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Honey’s Favorite Fall Footwear After 50

I adore ‘shooz’! I savor and take pleasure in my favorite fall ‘shooz’ and all my shoes for that matter. With the change of season, I have my heart set on dishing my favorite fall footwear especially for women after 50.

I know I am in the minority when I say, “I love a heel. I love a platform. I love shoes”. I take note of what women are wearing, especially women after 50. I guarantee you with certainty that if I walked into my friends’ closets and viewed their shoes, the majority, if not all of them, would be flats, tennis shoes, and low heels. Why? Because after age 50 many women have given up on wearing stunning and feminine shoes. Comfort and the fear of falling come before glam. I get it – but I cannot resist putting on a safe shoe with an edgy heel. After you read this post, check out my top tips for buying shoes after 50. 


A Shoe Reflects A Woman

I think shoes reflect you. If your comfort level is tennis shoes and flats and you are happy in ‘your shoes,’ go with your flow! Just take the time to find a shoe that talks to you and that you love and cherish. In other words, darling, take shopping for your shoes seriously. 

If you want to add higher-heeled shoes and boots to your shoe collection, buy brands with a wide-toe box. I know aging feet are not for sissies and I also know where there is a will, there is a way! Through trial and error and even hardship, I have a list to start you on a new adventure.

  • Buy a platform shoe. 
  • Purchase your shoe 1 or 2 sizes larger. You won’t notice.
  • Don’t bother trying on a shoe with a pointed toe.
  • Choose brands with a wide-toe box. 
  • Select a shoemaker that is an artist who can shorten a heel while maintaining the correct pitch.
  • Find a shoemaker who will stretch your shoes on his machine.
  • Build up a rapport with a person in the shoe department. Ask her to call you when the right shoes come in and are on sale.


The Tennis Shoe

I am not berating the idea of a woman wearing tennis shoes. But darling, do it with style! I understand that tennis shoes bring back the joy of nostalgia and our sporting culture. I also think tennis shoes should be low-hanging fruit in a woman’s wardrobe. I have some tennis shoes that stand out. I love my yellow Prada high tops. I wear them as an unexpected accessory with a Pucci multi-color dress for fun. I love my leather Mui Mui tennies because the toes are embossed with huge rhinestones. I mention the brands for a reason: Prada and Mui Mui have a large toe box for the woman with bunions! They are comfy.  If you’re looking for another great comfy shoe (available in lots of color options to show your personality) check these out!

Fashion after 50 - Honey's Favorite Fall Footwear



I don’t own plain flats. I do own flat shoes and boots that have a look! I have suede high boots with rhinestones and shoe boots in fabric. I have shoe boots with interesting buckles and other accessories. I buy them for comfort and style. I think women should consider their shoes an important accessory and an extension of their personality.  

Fashion after 50 - Honey's Favorite Fall Footwear


High Heels

Darling, we cannot remove the fact that a high heel shoe makes a woman’s foot look smaller, a leg look longer, and a woman appear taller, sexier, and extremely feminine.  Period. 

So what options does a woman over 50 have?  

Platforms, darling, platforms! You can own platform sandals, shoes, boots, and tennis shoes. I do! The platform works for a woman with bunions and hammer toes. And, darling, they are ‘shooz’ with glam! They make a woman feel she is ‘all woman!’ At least this woman. 

Fashion after 50 - Honey's Favorite Fall Footwear


A “Grandmother” Shoe Collection

I have a foot problem. I inherited bunions from my grandmother, mom, and aunts. They all had bunion surgery! I opted not to go through with the surgery, so I took a different route and had my bunions shaved. The procedure was safe. The healing time was short and I more or less accomplished what I wanted without having the bones in my big toe broken or a healing time of six months! When you walk into my closet, you would never think my shoe collection belonged to a grandmother over 50 with foot problems.


The Cost And Care Of Shoes

Shoes are very important in your wardrobe. They are also very costly. As a young girl, my mom taught me that less is more. I am passing on her knowledge: buy the best shoe that suits your physical and emotional comfort. Buy one great tennis shoe, one great bootie, one great high boot, and a pair of black platform heels. Don’t buy fashion. Buy style. Style lasts forever. The following year adds to your start-up collection. That is what I have done. 

I have shoes that are several years old. In the fall of the year, I check the condition of my shoes. I never toss a shoe. I have the shoemaker give my shoes a needed facelift!  New soles, etc. They come back like new. Paying the shoe maker’s cost is far less than paying for a new pair of shoes.


Additions To My Fall Wardrobe

I will add a boot and a platform. I have my ‘bunion brands’ that work. Prada, Mui Mui and St. Laurant. I also know that I like a short platform boot – this will cut down on the overwhelming search for the right boot and platform. 

I will still have major decisions to make. I have to decide on the style, color, texture, and adornment. Do I want a tall boot, a combat-style boot, a suede boot, or a leather boot? Do I want a material patterned boot like zebra striped or the shiny silver boot by Zara? What height heel? Do I want a new chunky platform boot,  an everyday boot, or a smashing boot for great occasions?

What do I need? I need a beautiful brown suede or leather boot for daytime wear. Not a dark brown. More camel colored. I would like to add a shoe and boot that are made with patterned material.   

What do I want? I want a shiny silver boot by Zara. But I cannot buy the boots because they have a pointed toe; a no-no for bunions. So, I will look for something that is also extraordinary to add to my collection of boots. 


Break Free From Your Comfort Zone

I think many women tend to buy what they are used to. This fall is your time to get out of your comfort zone and choose something out of the ordinary! If you’re looking for more necessary accessories, I have you covered there.

On a personal note, every time I buy a pair of shoes outside the box, the shoe has become a favorite. Be adventuresome and just do it. You won’t be sorry…I promise!

But like all good things in life… The shoe must fit to wear it!

I would love to hear about your favorite fall footwear! Are you a flats and tennies girl or do you love a chunky boot and platforms? Tell me about your favorites in the comments!




October 19, 2022


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  1. DeRita Vitto says:

    Hi honey my favorite shoes are definitely high heels I walk better in them I feel better in high heels everything just seems to elevate when I wear a pair of heels of course I love the clear heels they are so comfortable and the accessorize with everything. 😄👠 Like a radio host once said a woman can have on a pair of jeans it doesn’t matter what kind of blouse or shirt she has on but when she puts on a pair of heels with that it is so sexy it’s the bomb 😄

  2. Randi McAllister says:

    The brands you like—Prada and Miu Miu are very expensive! $1,000 and up! I won’t be buying them even if they help bunions and are comfortable!
    Please suggest other brands to consider.

    Thank you,

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