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Feeling Bored? Why Not Pull Up Your Astrology Chart!

Feeling Bored? Why Not Pull Up Your Astrology Chart!

Chances are, you’re stuck at home (big surprise), and you’ve just about run out of things to do. You’re probably scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, looking for something new. Now, you may have heard of it before, but astrology is making a huge comeback these days. It’s becoming more prominent in social media and making its way back into the mainstream.

With that said, why not check your own astrology chart, right? Tell me you don’t want insight into who you are or who you could be. Or that you aren’t interested to know what’s in store for you. And even if you don’t totally buy into it, it’s nice to check yourself every now and then.

What’s An Astrology Chart?

So first things first, your astrology chart is essentially just a cosmic map of all the heavenly bodies at the time you were born. An astrologer or calculator plots all of this information in a circular map that divides the sky into equal sections.

The crux of astrology is that this map wasn’t just a snapshot of the stars when you were born. Rather, it’s also a valuable tool that allows you to better understand yourself. The different aspects of your personality and character, as well as the things in your future, are all there for you to examine.

Find Your Birth Date, Time, and Location

Before you can even see your astrology chart, you’re going to need these three things. From this information, you can discern the position of the heavenly bodies in your astrology chart.

While your birth date should be obvious, it would be ideal if you were as precise as possible when determining the time and location of your birth. This way, the calculated positions of the cosmos can give you the most accurate reading.

It’s important to be exact because some aspects of your astrology chart can change in a matter of hours.

Calculate Your Astrology Chart

Once you have your birth info as exact as you can make it, you can plug these values into the many chart calculators available online. Of course, your mileage may vary, and you might prefer to opt into a paid service.

Know Your Zodiac Sign

The astrology chart should have a range of dates on the zodiac wheel. Matching your birth date with the ones on the wheel should quickly tell you what your Zodiac sign is. Your Zodiac sign is the same as your sun sign and is one of the most important signs in the chart.

Your Zodiac sign is a good general indicator of your conscious, outward personality and character.

Get Acquainted With The Rest Of The Big Three

The big three are the signs that make up the foundation of your astrological chart. These are your sun, moon, and ascendant signs.

We’ve already talked about your sun sign earlier, so now is a good time to examine your moon sign.

If your sun sign is a representation of your conscious being, your moon sign is the opposite. It deals with your emotions, intuition, and subconscious! Your moon sign dictates the parts of you that very few people ever get to see. It tells you about the things you need to feel safe and secure.

Last but not least, take note of your Ascendant sign. Your ascendant sign depends on which zodiac constellation was on the horizon when you were born. This sign changes every 2 hours and is one of the main reasons to be exact with your birth time.

The ascendant sign is unique in that while the other two signs are primarily looking inward, the ascendant sign looks outwards. It is concerned with you and your relationship with those around you. It shows how you present yourself to others as well as how other people see you.

Interpret The Planets

This one is a bit more involved than the previous steps, but only because it puts a few key concepts together. Mainly, interpreting the planets means seeing which planets lie in which houses.

What Are Planets?

Planets in astrology are essentially the same planets we’ve learned about in school, except for three main differences. First off, astrology analyzes the other planets and heavenly bodies from the perspective of Earth, so it doesn’t count as a planet. Second, the Sun and Moon count as planets. Lastly, Pluto is still a planet!

You have two types of planets: inner (or personal) planets and outer planets.

Regarding inner planets:

  • The Sun represents your purpose and identity.
  • The Moon represents your reactions and experiences.
  • Mercury represents how you relate to and perceive others.
  • Venus represents your comfort zones.
  • Mars represents your motivation and desires.

Regarding outer planets:

  • Jupiter represents your growth in society.
  • Saturn represents your principles and responsibilities.
  • Uranus represents your intellect and potential.
  • Neptune represents your imagination and ideal.
  • Pluto represents your capacity for radical growth.

Their influence depends on which house they reside in and the different ways they align with other planets.

What are Houses?

The houses of the zodiac are a different set of 12 segments in the zodiac chart. Each house represents a different aspect of your life. The more you rise through the houses, the more complex and nuanced things seem to be. That’s why the first house represents the basic concept of your identity and perception of self. But the last house represents your higher consciousness and your expansion in spirituality.

The Interpretation

When you put the houses and planets together, you get a holistic look at your life. You get a view of the different aspects of your personality and how it affects the different aspects of your life. If you want to, you can go even deeper by analyzing the angles these planets make with each other.

This guide intends to be a good starter for anyone interested in astrology chart readings. However, there is so much more to uncover if you want to go deeper.

Are you interested in astrology or have any questions? Please let us know in the comments at the bottom of this page. 

About the Author: David Thomas is a professional writer at Trusted Astrology. With more than 10 years of experience with astrology, David is a trusted resource to help you with astrological analysis and interpretation.

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