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Eyewear Fashion Tips for the 50+ Woman

Eyewear Fashion Tips

As we age, there are a lot of ways to keep a bold youthfulness about us, from changing style and fashion trends to makeup hacks, and even nutrition choices. But did know your current eyewear choices may be making you look older than you are? Choosing the right frames can take years off your face!

So, the next time you pay a visit your Ophthalmologist, keep these tips in mind, and you’re sure to look — and feel — years younger!

Eyewear After 50

The key to choosing frames after 50 is to choose a pair of glasses that compliment your age while also helping you age gracefully.


When it comes to the color of your next frames, aim for a warm, rich tone like brown, berry or jewel tones. While there are many flashy and “cool” options on the market today, leave those to your Grands.

Warm tones look great on both women and men and are especially flattering on those of us 50 and older. But take care to avoid dull colors like silver or plain black. We are vibrant, visible women, so let’s let our best features stand out, not blend in with the crowd!

eyewear fashion trends


The shape of your glasses should help you achieve the illusion of a natural facelift, so look for a set of frames with eye shapes that are uplifting for your face. For instance, softer and more rounded corners are more desirable than sharp edges because they help soften your facial features while lifting them.

One way to achieve this look is to go for a cat-eye shape. For your ultimate concierge, help him choose frames that are upswept and rectangular with rounded corners.


Size doesn’t always matter, but in this case, it does!

If you choose frames that are too small vertically, you may not have room for line flat-top bifocals or no-line progressive lenses, which many of us tend to need as we age. Plus, choosing a more substantial frame will make reading more comfortable.

Eyewear Fashion Tips

Lense Type

Many people over 50 tend to reach for a pair of reading glasses, but by wearing these tiny frames at the tip of your nose, you’re aging yourself without even trying darlings!

Make time to schedule a comprehensive eye exam to find out what your unique visual needs are. Once you do this, your eye doctor may be able to recommend a pair of glasses that can be worn more like regular glasses but still function as reading glasses.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with fun sizes, colors, and shapes! Seek out frames in deeper shades and with a retro look, which will tell the world you’re not a boomer; you’re a bloomer!

How Do You Express to the World That You’re Young at Heart?

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  1. I literally just got new glasses, picked them up yesterday and I went with the cat shaped, and I love them. The lady who fitted me said those look really good on you. So far so good. I went with a brown with a little jewel green speck. Glad to know I’m sorta in style.

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