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Inner and Outer Beauty Advice: Real Fashion and Style Is In Simplicity

Inner and Outer Beauty Advice by Honey Good – Real Fashion and Style Is In Simplicity!

Honey Good's Style Is In Simplicity

Our outer style is the first impression we give to others. It suggests who a woman is but can’t totally define her because in every dress…there is a woman! When you notice my outer style, you become aware that the keynote of my style is simplicity. Therefore, your first impression of the woman inside the dress might be: She leads a steady life. She is self-disciplined. She is an ‘organized’ woman. She is calm, cool, and collected. She is the type who stays on course; follows a meticulous calendar and doesn’t allow anything or anyone to distract her from her mission.

But, when she stops to chat with you, you notice her red lips and take in her scent, and know there’s more there than meets the eye. You see two sides to this woman. And that is my point…a woman’s style cannot be defined without combining the two.

A Woman’s Inner Style

My inner style is a positive state of mind: I am busy and dizzy with a caveat…

In order to have a winning inner style, you must have a positive state of mind and the wisdom to aspire. The woman who is curious, enthusiastic, amusing, and has no time for monotony in her life, never ages. We all possess what I call ‘our gathering’ gene. Women are inherent gatherers! It is handed to us on a silver platter, yet some women don’t take advantage of it and live with low horizons.

My advice to that woman is to start gathering all types of interesting information! Stop to smell the flowers on your walk, walk into a little flower shop on your way home and take up a conversation with the salesperson (who knows what interesting trivia you may pick up) as you buy a bouquet of flowers. Walk into Walgreens and purchase the new mascara you read about and while you’re at it… a tube of red lipstick! Be daring at 25 and 75! To live is a wonderful thing. To wilt is a travesty.

Simplicity In Outer Style

my outfit from my walk

Yesterday I wore a Brunello Cucinelli long-sleeve gray sweater, Armani gray slacks with several colors of gray, going from light shades to dark that blended in with my top creating my preferred style, a style of simplicity. I added silver dangling earrings, a black Chanel watch, Vero Cuoio short black booties, Armani sunglasses, a Tiffany red flower brooch, and carried a Louis Vuitton black and gray satchel.

My outfit and my writing (inner and outer style) attracted two women strangers in one day to stop me and talk to me. The first woman and I have our hair done by the same stylist, Colette. The woman noticed me because of my style and asked Colette to introduce us. She wanted to meet me to find out about my blog (inner style). We had a very interesting conversation. She sells advertising for Discovery. I so enjoyed talking with her and learned a bit about the entertainment advertising business.

My Second Meeting

After leaving the Salon I took a long hike along Lake Shore Drive to Oak Street. I had an appointment at one of the shops. A woman stopped me.

“Where did you buy your slacks?” she asked. I told her Armani – they’re five years old. “They look like they are from this season. They are beautiful and the fabric is so unusual,” she added.

“Thank you very much for the compliment,” I replied.

We parted. I felt so good. I was wearing five-year-old slacks that I liked as much as the day I bought them. I thought to myself, I own my style…fashion changes, but style never fades away.

Combine Your Inner and Outer Styles

So, my darling, cater to your style and do it unapologetically. Trust your fashion instincts. Work on your personal inner and outer style and remember…it is ok to be opinionated; to paint a portrait to your liking. Remember you are the owner of your style.

If you liked this blog on my style, please check out my list of summer hats and handbags for 2021 and beyond!

What are some of your favorite fashion trends that never go out of style? Please share with me in the comments at the bottom of this page. I’d love to hear from you!

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Honey Good's Style Is In Simplicity

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June 23, 2021


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