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How to Accessorize and Make a Statement

How to Accessorize

How to Accessorize and Make a Statement!

I was a little girl living in Kankakee by the Sea when I first became aware of style. My mother and father were leaving on a vacation and I was watching my mother pack. I sat on the floor near the edge of their bed with wide eyes watching her lay out an assortment of outfits. I was enchanted; in a spell. And then the ultimate happened. She began to ‘decorate’ her outfits with scarves, jewelry, handbags, belts, shoes, and hats, etc. I was irresistibly mesmerized! I watched and she thought. Very few words were spoken between us. There was no need. That experience with my mom began the journey of finding my style.

While my friends were playing red rover and hopscotch, I was dressing my dolls! My mother noted my interest and bought me dolls that came with wardrobes and a trunk. On my birthday and on holidays she added new outfits and accessories.

I practiced mixing and matching my doll’s outfits. I `could change the look of an outfit with different accessories. So, I believe that was the time I fell in love with the art of accessorizing.

The Art of Accessorizing

I married young and my love of the accessory branched out into so many areas. I loved accessorizing my homes over the years. My involvement in charitable events as the Chair of Decorations was all about accessorizing. Even deliberating over the accessories I chose for a new car was exhilarating for me; wire wheels and special paint. It was all about the accessory. I loved tapping into my creative juices and creating. And, I was deliberate, taking my time to learn what pleased me, what spoke to me.

I started in the trenches, like we all did, making mistakes. Each mistake taught me a valuable lesson and sometimes a mistake turned out not a mistake but rather just not ‘in’ at the moment. A combination of maturity and interest expanded into the realization that a woman’s greatest accessory is her smile, her inner beauty.

As a woman continues to live through the decades she eventually creates a personal style. She is a mix of accessories: a combination of her inner and outer self; I call this a woman’s personal pizzazz with an exclamation point!

Inner Beauty is a Woman’s Greatest Accessory

Three days ago I was in the hospital for an unpleasant test (I passed. Whew!). As I walked to the hospital at 6:30 am with my Ultimate Concierge, my mind was in thought mode. I knew I was not in a mood to be my cheery self. And, I knew I did not want to talk to anyone. I knew I had no desire to smile. I was pensive and wanted to get the test over and find out if I was fine. As I got closer and closer to the hospital my imagination took over. I was holding a hand mirror and saw two faces, both mine, one smiling and one pensive. At that moment, the mirror became a powerful accessory; a lesson. I walked in with a smile.

There were three nurses. One asked questions that included, “I love your glasses. Where did you get them? I love the scent of the perfume you are wearing. What is the name?”

Another nurse took my temp and blood pressure and one put an IV into my hand. Only one nurse left an impression on me.

When I was on my way out to go home, I turned to her and said, “You are beautiful.” She was shocked and said, “You just took my breath away.” I replied, “A woman’s beauty is skin deep and you are a very beautiful woman.” We were both masked.

I made her as happy as she made me. “Bye, Bye!” I said. And out the door I went! I will never forget her.

How to Embellish Outer Style with Accessories During COVID-19

“Your smile is by far your greatest accessory.” – Honey Good

It is fun to embellish your outfits with accessories. But, it takes time to create your palette. It is your hint of feminine seduction. Accessorizing your outfits becomes a story that talks to others about you without a word! It is your personal brand.

Choosing accessories for this summer season, takes some doing. The change in our lifestyle is surreal and yet doable. We have shifted away from accessorizing our outfits (because we have nowhere to go), to accessorizing our homes. Planting a new garden in the backyard, the desire to build a greenhouse, a freshly painted home, new linens and cookbooks, and other household accessories. We have added new accessories in our homes in the tech arena and taken up photography and we are studying to enrich our minds.

I have had to rethink my accessories to meet the circumstances of the day because we will never stop gathering. We are women and we have to be out and about whether it is to the market or the manicurist. Here is a list of a few more current accessories.

How to Accessorize with a mask

Face Masks

Our facial expressions are invisible. Therefore, our masks are the #1 accessory because they should represent the personality of the person behind the mask. Purchase several and decorate them to fit the ‘you in you.’ I have chosen masks that give a person an idea of the personality behind my mask. My evening masks are designed with either pearls or Swarovski crystals. My day masks are bright and give the impression of friendliness and happiness. As well, my masks are designed by my daughter, Jenny, and are designer patterns in my favorite colors. Treat your mask for summer and fall as your most important accessory.


