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Entertaining guests, happiness is a choice
Have you made the choice of happiness and peace, dear reader? I have. It is 4:38 am on Thursday, the 13th of January. Twelve days of the month have passed and I am on track to meet my objectives of putting order back into my life.
Though truth be told, it took all my effort to start. I pushed myself. This was not because of physical exhaustion — but because I have been emotionally damaged (I am being somewhat overdramatic!) by the restricted lifestyle in Elsewhere. Finally, I decided that even though I cannot have a normal, colorful life and the usual freedoms that go with it, I will not allow Elsewhere to cause me to lose my self-respect.
It was certain I had been adrift for far too long so I decided it was time to put my personal house in order. So much I missed the feeling of living an orderly life, An uplifting life that creates an aura of peacemy theme for 2022. It was time to choose happiness.


Admittedly, I had to ‘force’ myself to get back into a normal routine of working out for my health and for my outer look. I felt this would restore the inner happiness I enjoyed before COVID 19. This was how I would choose happiness. It was very difficult for the first month but I did it. And, so can you if need be.
First, I have disciplined myself to drive to Pilates twice a week for an 8:00 am session and to work out at home with Rebeka at 7:00 am twice a week. Once I hit my one-month anniversary, I was back into the groove. I smile more often, I feel inner empowerment and enlightenment. And I’ve lost weight and inches. Things are looking up!


Next, I devised a two-week plan to sort through my closet. What pushed me to gather up the initiative? We are taking a trip at the end of January and I had no choice… lights, camera, action if you know what I mean!
The clothes in my closet hung untouched for almost two years. Sweet reader, I had lost my enthusiasm. My normal shopping ritual due to COVID 19, stopped dead in its tracks.
I used to walk down streets and gather on whims. I rarely planned a day to shop. In Elsewhere, I have to make an appointment. I am fearful of a gunman walking into the store while I am undressed in a dressing room. Or I wait in a long line outside a shop. Not my style. This is not my happiness.
Before America became Elsewhere, I remember in the past walking by a shop. I noticed a salesman about to hang up a coat. Immediately I was struck with love for this coat! It stopped me dead in my tracks! How lucky was that, dear reader? I walked in, introduced myself to the salesman, and walked out with the coat, on sale for 40% off! It is still my favorite. A black Georgio Armani winter coat. It is five years old and I love it as much as the day I saw it. I cannot shop that way anymore.


organized closet is a choice for happiness
I worked slowly in my closet over two weekends because weekdays are filled with work, etc.
1. The first weekend I sorted through my clothes, organizing them by color and style. Coordination helped beautify my small closet. And so did the thin black and white hangers and the quilted patterned floral motif ones I bought on Amazon.
2. The following weekend I tried on my sorted clothing from my work the week before. I looked at my handbags and went through my drawers in our bedroom and in my bathroom. It was a very busy few days. But, I did it. And, I enjoyed the process as I played music on my Google Nest Hub Max. (Which, is $40 off at the time of this publication! Get one here!)
3. During the following week I walked across the street from our condo in the sky to introduce myself to the tailor. I asked him if he would do my pinnings at our home. My Ultimate Concierge had clothes altered and they had become friends. He said yes he would be happy to. And then on one of my whims, I extended him an invitation to have Sunday brunch with us. He smiled and said he would look forward to Sunday.


Sunday came. I set the table and was so thrilled to be having company! You would have thought I was having royalty. It had been so long since I entertained guests in our dining room.
I took care in setting a lovely table. I served lox and bagels and scrambled eggs. There were Greek green and black olives, avocado, cottage cheese and other cheeses, fresh grapes, home squeezed orange juice, and coffee. My happiness abounded and I felt serene and peaceful as I prepared a lovely brunch.
We sat down for brunch and never in my wildest dreams did I expect our Sunday brunch to be so extraordinary! This tailor has traveled in style! I knew nothing about his background until today and I will muse about it on Sunday Morning. It was a delightful brunch and I added the tailor to my list of interesting people.


To me, the effort of putting order back into my life this past month has been transformative. It has simplified and uncomplicated my life and brought me peace. I no longer feel stressed. This is best described as nourishing.
I solved a problem. It took all my willpower, I swear. I feel an energy in the air. An energy I have not felt in almost two years. It is a start.
My self-esteem is once again flourishing. Orderliness creates this. I am using my New Year’s system; my word is peace. Peace comes in many weird places, even in a woman’s closet and early morning workouts. La De Da. I am smiling.
Last night my Ultimate Concierge and I ventured out with friends for dinner. As we were leaving our condo I said, “I forgot my mask! Do you have yours? And, do you have our cards to prove we were vaccinated?” I could not believe what I was saying. “I have photos of our vaccination cards on my phone but who knows what ‘big brother’ will demand!” Who would have thought…
Alas, it is what it is, dear reader. And we will get through. We can be happy — but we have to make that choice.

