My goal is to help you create a lifestyle of positivity and possibility. I am smiling!

– Warmly, Honey

My greatest gift to myself is taking chances

I am a day gal, not a night owl. I look forward to each day of hustle and bustle and unexpected events. I challenge myself to veer off course and this, my darlings, has produced unexpected surprises and rewards. I think it is wonderful to live a little dangerously before and after 50. My life is charmed because it is exuberant. I swear to you I have never been prepared for anything major I have done. I love taking chances. And that has been my greatest gift. By stretching myself into unchartered waters I have allowed myself to have a larger life with more breadth.

But that is me.  I wonder. I observe. I take chances, but I think before I leap. I moved with my late husband and small children to Honolulu. My reward was an abundance of personal growth. I flew off with my husband to Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia with no fear. I can speak with clarity about the most talked about countries in the world. I took on the chairmanship of a large charity event in my 20s and learned how to organize and delegate. I cut my long hair into a buzz cut. I did it my way for four years with much consternation from my darling mother and friends. I bought Facebook stock at $24 a share, on a tip from a stranger, as I ran to catch a flight. I learned to trust my instincts.  La De Da. That is me. And I do not have one regret because all of the above were enchanting in one way or another and my self-esteem ballooned ten-fold.

The feeling of exuberance and the thrill of adventure can come in small doses as well as large doses and be just as specialA small happening can have just as big of an effect on boosting my feeling of vitality. So for you, darlings, who crave new adventure, but are hesitant, start by putting your tippy toes into gently changing waters.

I am sending three small adventures your way. I purposely ventured out and did these things I had never done before. Darlings, this is how we stay visible and vibrant and relevant after 50 I exposed myself to many new delightful and educational experiences. I wanted to learn about ethnic foods, I wanted to visit the presidential libraries and I wanted to check out resale shops!  It was not the hugeness of the activity, it was the newness, the experience; the knowledge. And, I experienced unexpected surprises and rewards.

Three delightful and educational happenings

  1.  Make a reservation to dine at different ethnic restaurants and experience delicious new cuisines. I have dined at Thai, Korean and Mexican restaurants. You will add dimension in dining, to your lifestyle. Order spring rolls if you go Thai, Korean ribs and kimchi if you go Korean and fajitas and tortilla soup if you go Mexican.
  2. Plan a trip to presidential libraries with friends, a spouse or significant other. The planning, the anticipation, the adventure and the prospect of future enlightening conversations with friends and family will add spice to your life. My ultimate concierge and I have visited the libraries of Kennedy, Reagan, Johnson, and Clinton.
  3. Instead of shopping at a mall, department store or boutique consider going to a resale shop! Your finds will be vintage and less costly. I did this with one of my daughters Scottsdale, Arizona and had the time of my life. I bought a vintage pair of Christian Dior sunglasses in bright orange and black and a Missoni handbag. Real conversation pieces that are out of the ordinary.

I read a survey that asked women over 50 what they would change if they could rethink their lives. They said they would take better care of their health and take more physical and emotional risks.

There are a lot of you darlings who are not risk takers. I am asking you to make an effort to expand your thinking and feel like an exuberant woman over 50.







  1. I’m a new follower of yours. Love you! I am wrapping up a year of breast cancer treatment: chemo, surgery, radiation. I had no idea you owned Face Book!! Love your life story. I wish you nothing but the best with your cancer fight too!

    1. I wish you nothing but the best, too. WWth all modern treatments, especially breast cancer ones, you are going to be great. I am so glad you found my site, I welcome you with open arms. I do not own Facebook. I own my site on FB. Thank you for your good wishes. Warmly, HOney

  2. I’m a risk taker too, Honey. Taking risks has opened my life. It’s all too easy to close down and shut down as we get older and let Fear take over. That’s when we really become “old.” Thanks for your uplifting perspective!

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