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After 50, Our Age is Our Oyster

After 50, our  age is our oyster. We have entered the stage of ‘“me.”

The kids are grown. Many of us are retired. Many of us strike out on new adventures, moving to warmer climates and gated communities or near our grandchildren or traveling the world or starting a career or redoing our homes — things that provide us with new opportunities, new ideas. It is our time of rebirth, our time to finally enjoy ourselves, to think about next steps, in peace.

A “wise” 50-plus woman is filled with enthusiasm and curiosity; not stuck in worries about her looks and her age. If she is content, her eyes sparkle, her posture is straight, and her smile lights up a room.  Her age of 50-plus is her oyster, filled with years of lessons learned. She now has the time to harness new ideas and choose her path.

You know, darlings, one thought leads to another when you come up with an Ah-Ha idea, one thought leads to another. An Ah-Ha idea begins with a joyful vision that gives you a positive emotional feeling. Don’t stop there and let the idea slip away. Use your mind and harness your experiences to nurture your idea, turn it into reality and find your calling.

Before you jump into any new idea, remember: An idea leads to a journey! The journey can be a short trek or a long voyage. Ask yourself, “Is there a good reason to pursue this idea?”

Nurture you idea, after 50, only if you brings you joy

Ideas enter our minds in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, the first questions I ask myself are:

  • Does the idea provoke joy, a rush of excitement?
  • Will I bloom? Will I thrive if I pursue this idea?
  • Does the idea spark my curiosity, my desire? Does it meet a need?”
  • Do I want to take the time to do the hard work needed to see it come to fruition?”
  • If I hem and haw about pursuing the idea, I erase it from my mind.

Every idea starts with a thought

Many of us let our ideas slip away, often for good reason. But what about the idea you want to turn into reality – you stop because you know every idea is an imperfect concept that requires your time, your effort and good sound thinking. At our stage of life, if you have an idea that makes your heart beat faster, and if you cannot get the idea out of your mind, then it is time to investigate. Finding your calling is about not saying no to your heart.

My girlfriend over 50 Who Found Her Oyster

One of my friends had an idea. She knew her strengths and she knew what brought her joy so after some soul searching she decided to hitch her wagon to a particular star. She knew her idea would fill a need; she knew some days would be an OMG, but she also knew her idea would make her and all her friends very happy.

She decided she had the qualifications to assume the role of the MAVEN (the Director) of our card groups, lunch dates and girls’ and couples’ nights out. She would become the go-to girl, the Four-Star General, the leader she knew we craved and needed. She would be our second mother, our leader. She would bring direction and joy into the lives of her busy ‘“private first class” girlfriends by filling a need that brought satisfaction to her and joy to all of us.

She knew her strengths. She was organized. She was a no-nonsense woman. She could set guidelines and not waver. She nurtured her idea and came up with a plan and through hard work and organization she has been our General-in-Chief for several years. Bravo to you, girlfriend!

You can’t run away from yourself

Women over 50 are faced with many life changes. Free time is usually high on our lists. I have friends who are restless. I remember when I used to feel restless. I was not in love with what I was “busily” doing! And darlings, after 50 we should be very happy and fulfilled with our lives. So I decided to pursue an idea, writing. I knew my blog’s success was not guaranteed but I also knew I was happy and that my writing would improve and the feeling of restlessness would disappear. And I am happy now. I am fulfilled.

I have friends in unhappy marriages who have been toying with the thought of beginning afresh. Yes, it is scary but what is the alternative? To live many more years unhappily?

I have friends who feel invisible. However, if they found their purpose, they would feel relevant.

I know women who live in a state of monotony. There are so many ideas for them to consider.

I know women who want to join a group, return to college, start a business, but never do. They allow their ideas to stagnate.

I know women who are very lonely, who need friends. Their children have moved away. Many of their friends have moved away. They should search their soul for an idea that will resolve their loneliness.

And, I have many other friends who know life after 50 is great — it’s their oyster. Their lives are filled with pearls. They know they are good at many things but understand they will be happy if they align themselves with things that bring them joy.

To start you on your journey, I have a great idea. It will make you happy and others happy, too. Please consider aligning yourself with women who lead full lives. These women have pearls of wisdom to share with you. These women will gladly help you and energize you. Now isn’t that a good idea?

Just remember, darlings… We live but once. Let’s make it amusing!

Now, that’s a very good idea.

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  1. Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement, I needed that, I try to be positive, but sometimes but is so hard.

    1. Everybody has hard days. The point is to appreciate the good days and yourself and be grateful. Warmly, Honey

    1. I love that you bought a yellow bike just like the sunshine.Enjoy your rides. I live downtown in Chicago so I don’t ride it often. Warmly, Honey

    1. I am glad you love the story. I can help you with Moxie. Email Her name is Susan and she will help you. Thank you for wanting to sign-up. See you on Moxie. Warmly, Honey.

    2. It is not you. Email Susan Berman will help you. We are trying to make adjustments. But, let her help you get on anyway and try and be patient. Warmly, Honey

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