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Ask Honey – Your Comments on Life in Elsewhere…

American and Shelly in Elsewhere

Looking back on the month of October I was extremely busy. I closed up our home in California; Moved our personal items to Chicago; Immersed myself in Yoga; Unpacked 83 boxes from the move; Hired California Closets to build out space in our apartment; Had a joyful time sending my granddaughter white satin hangers, new white dishes, a bread machine, and other goodies for her first apartment; Saw friends for dinner with my Ultimate Concierge; Did some Zooms and lots more.

I placed scented candles around our apartment in the sky and purchased six different scented oil baths and a few special candles. I wrote my stories, watched documentaries with my Ultimate Concierge while munching on a new brand of popcorn that I adore (Knights Gourmet Popcorn)… and forced myself to begin a cleanse of my closet. Lastly and the best… I found a reason to love my masks! They keep my face nice and warm in my beautiful and windy Chicago! I am smiling.

Darling, I cannot stress enough the importance of trying to keep a positive attitude during these difficult times of COVID-19 and our country’s unsteadiness. At times I have to force myself into a positive state of mind and when I do, I persevere because I feel my determination rear up like a horse jumping that high bar. A positive thought gets me back on the right track. And, I do feel happy.

Try and Accept Life in Elsewhere

Life in Elsewhere has robbed us and the entire world population of a healthy quality of life. We can sink or swim. It is up to us. My mantra is, “I will try not to let it matter that living in Elsewhere is abnormal and unhealthy both physically and emotionally. What matters is how I choose to live my day.”

Let me add an honest note: I find myself getting irritated over little things. I push myself to do what normally was enjoyable or a piece of cake. And, my temper is short and I feel somewhat forlorn and melancholy because life is at a standstill. I miss the normality. As well, I have no idea when or if it will return. Darling, I feel stuck in time and miss living my life, ‘outside the box.’ I feel smothered. Those are my reasons to find positive avenues and words that ultimately propel me into a positive state. It is all about our attitude.

The Ugly World Outside My Home

I know it is taboo for a writer to discuss politics. And, I have often written I am not a registered Democrat or Republican. I want my options open because of change. I vote on both sides of the aisle. And, I vote for a party whose viewpoints match mine. Therefore, am I political when I state I want to live in a Democratic Society? If the Republican party endorsed Socialism and the Democratic party endorsed Democracy I would vote Democratic. What is political about that? Hopefully, most Americans want to live in a Democratic Society. I am not telling you how to vote.

Every American should be open to listening to all news channels, read all newspapers, and listen to all the politicians, on both sides of the aisle, “Talk their talk.” In other words, darling, do your homework. “Be an informed voter. Don’t vote on emotion. Vote on the policies you believe in.” Amen.

Now, I believe in Democracy… a  two-party system. I believe in an open press, Social Media platforms that don’t point 2 billion people in one direction, a nine-judge Supreme Court, law and order. I want to choose a medical plan of my choice, bring our soldiers home and stop wars, honor history, not destroy it, and have products made by American hands rather than foreign hands. Period.

Speak Freely

Writing authentically is my mantra. I am not a passive woman in any sense of the word. I am not afraid to stand alone. LA DE DA! My writings about Elsewhere has opened a path for women to express themselves. 99% of the women’s comments are positive. They write, “Thank you, Honey. I feel I can finally talk to someone about how I feel living in Elsewhere. Thank you for your honesty.” I will continue to be authentic, darling.

Never fear being, ‘you.’ Not everyone will like what they hear. What is important is you will like what you say.

Let me hear from you, darling. I will respect your feelings while continuing to believe in mine. That is Democracy. Yes, that is Democracy.

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  1. I feel exactly as you do. I think most of the older generation do. Unfortunately I fear what is now being taught in our schools. I think if you want a socialist country you should try living in one for awhile. Cuba would be a good place to start.

    1. I agree with you to a point.The schools are filled with far left teachers taught by far left college professors This has been a plan and plot for years. Started in the Universities. I have spoken to quite a few young people, including young strangers and of all nationalities, and to give you a happy day…they believe in Democracy. For those that don’t …I think we should send them off to Venezuela with a one way ticket. God Bless America. Warmly, Honey

  2. I love your style snd love of life and your obvious expectation and insistence on the good things in life. I’m stealing some of your October ideas.🙂
    For me your article today is more of getting to know Susan and I love it. From what you have articulated so well I cannot discern your political leanings, at the risk of misinterpreting your use of the term “democratic” society. And I commend you for your expression of your feelings about living in Elsewhere . (I love that moniker!)
    You have respectfully and boldly expressed how you feel, sentiments with which I agree,
    You have also encouraged this retired small time speaker, wannabe writer, and “Nana” to start a blog.

    You, Honey Good, are a winner.🥰🌈🌟Have a great day.

