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Tips on Handbags

My handbags play a dual role in my life. I have them for practicality and style!

What do I mean by practical? I buy handbags that can hold everything that is important to me. Additionally, I buy handbags that I can wear day or night. I buy handbags that are appropriate for many pieces of my wardrobe, and I buy bags I can use for all seasons.

What do I mean by beautiful? All of my handbags reflect my style!


Tips on Handbags

Finding the Right Handbag for You

This fall, I may add a new bag to my wardrobe. That is… only if I happen upon what is right for my wardrobe. A handbag is not an impulse item. I have decided I am going to look for a bag with a splash of color. I will take my time window-shopping! Why? Because handbags from J. Crew to Chanel are ridiculously expensive, darlings, so I treat the purchase of a new bag as if it were a piece of jewelry, a fashionable accessory.

I take care of my vintage handbags like they were a piece of jewelry, too. My large bags are lined up on a shelf in my closet so I can see them with my clothing and my clutches lay flat in drawers. I save and use my handbags for years. I am selective in my purchase, never buying what I think is the fad of the year to be tossed out the following season. My mother taught me: Buy one good handbag a year. It will be a keeper. I listened and learned.

My Tips on Handbags

Be different darlings! My French girlfriend, Florence, living in Paris, is the girlfriend who taught me to think of my handbag as a fabulous accessory. “American women wear a grey or black handbag with a gray suit. I will wear a pink handbag and pink shoes with my grey suit,” was her comment. This American girl learned and I follow the French trend. Try it, darlings!

Consignment stores. Great buys for great prices.

Financial resources. When purchasing your next handbag, buy a bag that you can wear day and night. Two for the price of one, darlings!

Neutral colors. Buy a neutral-colored bag that can be used year round and looks great with most of your outfits. The colors are: several shades of white, metallic, navy, grey and black.

Wear a bright bag with toned-down clothing. If I am wearing a pair of jeans and a statement tee, I will put on my vibrant colored canary yellow backpack. My backpack becomes a ‘style stopper.’ And I feel uplifted wearing the bag.

Tips on Handbags

The List Goes On…

If I am carrying a ton of things because you know darlings, we love to gather, I carry a ‘lightweight’ tote. I put a small clutch inside my tote to house my wallet, small make-up bag and my iPhone. Putting a clutch inside my tote works well because it prevents me from digging and searching frantically into my tote for a lipstick or my phone and… ruining my manicure in the process!

Purchase a bag that matches your size. If you are small sized, as I am, I always stick with small to medium size handbags, except, of course, for my practical totes. Big is ‘never in’ for small sized women. You want to carry your bag; your bag should not carry you!

Be selective when you purchase a new bag. Buy a bag that will not go out of style. Handbags are keepers. Handbags are costly.

Stuff your slouchy bags. I stuff my handbags to save their shape when I’m not using them.

Buy a handbag with a good clasp for protection. This is a true story. I was walking down 5th Avenue, in New York, with my husband during a bright and sunny day, and I was carrying a handbag with a shoulder strap so my purse rested on my hip. I felt a nudge, looked down, and the clasp on my bag was open. By chance the purse had another inside clasp that had my money.

Be daring darlings; you can allow yourself to splurge! You can buy a fabulous looking handbag at J. Crew or Chanel. It matters not the price. It is all about your style! I suggest you buy a bag in metallic or gold (goes with everything) or a bag that has hammered studs or a bag with a gorgeous chain and clasp.

Do You Have a Favorite Handbag?

Do tell! I would so love to hear from you either in the comments below TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.


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September 20, 2018


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  1. Micki says:

    Handbag article was excellent! Filled with some great reminders, but new thoughts to consider as well. Thank you, Honey!

  2. I want to get a really nice handbag this winter. It is good toknwo that I should get a bag that can stand up to the sun. That is something I wouldn’t have thought about doing. But since I live in a really sunny area that is soemthign I should consider.

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