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The Tricks and Treats of Life After 50

The Tricks and Treats of Life After 50

Happy (almost) Halloween, darling!  

Today has me pondering the tricks and treat of life after 50. There are so many things I relish about being a visible, vibrant woman after 50… and there are also a few things I could do just fine without.

And so, I’m sharing my take on the tricks and treats of life after 50 in the hopes that this honest look at the journey both entertains and inspires you.

Will you “treat” me back, darling? Share your perspective on life after 50, the hills and the valleys. Here is mine!

tricks and treats in life after 50

Treats & Tricks!

Treat! Two words: Senior discount.

Trick. Being offered senior discounts before you’re old enough to get them.

Treat! Learning that beauty, truly, is more than skin deep.

Trick: Memory loss.

Treat: Having amassed 50+ years of unforgettable memories.

Trick: Illness.

Treat: Discovering that you have the strength to survive.

Trick: Children growing up and leaving home.

Treat: Finding out that you raised your new best friend.

Tricks and treats of life after 50

Treat! Retirement

Trick: Retired husbands.

Treat! More happy times than your heart can hold.

Trick: Frown lines.

Treat! Being considered an old soul. It was less alluring when you were 20 but now, you’ve earned it.

Trick: Regrets.

Treat! The wisdom to know you did it all the way you wanted, you are exactly where you should be, and you have the power to go wherever you want from here.

Trick: Reading glasses.

Treat! Next chapters.

Trick: Grandma panties.

Treat! Grandchildren

My Favorite Juicy Quotes

A final “treat,” some of my favorite quotes about life after 50. I hope you continue to take a big juicy bite out of life, at every age.

“The great thing about getting older is that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been.” -Madeleine L’Engle

“I can honestly say I love getting older. Then again, I never put my glasses on before looking in the mirror.” -Cherie Lunghi

“Let us never know what old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years.” -Ausonius

“Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art.” -Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

I’ve shared my take on the tricks and treats of life after 50, now it’s your turn! Share your thoughts either in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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  1. Treat: Having time to exercise and get into shape

    Trick: Realizing that a floppy circle is a shape!

    Thank you for sharing, Honey. I enjoy reading your blogs daily.

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