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5 MORE Timeless Accessories for Your Summer Wardrobe

Accessories to Make You Smile

Summer is on my mind, sweet readers, and with that comes fun and fashionable ideas for your summer looks. A few weeks ago, I posted a blog all about 5 Timeless Accessories for Your Summer Wardrobe. Everyone absolutely loved this article and I promised I would give you more. So here it is, darlings–5 MORE summer accessories you need to have in your wardrobe!

What I love about these next five is that they are all timeless pieces, even though they are the current trends of summer 2019. You can customize each item to your personal taste while also staying current with the younger generations without feeling out of place. Not to mention, you will stand out amongst the crowd as the fabulous woman that you are! Who wouldn’t want that?

Delightful Summer Sun Hats

My darlings, if you’re a lady who loves to spend time out in the sun like me, then you love a great sunhat. I know finding a flattering hat can be a little tedious, but I have a few tips for you. Firstly, I always like to go for one that gives me a good amount of sun protection. That means a wide brim that provides a lot of coverage both for my face and for the back of my neck. Once the hat meets those requirements, then I look to its style.

A key thing to know is that if you have a long face, go with a flatter-crowned hat. Simply remember that this might make you look shorter. You can then pair your outfit with a good boot or heel and a nice ensemble that elongates your frame. If you have a shorter or round face, choose a hat with a high crown. This will, of course, make you look taller and further flatter your features.

Lastly, pick a color of sun hat that makes you smile! If you’re searching for something more neutral, go with a plain straw sun hat that can pair with several outfits. But don’t be afraid to have a good time with your choice. Let your hat show your personality! Below are a few ideas for you at different price points. Click the image to hunt for one you like!

Headbands for All Ages

Headbands are back in, darlings, and not just for the millennials. You may have seen them popping up over the last couple of years, but as of summer 2019, they are officially in. I adore a good headband and you will too. Headbands can be used to dress up a style or dress one down.

Not only are they functional (say if you’re having a bad hair day or need to keep the hair out of your eyes) but they are also very fashion-forward. For a simple look, try a comfortable padded black headband like the one below. You can even wear a headband as a way to dress up an updo for any occasion. Headbands can also be used to say, “Hey world, this is me!” I get excited that fashion allows you to express yourself in such a beautiful way.

Woven Jewelry to Make You Smile

As I’ve said many times, timeless accessories are so important. One thing that is always essential in any woman’s wardrobe is a good bunch of bracelets. This summer, woven jewelry pieces are in. This boho-chic style goes perfectly with the headbands mentioned above. The good thing–woven jewelry doesn’t have to be overly expensive either.

Woven jewelry pieces create intrigue because they add a lovely texture to your style. There are so many different kinds of pieces out there that you’ll never get bored. A common way to wear this type of jewelry is to stack your bracelets with varying colors. Don’t be afraid to change up your usual style for something new. You may find that you love it.


Fanny Packs are Coming Back

While some call them fanny packs and others now call them belt bags, they still have the same function, my readers. They are practical, reliable and very pleasant to have when you’re with your grandchildren. If you only have a few items you need, and you don’t want to carry around a large backpack or handbag, then these are for you. Up until recently, you might have been made fun of for using a ‘fanny pack,’ but now they are back in style and for good reason.

Not only are belt bags easy to wear, but they can also help finish an outfit or create a unique, fashionable look. Don’t be shy. Pick one that best combines both your needs and personal style.

Classic Timeless Watches

Even if we don’t need a watch to tell the time anymore, as many of us use our cell phones, a watch is a chic and important accessory for any fashionable woman. A watch can dress-up any look or dare I say, make one look even more professional.

Watches will never go out of fashion. With so many styles to chose from, you can never run out of options. As well, you can find a watch on any budget, which I really love. This makes it a perfect accessory that is chic and accessible to all. What I enjoy about a watch too, is that if you decide to go back to simplicity, it allows you to put down your phone for the time and be present with your loved ones. Doesn’t that sound lovely?


I hope you enjoyed this added rundown of accessories, my darlings. Please let me know some of your favorites! Join the conversation in the comments below or on Facebook and Instagram.

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June 26, 2019


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