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5 Reasons Why Matcha Green Tea is So Good for Your Health

People of all generations are slowly but surely migrating from the age-old habit of a morning cup of coffee to a matcha green tea. How can one drink switch up traditions for so long, and why has this green drink become so popular? Read on for 5 reasons why, and a special giveaway on our favorite matcha brand.

Matcha green tea is becoming a firm favorite beverage for so many, because of its incredible health benefits and delicious taste. Not only can it help protect your health, but it can boost energy levels, help promote weight loss, fight cancer, prevent heart disease and more.

First, what is matcha?
Matcha is a form of green tea that’s made from the entire tea leaf being ground down into a fine powder. This powder can be dissolved in hot water to make a matcha tea, and it takes less than a teaspoon to produce the same flavor as green tea but without the bitterness. As well as being tastier, matcha contains over ten times the antioxidants found in regular
loose leaf green tea. That’s because with matcha, you ingest the whole tea leaf dissolved in water. By contrast, when you drink standard green tea you drink brewed water – a less- concentrated, watered-down type of green tea. Just one cup of matcha is the equivalent to ten cups of standard green tea in terms of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. So read on for the 5 benefits of what these can do for you, and a giveaway of one-month free matcha.

1. Matcha increases energy and reduces memory loss Lots of people start their day with a cup of coffee because they crave that caffeine kick, but matcha can give you the same boost. A single cup of matcha green tea can give you 4-6 hours
of increased energy, which is perfect for a busy day at work or with your family. Matcha contains amino acids,
which allows your body to absorb the caffeine slowly and avoid the jitters and the slump that can sometimes
accompany your morning cappuccino. (1) If you’re facing a stressful or challenging day, the L- theanine in matcha will be your best friend. This amino acid is well known for its ability to improve memory, concentration and mood, making it the perfect sidekick when your brain needs an extra boost.

2. Matcha helps you watch your weight
A tasty drink that’s low-calorie, sugar-free and metabolism-boosting? That’s matcha! There’s plenty of research out there which proves that regular consumption speeds up metabolism, which helps your body burn fat more efficiently. What’s more, matcha monitors fat absorption and can actually reduce your appetite. If you’re prone to stress-eating matcha can also help with that, as it’s known to tackle the stress hormone cortisol.

3. Matcha is a disease-fighting powerhouse
Now is the time to take extra care of our health, and matcha is a simple (and tasty) everyday addition to your healthcare routine. Packed with disease-fighting antioxidants such as EGCG, matcha is proven to fight against dangerous free radicals. Free radicals are created by your body because of the things you come into contact with every day: from what you eat and drink to the air that you breathe. Free radicals damage your DNA, and this damage can lead to cancer and other potentially fatal diseases. But, by increasing your intake of these powerful antioxidants, you’re better equipped to prevent
these illnesses. (3)

4. Matcha boosts your immune system and is a great anti-inflammatory

By regularly drinking matcha green tea you’ll notice a real difference in your recovery time from wounds and
common colds. Its anti-inflammatory properties are also amazing for relieving the symptoms of arthritic
conditions and muscle soreness. Matcha is also a source of flavonoids: these antibacterial antioxidants help prevent bad breath, sore throats and can even tackle infections.

5. Matcha helps protect your heart from disease
Heart disease is completely preventable, and matcha is a great tool for keeping the heart happy and healthy. The EGCG antioxidant decreases inflammation in your arteries, which helps to prevent Atherosclerosis (the condition where cholesterol clogs the arterial walls). These super-antioxidants also help to regulate blood pressure, keeping your heart in its best possible condition.

Make the change & reap the health benefits:
Even by switching to just one cup of matcha per day, you’ll reap countless benefits including increased energy, weight loss and a boost to your health. The key thing to remember is to make sure that you’re drinking high-quality matcha from Japan to ensure you get the maximum health benefits.

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Erin Young is a health writer and all-round tea expert. She is the owner of two tea brands:
Evergreen Matcha in the USA and Zen Green Tea Matcha in Australia. Erin works with
sustainable tea farms in Kyoto, Japan to deliver the best quality matcha green tea to her
customers. Click here for a free matcha recipe ebook with more than 30 healthy recipes
delivered straight to your inbox.

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