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7 Best Makeup Tips for Women Over 50

Beauty and style for women over 50 are about feeling good and having the right products, and that includes makeup. Not everyone is into makeup, darlings, I know, but everyone wants to look their best. Whether you’re learning how to do your makeup after going grey,  or you like to keep things low-maintenance, finding the best makeup for women over 50 is essential.  Here my seven best makeup tips for women over 50 to keep in mind.
Honey Good putting on her best makeup tips for women over 50

We women over 50 must take certain considerations when applying makeup. My bonus tip for you… start with great lighting!

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Best Makeup for Women Over 50 Tip 1: Avoid powder blush

We all want bright, rosy cheeks but powder blush has a tendency to set in fine lines and wrinkles, accentuating them. I find that it’s best to go for a more airbrushed approach, so I love cream blushes.  Like this Nudestix Nudies Matte Cream Blush. For the maintenance beauty approach, this Stila Convertible Color for Lips and Cheeks does double-duty. Toss it in your purse for easy beauty on the go.

Buy it now: NUDESTIX Nudies Matte Cream Blush, $35

Best Makeup for Women Over 50 Tip 2: Stay away from gloss

If you have marionette lines, those fine lines around your lips, you may want to toss the gloss. Gloss has a tendency to bleed into those lines, and nobody wants their lipstick to transfer! Instead, try a flattering lipstick such as MAC Viva Glam IV, a beautiful dusty rose shade with hints of gold. Get it online here.

Buy it now: MAC Viva Glam IV, $21

Best Makeup for Women Over 50 Tip 3: Don’t ignore your brows

As we age, our eyebrows can become sparse. Eyebrows after 50 may have more grey, or you may want them to match your grey hair color. For the best brows, filling regular grooming is all that’s needed to keep brows lovely.  If you find that your brows are becoming thin over time, learning how to fill them in is a must. There are many wonderful brow makeup tools out there, but I love Benefit’s Brow Pencil Party comes with two different sized pencils to fill in lighter or heavier. Even if you have regular brow tinting and grooming down, these thin pencils come in handy for those in-between times.


Buy it now: Benefit Brow Pencil Party, $32

Tip 4: Don’t forget the sunscreen

Honey Good applying sunscreen which must come before the best makeup for women over 50

Best makeup tips for women over 50? You must start with sunscreen, darlings!

Beautiful women over 50 all share the same beauty secret. It’s suncscreen. By far the best thing you can do for aging skin, in my opinion, is to apply sunscreen every day. Many of you may know that I am a survivor to two types of cancer, one of them melanoma. I take my skincare very seriously and so should you!

Even on overcast days, an SPF of at least 15 is a must to keep your skin healthy and youthful. This sunscreen just for the face from Coola is perfect for everyday use, is unscented, and offers and SPF of 50. Get it online here. I also like this sunscreen by Neutrogena specifically for my face and this one by Blue Lizard.

Sunscreen is paramont for anti-aging skin over 50

Buy it now: Coola Face Lotion SPF 50, $33

Best Makeup for Women Over 50 Tip 5: Trade in the heavy foundation for a light BB or CC cream

The best foundation for women over 50 is not the same kind you used in your ’30s. Cakey makeup is not a good look for anybody, but those of us over 50 are especially susceptible to over doing it on foundation. That’s why I recommend trading in heavier products for light products with added moisturizers. I ditched my traditional foundation and picked up a CC cream and my skin has never looked better. I love this Dermablend Continuous Correction CC Cream. It does an amazing job of keeping my skin moisturized and hydrated while also hiding discoloration and redness.  Get it online here.

Dermablend continuous correction will smooth everything for aging skin

Get it now: Dermablend Continuous Correction CC Cream, $39

Tip 6: Go easy on the powder

Honey Good focusing on her best makeup tips for women over 50 while applying mascara

We want to accentuate the positive, darlings, and powder can accentuate what you’re trying to cover.

To keep the powder from setting into fine lines, I recommend ditching it altogether.  If you find that your skin starts looking oily or shiny throughout the day, apply powder only to your t zone, not everywhere. This Laura Geller Baked Balance-N-Brightening Color Correcting Foundation is a great go-to foundation powder because it can be applied very lightly on the T-Zone and has brightening pigments. Don’t let the price scare you away, a little goes a long way. Remember to apply with the right kind of makeup brush to keep it from looking too heavy.

Laura Geller Lightening powder is great makeup for aging women

Buy it now: Laura Geller Baked Balance-N-Brightening Powder, $42.50


Best Makeup for Women Over 50 Tip 7: Don’t test makeup on the back of your hand

We’ve all been there: using the back of our hand to test shades at the makeup counter. But did you know that this area ages faster than our face? That means you could end up purchasing a shade totally wrong for you. I recommend purchasing a trial size or requesting a sample and testing it out on your face for the best results.

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Do you have a makeup tip for women over 50 to share with us? Do tell in the comments!

* Please note that items purchased through links on this site may result in a commission for Honey Good. All products are independently selected.

May 26, 2023


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  1. Norma jean says:

    I do not have thinning hair and I am over 80 years old I use only Nioxin products and have
    Been using them for over 20 years.



  2. Colleen says:

    Hello Honey! My beauty treatment is done each morning I get up and before I go to bed. I apply light moisturizer with a bit of extra water, and smile at my reflection while I give my face a light 30 second massage. I tell myself I’m beautiful and lookin’ good for 61! It works for me everyday! And it’s free!

    • Honey Good says:

      I do the same. I wash my face with Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and then use a light moisturizer or olive oil. I smile too because I feel squeaky clean and have a glow. Thank you for your comment and have a lovely week-end.
      Warmly, Honey

  3. Lashonda Brown says:

    I love this page the woman is beautiful she’s a queen she knows her worth she made my day it’s no reason you should look like a road map on your face

  4. Judi says:

    I started using Boom products by Cindy Joseph 2 years ago and am so happy with these products. I was having such trouble with drying, caking off base colors, didn’t like using eyeshadow because of creases often. Just several things. I’d been looking at her products for awhile off and on and finally did it. And I’m very happy.

  5. Nancy D says:

    I love NudeStix products and Benefit has the best brow filler and color. At my age, 72, I’m finding less is more and sunscreen always…..Thanks for always having great tips.

  6. Maria says:

    No comments since 2016? HM. My makeup secret is less is more. I use only under eye concealer, brush on a shadow, slightly darker than my skin, for daytime & slightly lighter than my eyeshadow for night. I use an eyeliner pencil for the bottom of my upper & lower lashes, but very sparingly. I finish with a hint of blush, powder works better in the tropics, where I live than cream. For special occasions, I use mascara.

  7. Sharon says:

    Do you have a suggestion for the viva glam !V Mac lipstick it has been dis continued.

    • Susan Good says:

      I think it is trial and error on your part because every color looks different on different skin types. It will be fun to try! You may find a whole new dimension of colors. Warmly, Honey

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