Sunglasses for COVID-19 protection and for style! Tint the glass in your sunglasses. Your sunglasses are jewelry. Purchase more than one pair. Coordinate them with your mask and your outfit. In the past, I have tinted my glasses blue but I just tinted a new pair in lavender. Choose your favorite colors.

Panama Hat

My Ultimate Concierge bought me a Panama hat in Panama and I love it. It makes a quiet statement. You won’t see yourself coming and going and it fits in with the new in trend, ‘nature.’

Ear Cuffs

They are not usually seen on women over 50. I love mine. I noticed my girlfriend wearing one and it peaked my fancy. So, I bought the same one over a year ago and still love it. Be edgy. Take a chance!

Apple Watch

It is so in, and it can protect your health. You can receive phone calls. Follow your stocks. Text your grandchildren. Read all of your emails. And, dress it up or down with several different straps.

Belt Up!

Put a mini bag on a belt; a must for protection and glamor. A mini bag on a belt is a great accessory and I treat mine like a piece of jewelry.

Platform Sneakers

You will not see yourself coming and going in these babies! I rarely see women wearing them but I like them because they are comfy and give a woman height.

A Dior Mitzvah Scarf

This is a three in one accessory. I wear my scarfs as a bracelet, a headband, and a neckband. Be creative with what you have!


It is difficult to accessorize with earrings because of the mask you must wear. I often forsake them. A drop earring of your choice is the best. I always go for my pearl earring because of the color and length. And I do wear my earring cuff, of course.

Your Favorite Perfume and a Smile!

I never leave home without a spritz of perfume. My go-to is always Baccarat 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. It took me ages to find my scent, but when I did I chose a winner for me. I am stopped by all sexes and ages! When I spritz myself, I am in heaven.

A smile is worth a million words. Remember that phrase as I did the day I had to go to the hospital and had no desire to smile… but I did. And, I am glad.

What are your current favorite go-to accessories? Let me know in the comments at the bottom of this page. 

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August 9, 2020


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  1. Goodmorning Honey🌞I love you and all your posts, I just took a walk thru the Redwoods and am smiling!!! My newest favorite thing was to buy my Sister a T-Shirt from my newest fav. Artist “Keri Rosenthal ❣️Yes she will make you Smile for sure!! My Sisters Bday is July 2nd so we always get her something Patriotic🇺🇸 And I saw K.R.’s drippy. Hearts and flag tops!!! So I got her one!!😊 and her Masks r soooo cute ! Now that I read this recent post of yours!! I think I will accessorize with one!!! Thank you for all you talk about and share with everyone!!!!!! I’ve shared you 2/my sisters and GF’s ! I can’t wait to hear from them! My little sis, Jo Anne just lost her husband a year ago… and I felt she needed to read your stories too! We r from Chicago I was born and raised In Clarendon Hills!!! I miss it sooo much wen ever I go home I take a drive past my old home and always go to Oak Brook shopping Center? & Hinsdale!!! 😢 Here’s a memory from wen I was a little girl going shopping w/my Mom … I Loved going to Bonwit Tellers just to smell the perfume of the day being sprayed as you walked thru the revolving Doors … 💜✨

  2. Janet Efquist says:

    I love your style! I enjoy accessorizing because I feel I’m pretty good at it. If you look good I think you feel good and that leads to making other people feel good. If someone makes an effort and looks good I tell them. Love the necklace, your hair looks adorable.But sometimes I think am I being too superficial, but it’s me and I would not enjoy not making an effort.

  3. Debby says:

    I have stopped wearing perfume because we were told not to as it irritates people, especially at the bridge club. Who agrees? Now I don’t miss it all. Also, what are ear cuffs?

  4. Marilyn in NY says:

    Regarding your comment “Your smile is by far your greatest accessory.”:

    I’ve learned that I have the power to make people smile! I know that when I walk into a store (or come upon a stranger on the street or greet a cashier), I smile broadly and look directly at them. Each and every time, they will smile back. It always works. I am a naturally smiley kind of person, so this is not difficult for me to do, even when I feel lousy. It is a great communication tool for I’ve engaged and disarmed the person and taken charge of the interaction. Yes, this is harder to do with a mask on, but if I crinkle up my eyes a little, I believe they can see I’m smiling (and not squinting).

    The best part is that my greatest accessory is free and fun to share.

  5. Carlene says:

    Great article, as usual. I’m just wondering: how do you tint your sunglasses? Sounds like something I want to do

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      An eye glass store. It is so much fun to experiment with different shades blues, etc. Go for it. I think you will be very glad you did. Warmly, Honey

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