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Ask Honey – What if the World Were Free of Problems?

Ask Honey - What if the World Were Free of Problems?

What if Our Minds Were Free of Problems?

Darling, what would our daily lives be like if our minds were free of problems? Wait a minute… let me rephrase my statement. What would our daily lives be like without being confronted with problems brought on by others or problems we bring on ourselves? It would be a blessing.

On the other hand, there are healthy problems that take us to new positive heights. There are avoidable situations we turn into a problem and there are unavoidable problems we get caught in.

What must you do to solve your problem? A problem-solver uses her wisdom combined with thought and tact to orchestrate positive dialogue(s) aimed at a solution. A problem solver takes positive action.

Problems come in all sizes, shapes, and forms. Many problems have a very happy ending and take us to new heights; some problems are avoidable, and some are unavoidable. Some problems we have no choice but to accept.

One thing is certain, the quicker you solve a problem in a positive way the happier and more prosperous your life will be.

Look at our world today. One action, the spread of COVID-19, created a worldwide problem. Or look at the deplorable way of problem-solving by militant activists turning our world violent and our way of life as we know it, vulnerable.

Darling, problems are solved because you want them solved with maturity, intelligence, and wisdom. So, let’s try and solve the ones below…

Ask Honey – Advice For Every Woman

June 10, 2020

Dear Honey,

COVID-19 and what is happening in the world right now has really put a damper on my life. Not to mention, I have a hard time making friends because I am an introvert.

Do you have any suggestions?


Dear Amy,

Are you perceiving yourself correctly? I wonder if a true introvert would message me asking for advice? I think I might describe you as shy and reserved. Frankly, I think those are nice qualities. It gives you time to be thoughtful and reflective; two wonderful qualities.

If I am correct, consider listening to podcasts for wisdom or watching a YouTube video for instructions on how to practice Yoga or visiting the museums of the world, etc…

Another idea, join my Facebook Group, GRANDwomen with Moxie… a place where loneliness disappears, and force yourself to join my weekly Zoom Friendship Hour. I will introduce you and you will make friends virtually. The group is small. Look for the poster “Honey’s Virtual Friendship Hour” and click on the Zoom link. Our group meets every Wednesday at 2:00 PM PDT, 4:00 PM CST, and 5:00 PM EST. We are in the process of setting up sub-groups for discussions on different topics, too.

I will leave you with this message: FEAR stops so many women from venturing out. Please don’t let fear stop you from living, even during this time of COVID-19. Let yourself be free of problems.




Debbie Asks:


I’m having a hard time with my daughter. She tries her best to do well, but it seems like she can’t make her life work. How do I give her advice for being a successful young adult? I know it’s a broad question, but I would love your help if possible.


Dear Debbie,

On the one hand, she tries and on the other hand, she can’t make her life work. You are not giving me any idea ‘why’ she cannot make her life work. Is it in all areas? Is it her social life? Or is it her career? If she is married or is her marriage failing? Is she depressed? I don’t know if she has children or her age.

So, here are my limited answers:

If she is depressed she needs tools to find herself. I suggest a Positive Psychologist. Positive Psychology is a specialty. You can read about this form of psychology online. Then do your research and arrange a meeting.

If she just needs family direction steer her in the direction of her interests. HER purpose and passion. Not yours or her fathers, etc.. hers. You can do this by asking thoughtful questions and ‘listen.’ In other words, get on board with her interests and share your wisdom. And, be positive. Hopefully, this will help free her from any problems she or the world has created for her.

Keep me posted. I hope I helped.




Glenda Asks:

My two sisters judge and avoid me unless they have a motive for including me such as a gift or just to give me the option to decline. Then I am made to look like the bad sister?! I do think I give 100% to the family as far as reaching out in kindness and being thoughtful… Not that I am never reciprocated! Do I continue being myself? Or move forward without this drama?

– Glenda

Dear Glenda,

Three seems to be a bad number in women’s relationships. I don’t know the reason(s) for your exclusion so my answer will be based on what I would do.

However, I would not allow my sisters to use me or be unkind to me. I would say to myself, “Enough is enough.

I would very nicely, decline their offer when they asked me to go in on a gift for a family member. If they confronted me I would take the high road. I would tell them I enjoy shopping on my own for personal gifts.

Taking the high road ALWAYS wins. You will feel good about yourself and that is really what matters.

When or if a family member asks you why you did not go in on the gift with your sisters, don’t give them any ammunition. You know… family chatter! Just say, I enjoy personally picking out my gift for you.

Now you are in the driver’s seat because you feel no anger. You have allowed yourself to be free of the problems they’ve created. You bought a gift on your own and avoided getting hurt and angry. TAKE THE HIGH ROAD.


Thank you for all your wonderful questions. And, I hope you got something from my answers and those who asked are free of their problems. I am smiling!

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  1. If our minds were free of problems people would be

    Lovers of others, lovers of spiritual treasures, modest, humble, obedient to parents, thankful, loyal, having great affection for their families, open to agreement, always speaking well of others, self-controlled, mild, lovers of goodness, trustworthy, yielding, lowly in mind.


    1. I think some people would be very grateful and some would find something to complain about. That is life. You and I have the ability to make choices. We would both chose the people you wrote about. Warmly, Honey

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