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Weekend Musings: Feng Shui, The Little Black Dress & More!

Some Thoughts From This Week…

Darling, I was thinking a lot this week about COVID-19 and how it’s affected us all. Many of us have lost jobs, health, family, experiences, and many cherished moments.

I am very lucky that my family has had their health, and so have I and my Ultimate Concierge. Each day I remember how grateful I am, and that keeps a smile planted firmly on my face.

What are you grateful for this week? 

Everything You Need to Know About the Little Black Dress

If you have been following me for a while, you know I love fashion. The little black dress is a MUST HAVE in any ladies wardrobe. This video from the editor of Vogue gives the background and history of the little black dress. Not surprisingly, Chanel was a leader in starting the black dress trend! Enjoy this little bit of history.

The Practice of Feng Shui

Darlings, I revisited my YouTube this week and found an old video that I created on Feng Shui. I smiled because not only do I love this topic, but it has my late pooch Orchid in it as well. She provided Feng Shui aka harmony, into my life. I hope this video gives you some inspiration to practice Feng Shui in your own life.

Unique Spaces – Architectural Digest

I love a unique space, and Architectural Digest has an entire series on them. This home was made from an old grain silo! How amazing is that? Enjoy this and many other videos like it on YouTube. If you like design and home decor, this will have you smiling!

This Week’s Roundup of Blog Posts Include:

How to Accessorize and Make a Statement

You as the Main Character in Your Life

How Flowers Are A Metaphor For Life

A Woman’s Guide to Feeling Healthy Inside & Out

How to Be a Better Absentee Mother & Grandmother During COVID-19

Women’s Health 2020: What to Know!

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August 15, 2020


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