How do you continue to choose peace and happiness? Please share with me in the comments!

Warmly, Honey

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January 13, 2022


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  1. Patti says:

    As Glinda says to Dorothy: “You had it all along my dear”. I’m glad you found your happiness again! May it be an inspiration to others. 🙂

  2. Linda Kay says:


    I wholly agree with you that happiness is a choice you make. I believe peace and happiness go hand in hand. I like the word JOY – Jesus first, Others second and Yourself third. To me, Joy is the ultimate to happiness. If only 1 person CHOSE to spread JOY around the world this very day, what a JOYFUL place we would live in tomorrow! Be a better person today, than you were yesterday. The truly way to be HAPPY is to help others find happiness. What a Joyful journey to travel each day.

    God bless you – you are an awesome lady. Keep spreading the good word to us women, as it brightens our soul and puts a smile on our pretty faces.

  3. Gayle says:

    Loved your article and it described so vividly exactly how I feel living in Montreal, a city where that walk to shop and brunch along Sherbrooke St. in the downtown area was a joy to be had by myself. Brunch with my daughters and son-in-law & young grandson next to the duck pond at the Ritz Carlton Hotel was for me the ultimate Sunday. A walk to browse the Art Galleries & Museum of Fine Arts was my nirvana but since our pandemic restrictions life was less than pleasant but I refuse to let this set back spoil my journey. I turned 75 in November and although there was no party possible I did enjoy a table for 4 at the Sofitel Hotel across from the Ritz on Sherbrooke St. and enjoyed my birthday brunch with my daughter & son-in-law and young 11yr old grandson James and I toasted my life as it was and as it now is and was gratefull that I got to see it all & live my best life before the days of this pandemic and now I can sustain myself on all my memories and still go on just by whispering to myself these 2 words “For Now.” Times have changed and so will we, adapt and go forward and choose to be HAPPY.

    • Honey Good says:

      How we choose: that is our choice! Past memories are great and should be a reminder to continue living life. Warmly, Honey

  4. Elaine Anderson says:

    I have officially bestowed the “ultimate Concierge” title on my Plus One..he is delighted to take on the challenge🐇🐇gBUNNY

  5. Mary Pent says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Honey! It is so inspiring and an encouragement to my soul. I miss seeing you on zoom!❤️ I follow a Chicago pastor of Park church on Instagram. Her name is Jeanne Stevens. The church she copastors with her husband, my daughters attended when they lived there. Every year she chooses a word for the year and has it made into a bracelet. I love this idea!!

  6. DeRita Vitto says:

    Yes honey peace and love that’s what it’s all about today we’re going back to simplicity I’m in the process of moving my place is going to be small I’m downsize but I’ve had this amazing thought I’m going to get me a six chair dinner table this is what I like having friends and company there’s the joy thank you so much for sharing you always brighten up my day you are definitely a sunshine yes honey. ☀️😄

    • Honey Good says:

      Yes, your dining room chairs should be your focal point.This brings joy into your life and with joy comes, peace. Go for it. Warmly, Honey

  7. Glenda Mallen says:

    This is where I believe you write just for me!!! Feelings I could not quite figure out seem simple when you put words to them. I think you are terrific and a great inspiration – heading to closets now!

    • Honey Good says:

      By now you have finished your closet??? I hope so. I am so thrilled that I finished mine. I walk in and know where everything is. I am so thrilled and I do not have a pretty or large closet. It matters not because it is ORGANIZED. That is what brings peace. Warmly, Honey

  8. Cathie says:

    I loved this story!! It gave me some encouragement to get my life in order too!!
    Thank you

  9. Bonnie says:

    I continue to choose peace and happiness by not missing out on the things I love. I just returned from traveling for almost 7 weeks. I began by spending Thanksgiving in Georgia with my youngest daughter and family. How very special to spend that holiday with loved ones. From there I flew to Hawaii to spend the month of December with my oldest daughter, grandson and my dearest friends that I’ve missed seeing for two years because of COVID. December 30th my oldest daughter & I flew from Hawaii to Arizona to see my two granddaughters – it was a wonderful time!! I used precautions while traveling to keep myself healthy and safe (fully vaccinated plus booster, masking, hand washing, vitamins, etc.). I am now home feeling elated (and healthy) that I was able to make this trip.

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