so reach out to someone in need or join a charity of your choice. If you are an empty nester or retired then you have the time! You are loving yourself when you are able to comfort and engage with women who need you. Once you take the initiative and see the response you will feel very happy and your happiness will radiate out to others. Your glow will spill from your life into others. And, trust me, darling, you will feel better than those you are giving to – it is amazing how uplifting giving back can be!

My mother has always encouraged me to give to other women and take notice when others may need me, and one of my fondest memories of this comes from when I was in grade school, about eight or nine years old. My mother had given me weekly tickets for the lunch room so I could have lunch with my classmates. One day I noticed a girl my age sitting in the corner all alone. After lunch, I walked over to her and asked her why she did not stand in line with the others to pick up her lunch. She told me her name was Marla and she could not afford to buy lunch. I remember feeling sad. I told my mom the story and asked her if our family could buy Marla’s lunch; and from that moment, Marla had lunch every day that year!

Having a giving heart is often the most selfish thing you can do – because it helps to make us feel good as well. That moment allowed me to see the impact that being there for others could truly have and I’ve always strived to give back since.

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Forget the past

I see too many women over 50 who live with regret over the past – and it shows up on their faces and in every move they make. Why are we not walking with our heads held high? Why do we not present ourselves in the best light possible? You’ve lived a beautiful life, radiate it! Do not focus on the past, or you’ll never move forward!

I assume you’re like me and want to live life to the fullest – living in the ‘present’ is a gift.  Focus on the present, and begin to self-nurture! If you haven’t yet read Ho’oponopono, I highly recommend it. It is a powerful book that summarizes the Hawaiian ritual of forgiveness- and maybe that’s what we need a great reminder of. Forgive yourself so you can move forward! Nurture your soul from within and you’ll find you’re more positive to others.


Commit to being visible!

Too often, as women, we lose ourselves in the service of others. Our families, friends, careers – they all get a piece of us. After decades of this behavior, it may feel like there is nothing left for you. Let’s reclaim it!

There is no shame in reserving time for you – just you. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Women always attempt this and I always find myself asking why? Is this why we always feel invisible and lonely? Because we let others claim so much of our minds and souls that we constantly feel resentful, agitated, and have a general lackluster attitude towards life?

It’s time to change that narrative, darling! Let’s self-nurture after 50 and truly take time for ourselves!


Treat yourself!

Find what speaks to your soul and make regular appointments to treat yourself to it.

Do you love to travel? Book a trip (even a weekend one) alone so you can truly embrace the town and culture. If you’re an adventurous soul: wander the streets, and ask the locals about the go-to spots. If you’re a more organized sally, plan the perfect stress-free venture with your favorite travel agent (the kind that’s been to the places, not just seen them on a computer!). Read my recent blog post on the importance of traveling (and my top tips!) right here.

Perhaps you love to shop! Head to the shopping district, visit a store you’ve never been to, try things on and learn to love that beautiful body again – no matter its size! Touch the fabric, get properly measured, and sip the most delicious coffee on your excursion. Shop for the staple pieces you’ve always needed in your wardrobe (a great trench coat, perhaps?!), or buy the beautiful items you can’t live without – then come home and organize your closet. I promise it will bring peace to your mind.

Plan a spay day! A massage, facial, manicure, and pedicure can do wonders for your soul. Step away and enjoy the tranquil sounds in a robe! There isn’t a duty that can’t wait until you’ve been refreshed mind, body, and soul!


Let’s self-nurture after 50!

I hope you take the time this week to put yourself first and to fill your own cup. When we are the best version of ourselves, we can better serve those around us. What is your favorite way to fill your own cup through self-care? Share in the comments below!


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September 28, 2022


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