    1. It is exactly 4:46 am and I just read your comment. I would love to meet you! I am a small town girl.I grew up in Kankakee, Il. I write about my town and the profound influence it has had on my life. I call my town,Kankakee by the Sea to romanticize it! What do you speak on? Don’t be a wannabe writer…be a writer. Focus on what you want and start a journal of your thoughts. Who knows where it may lead you. Your comment to me was so well expressed. Have a happy day. Warmly, Honey

    1. Well today is voting day and I think there are millions of Americans who feel as we do. I am smiling. Warmly, Honey

  3. Susan, love it!! My sentiments exactly! Just pray the right man gets in, if not I feel the life and values we hold so dear will definitely go down the shiter!! ( pardon my French)

    1. My exact thoughts. It is frightening. And, I am so glad all of my kids and even grandchildren and in laws and outlaws, except one grandson, feel as we do. I speak young people in airports and on flights ( now) who love Democracy and taxi drivers from all different countries who love the America we love. So, finger’s crossed that good will outlay bad! How was your garden last summer? What are you doing to keep busy? I hope all is well Sending friendship across the miles. PS. I love your French.

  4. Hi Honey,

    I loved how you spent your October. You sound perfectly happy! I too, have similar days / months where I am busy and loving my day, even though it is all from the comfort and beauty of my home. I’m grateful that I have a home that I have fixed up before the pandemic to reflect “me” and all the beautiful things that I love.

    I keep only positive words in my thought process and my days reflect that. If I were to go into “if only” territory, that would not be good for me. So this is my coping mechanism and for me it works.

    I wanted to tell you that I love the picture at the top of the post with your husband and your sweet dog. It’s totally unexpected! What my eye went to first was the mirror above the bed. I can live the rest of the afternoon on the inspiration it is giving me. That is beautiful.

    1. I love ‘home, too! I love the mirror so much. When we bought it the mirror frame was all white and I had an artist take some paint to it and create ‘my look.’ Thank you.Our homes express who we are. You are wise in finding your coping mechanism. Keep coping!!! Warmly, Honey

  5. Excellent comments about “not politics.” I feel exactly as you do- I think we came of age in about the same era with similar values. Again, you give voice to my feelings!
    Hang in there! This to shall pass. Don’t know when, but it will!

    1. God Bless America. I know many young people feel as we do. I ask strangers!!! I am glad I give voice to your feelings. I am smiling. Warmly, Honey

  6. Another great post Honey! Staying positive and appreciating the little things in life is what will get us through this “elsewhere” living. We had Hurricane Zeta pass through last night and woke to a simply gorgeous day today! I spent it with my daughter and really enjoyed our time together. Now I need to get my sample ballot ready to vote. So many amendments that I need to learn about. And you’re right….we need to read different sources to learn of the different issues. I pray we get back to our normal way of life soon. But hope that it will be an improved life and that we all have learned something positive in this pandemic.
    Take care!
    Mary Jane

    1. I am glad you are safe and sound. I lived in Honolulu and the day after the storm was just like your day. I am sighing. It was like a beautiful miracle. I can still see the day and the calmness of the Sea. God Bless America. Warmly, Honey

  7. I am in total agreement with your post, Honey. Our country cannot thrive with any form of socialism. All Americans need to be in control of their own lives…not be told how to live by the government. Unfortunately, some Americans are being taken in by the promise of “free” that socialist leaning politicians are using as bait to secure votes. Most of us have learned that nothing in life is free and, if a certain political party takes over our country, we will all be paying dearly for voting that party into office. The election is just a few days away. Let’s hope that we keep our economy growing, keep protecting our rights by voting for the party that will keep America the great country that it is.

    1. Today is the day! Finger’s crossed for ‘long live Democracy.’ The crowds seem to agree. I thought they would. Warmly, Honey

  8. Good day Honey
    I’m so glad you liked my comments about you. Hopefully a conference is somewhere in your future plans for us. It would be great to meet you. At 76 (November)I give small motivational talks to my peers on various subjects with the ongoing theme of being your best, living a rich, full life, from the inside out. I believe-I insist- that living well, living richly, and fully is an attitude (to quote you.)🙂 Also, for me, staying fully alive is a mindset, and a choice.
    I believe we seniors are truly the most blessed, rich group with much treasure in us. I believe the world needs us. While I make time to take care of me, my pen and my big mouth are ready.🙂

    1. I am laughing out loud with your comment about your pen and your big mouth!!! Good for you. I am adverse to the word, fear, because it stops me from starting. You must be, too!!! Come join our group on FB. It is private, it is free and there is lively interaction… GRANDwomen with Moxie …where loneliness disappears. If you join GRAND you can join a small group of us on ZOOM. We meet each 4:00 pm Central time. The link is on GRAND. If you have a problem let me know. Warmly, Honey

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