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It’s Time To Talk About…

Darlings… it’s time to talk about a few uncomfortable topics. 

Here at Honey Good, I do at times like to push a few boundaries, especially when it comes to women and women’s health after 50+. 

Now, what am I going to discuss with you? A few important topics. These topics include: menopausal hot flashes, vaginal dryness, a decrease of sexual arousal, and emotional PMS symptoms. 

I want to talk about these topics today with you because they are completely normal and should be talked about. Especially in a safe space amongst women and with women you trust.

As well, we should be sharing ways in which we can feel more comfortable in our bodies during a sometimes scary, confusing or embarrassing time! We need to help each other grow and share in our common experiences.

Darlings, let’s start with the big M word… Menopause

Bonafide Products

Bonafide Products

Menopausal Hot Flashes

Via medical news today: 

“Menopause is a normal stage of life. Surgery or chemotherapy cause the menopause in some people who have these treatments. According to the National Institute of Ageing, natural menopause occurs between 45 and 55 years of age and lasts for around 7 years, but can continue for up to 14 years. According to some estimates, the occurrence of hot flashes may run for an average of 5.2 years. And the earlier in life they occur, the longer time period they may last.

Hot flashes and night sweats occur before and during menopause because of changing hormone levels, including estrogen and progesterone, affecting the body’s temperature control. Changes in these hormone levels affect the action of other hormones that are responsible for regulating the body’s temperature. This causes the characteristic feelings of sudden warmth, flushing, and excessive sweating.”

It seems as though one day you wake up and suddenly you’re in Menopause. Though completely normal, this change in our bodies seems to scare or shock us. Waking up covered in sweat or sweating all of sudden is uncomfortable and can be embarrassing to some. However, darlings, this is completely normal and a sign that our bodies are working! How cool is that? 

But, if you’re looking for a way to feel more comfortable at night, or ease your stress of sudden hot flashes, try hormone-free Relizen. Darlings, with this product, hot flashes won’t get in your way. Sleep easier knowing you won’t wake up with drenched sheets or the embarrassment that might come with it. And, as always check with your doctor if you are concerned or feel something is off with your body. 

Vaginal Dryness & Decrease In Sexual Arousal 

It’s something not talked about enough, but vaginal dryness and a decrease in sexual arousal are very common in women over 50+. Though it can occur for women at every age, it usually becomes more common for women after they begin menopause. 

According to Harvard Health, vaginal dryness “affects about half of postmenopausal women — most of whom, possibly as many as 90%, don’t seek treatment for their symptoms, which include not only dryness but also irritation and pain during sexual intercourse.”

When menopause begins, there is a drop in the body’s estrogen production, which causes a genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM).

Harvard Health further states that “GSM can significantly reduce quality of life, similar to other chronic conditions. While other menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes, typically decline over time, vaginal dryness tends to linger because it results from physical changes in the vagina — specifically atrophy of tissues, which become thinner, drier, and less flexible because of estrogen loss.”

So, as you can see, Darlings, vaginal health is important because long term dryness can actually cause harm to the tissue of the vagina. 

More On Sexual Desire

Naturally, it’s easy to not feel sexy or desire sex when we’re uncomfortable, nor does sex feel good in our bodies when we experience vaginal dryness. The two walk hand-in-hand.

As well, with the decrease in estrogen during menopause, we also experience a decrease in our sexual desires. Combined with vaginal dryness and hot flashes, the motivation or want to have sex significantly decreases.

According to menopause.org, “In general, sex drive decreases gradually with age in both men and women, but women are two to three times more likely to be affected by a decline in sex drive as they age. Reduced sex drive becomes much more common in women starting in their late 40s and 50s. “

What Can We Do?

So, what can we do to help ourselves? How can we overcome our biology or lack of motivation or desire for something so natural and pleasurable?

Bonafide a company that creates non-prescription solutions that treat women’s health issues, and are proven thorough research, development, and clinical trials—as well as recommended by thousands of doctors—is here to help. 

Their product Revaree, is a hormone-free product that provides relief from vaginal dryness, so intimacy is comfortable again. It’s an easy-to-use vaginal insert made of hyaluronic acid to give your lady-parts back their natural moisture. 

If you’re also in need of a natural, hormone-free boost to your sexual arousal, Ristela might be right for you. Feel more satisfied in bed and enhance your response to sexual stimulation. Over 75% of women who used Ristela reported an increase in physical arousal and sexual satisfaction. 

So my Darlings, if good old lube doesn’t work for you and you just can’t get back your sexual desire, these great products could be a perfect next step for you.

Emotional PMS Symptoms 

Lastly, sweet readers, I know many of us struggle with emotional PMS symptoms including irritability, mood swings and uneasiness. If you struggle from PMS (which over 75% of women report saying they do) you might be in need of natural support to help you through your symptoms. 

Along with a daily calcium supplement, Seronol might be just what you’re looking for. You can put PMS in your past with this hormone-free tablet. Over 77% of women who took Seronol reported eased emotional PMS symptoms over the course of 3 months! Who wouldn’t like feeling better during their period and beyond? 

Feel Your Best At Any Age

No matter what age you are, Darlings, feeling your best and living a fulfilling and healthy life is so very important. Take the time to ensure your body is in top form and that you allow yourself to feel and express your emotions. 

If you struggle from any of the above mentioned, it’s important to realize you are not alone. Remember, we must talk about things that make us uncomfortable in order for them to become comfortable. What are bodies go through is a natural and beautiful process and taking the time to address any issue related to our health is as important as eating and sleeping. 

And remember, talk to your doctor if you are experiencing these symptoms or feel that you need help. Your doctor is here to support you and care for you. I am here to support and care for you as well. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and learning about these important topics just as much as I have. 

What other “uncomfortable” topics would you like me to address? Let me know in the comments below! I want to hear from you.



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February 17, 2020


Why We Need To Talk About Women’s Health After 50+

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  1. Lois says:

    Thank you for this information, no one ever talks about it. Imagine my surprise after I turn 60 and all these changes start happening to my body, drying from the inside out. I am going to try the bonafide.
    Thank you again for your wonderful blog.

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