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5 Fabulous & Functional Fashion Items for Women 50+

5 Fabulous & Functional Fashion Items for Women 50+

5 Fabulous & Functional Fashion Items for Women 50+

One of the gifts of maturity is the freedom to bend or forget the fashion rules you used to follow. It’s a liberating time. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll want to spend your time in sweats 24/7 — that can get old quickly. It’s entirely possible to feel comfortable and look great at the same time, especially when you go out in public. You’ve probably experimented quite a bit in your youth and now have a good idea of what styles look best on you and what brings out your unique look. As you refine your wardrobe, consider a few additions that are simple, functional, and lovely. Bonus: They’re practical, too! Here are a few fabulous and functional items that make a big impact with minimal effort.

1. A Leather jacket

Leather or vegan leather jackets add a timeless sense of edge to any wardrobe whether they’re sleek black, daring red, or another flattering color. Leather in particular has the ability to both keep you warm and adjust to changes in temperature. Try to stay with styles that are more on the tailored side, and be sure that the amount of hardware is right for you. These types of jackets are endlessly versatile as they take you from day to night, and look fantastic over a variety of outfits.

2. A Statement Bag

If you’re carrying a handbag or tote, make sure it’s one you love. The bag you carry can make or break an overall look, and also be a big help in keeping you organized. Fortunately, great bags come at every price point. Depending on your preference, you might want to focus on one that’s your signature or switch out among a few. Be sure to pair them with your most-worn ensembles to see if they’re compatible, and walk around a bit to get a feel for how they might function in your everyday life. Needing bags that are light, sleek, and perfect for shopping or toting other items? Try high-quality burlap bags that come in a multitude of sizes and styles.

3. A Gorgeous Shawl

While turtlenecks are cozy and provide a cover for your neck, they can feel a bit stifling if you wear them all the time. The solution? Go for a knit shawl! They’re much more versatile and you can pull them on or off quickly. There are so many gorgeous and varied shawl styles to choose from. You might prefer something casual and wrapped-up, or one that’s more daring and dramatic. You get to decide how much shoulder you show — and you might notice that your shawl draws people’s eyes to your face.

4. A Stunning Pair of Jeans

Breathable, comfortable, figure-flattering jeans with a bootcut or straight leg look terrific on women who are over fifty (and just about anyone else, for that matter). Denim that’s dark wash will give you a more polished look than faded or stone wash and are well-suited for both casual and dressy looks. Though high-waisted styles are trending again, be careful to avoid the baggy “mom jeans” appearance. You can’t go wrong with a universally flattering mid-rise. Whatever you choose, it’s important that your jeans make you feel great.

They offer a varying amount of stretch these days: experiment and see what’s right for you. Some even approach the look of leggings (jeggings). A panel for tummy shaping, or even more ease (pregnancy jeans!) are options, too. Indigo has come a long way since the ’70s. Comfort is key. If you’ve got a great pair of jeans, deciding on the rest of your outfit is simple. Put on a favorite top and fabulous shoes, and you’re ready!

5. A Striking Hat

You might be accustomed to people only wearing hats to protect their faces from the blazing sun, but think again — hats are a striking accessory year-round. Yes, they help conceal bad hair days and provide shade, but they also offer a way to add panache to your wardrobe and truly set you apart. Think of them as an accent to your overall appearance — they don’t have to be the main focus. There’s no need to match the hat to your bag or shoes unless you’re wanting to convey a specific retro look. Here, getting inspiration from magazines and online is helpful. Much history and lore is associated with hats, and you’ll have fun flipping through various examples of how you can wear them. Pinterest is a great resource, also. Look for models who are similar to you in appearance or vibe.

Speaking of which, if you find models or celebrities over fifty whose styles you admire, pay close attention to what they wear, and how they wear it.

Choosing beautiful, functional fashion items becomes a more streamlined, intentional process as you mature. Try these suggestions for minimum fuss and maximum impact.

What are some fabulous and functional fashions you enjoy after 50+? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this page!

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