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Why women should keep setting new goals and taking on new challenges after 50

Honey Good talks about taking on new challenges and setting new goals after 50 and how she has lived that herself recently.

Exploring your life after the age of 50 can open the door to countless opportunities. It is so worth your while to nurture your curiosity by engaging and participating in new activities. I believe curiosity is the “cat’s meow.” When you jump out of your comfort zone and take on challenges, you will feel vital and visible. Be a little bit of a Christopher Columbus. Discover new horizons and let nothing stop you from embracing “newness.” By dipping your toes in unchartered waters you will be able to navigate your future. You will feel emotional exuberance, even if your efforts fail. As a sisterhood of women over 50, let’s stretch our minds and seek new goals. After all, 2018 is just around the corner.

Relaxation over

I arrived back in Palm Springs from my experience at the Golden Door feeling refreshed. I am stronger because I am convinced it is important to think about one’s personal needs (it is not selfish) and healthier because it is necessary to take a stand on negatives affecting our lifestyle. I accomplished both of these things at the Golden Door.

My internal drive was heightened by my new thought process, thank goodness, because my life was filled with new experiences and new people upon my return from my relaxing trip. This included my first opportunity to do a national television commercial. I asked myself, “How will I survive these challenges?” I answered myself in my head, “I am going to embrace these new experiences with gusto and grace and go after each with a purpose.”

New experiences and goals

1. Home for just one day and then a drive into LA for a live broadcast, as the interviewee, on the Cat and Kaehler Show, broadcast on Facebook Live and LA Talk Radio. The discussion centered around HoneyGood.com; how I started my business and the upcoming Sisterhood. Had I ever done a live show? No. Had I ever met the hosts of the show? No. Catherine Grace O’Connell, the founder of Forever Fierce and David Harry Stewart, a renowned photographer and the founder of Ageist, a great site for women over 50, were warm and gracious and I felt immediately at ease.

Was I given a cheat sheet on questions? No. Was I apprehensive? I sure was. But never-the-less, I jumped in darlings. And yesterday, Catherine asked me to be her co-host on Feb. 13th. The show will be on relationships and love. Am I nervous to become the interviewer? Yes. Have I done this before? No. Am I am going to go for it? Of course.

The experience was enlightening. I learned. I met. I realized I could handle myself in a live setting by just being myself. My experience was rewarding and I left the studio with another notch added to my belt in personal growth and I am well over the age of 50.

2.  I am most proud of the podcast that aired last week. I was invited to do an interview with Helen Mitternight the of Keep it Juicy. The topic was: HOW TO SURVIVE WIDOWHOOD. I am very proud of my tutorial. I felt my personal knowledge of widowhood allowed me to shower advice on other women facing the ordeal I faced in my 40s. The live chat between Helen and myself was not scripted and I learned that I can now do podcasts with emotion and truth. Rewarding and “notch filling.”

3. The piece de resistance was an email I received late Friday afternoon.


The email: “Sorry for the short notice. We would love to set up a Skype interview with Honey Good for early this evening.”

Darlings, the day was almost over.

“We are available now. This is a huge National Campaign Commercial for Lime-a-Rita, a Anheuser-Busch (Bud Light) product. We want Honey to try out for the role of Rita.”

Darlings, they wanted me to get very dressed up and learn three short scripts in an hour.

I did try out. I did not make the cut. I was disappointed but was glad I pushed myself to try out because if I did not try I would never know.

If the opportunity presents itself again, I will be better prepared. I will tell the casting office I need the same amount of time each of the other “actresses” (I am smiling) had to get ready. I am not sorry I tried.

I have other plans in the fire. My grands are coming the end of the month or the beginning of January, I am going home to my beautiful Chicago to visit my mother and spend time with my girlfriends in the city. I am going to do some Facebook Lives for you, darlings, and who knows what will come my way. I do know this…something will.

This is how I want you to feel. Dream a plan, then make your plan and then follow through on your plan. Reach for the stars. Make your dream become your reality.

December 8, 2017


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  1. Diane says:

    Just what I needed to hear.
    Thank you so much!,
    Love your posts..

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