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Why the COVID-19 Vaccine Was My Emotional Cure

Let’s talk about my experience with the COVID-19 vaccine, darling…

My life is changing for the better and I feel it in the air. Why? Because I had the COVID-19 vaccine shot a few days ago (see video above). For eleven months I have been in a funk because of my life in Elsewhere. And though I am fully aware that as a country we are not out of the woods, I am no longer afraid. One little prick in my arm lasting less than ten seconds gave me back the freedom and power to handle my life on my terms. I hope you will experience the same relief and the same joy.

Darling, on March 1st, 2021, the vaccine will be in full effect and I will be free to walk outside our condominium doors with my Ultimate Concierge and our pooch America. I will say with a big smile on my face and in a strong voice, “Hello world, here I am. Boy, have I missed you!”

My Stress Vanished

The feeling of jubilation did not hit me until my Ultimate Concierge and I arrived home from Rush Hospital. Our experience at Rush was so professional that it reminded me of a concierge service, total perfection.

Suddenly, and I mean suddenly, I felt as if a ton of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders. My stress vanished. I no longer felt burdened. And, I felt like the real me. I even startled my Ultimate Concierge as I held up my arms and kept saying, “I am so happy!” He laughed and hugged me and American nudged his head next to my leg. I continued talking a mile a minute: “We can visit the kids, we can walk down the street with little fear of getting sick, we can fly on an airplane!”

One little prick of a needle with a serum going into my veins gave me hope.

Before the COVID-19 Vaccine

Now, this will sound farfetched but it’s the truth. Before I had the vaccine, I felt like a captive. And, the truth is, I was. The COVID-19 virus and the government dictated how I lived my life. I was suffocating and I knew it.

Nevertheless, I was very hesitant about taking the vaccine. I am sure you feel the same. My reasons for taking the vaccine outweighed my reasons for not going ahead with the protocol. My doctor was enthusiastic, I wanted to be able to board a plane and fly to my family. And, I wanted to relieve the giant fear that my Ultimate Concierge would become ill and I would not be ‘allowed’ at his side. As well, I am determined to see the Silverback Gorilla in Rwanda. If I had known how exhilarated I would feel after I received the COVID-19 vaccine I would not have been at all hesitant.

The injection did not hurt and neither my Ultimate Concierge and I had any type of reaction except I slept in later than usual the following morning.

I understand I will have to keep my guard up and continue to wear my mask and keep my distance. But, I am so happy.

The Last Eleven Months in Elsewhere

Last night as I lay in bed with my hubby and my pooch, I reassessed my behavior over the past eleven months in Elsewhere. I started with the positive! I found a variety of new and different avenues to tackle; therefore I was never bored. And, I resisted stagnancy. I stayed in touch with those I love and enjoyed companionships that made me happy. As well, I educated myself with all the current events that were taking place worldwide in Elsewhere. Though I fumed daily, I forced myself to listen and learn. I devoured emails, watched documentaries and many TV series with my Ultimate Concierge, stayed away from my personal Facebook, disengaged from Twitter, shopped on Amazon because it was easy, cooked almost nightly, never gave up my manicure and pedicure or my hair with my stylist, Collette.

But, I failed miserably in the stress department. I could not let go of my stress. And, I would tell myself every day to, “Stop being stressed.” I couldn’t and I just figured out why. Darling, I was so dissatisfied with all the daily negativity taking place outside the four walls of our condo in the sky that I was constantly overwhelmed and worn out. There was nothing I could do to stop the awfulness and I became so sad and forlorn, causing me to be angry and sad. So, Elsewhere caused me to lose my balance.

A Positive Attitude

“Where is my positive attitude,” I asked myself? Then out of the blue, two days ago, it returned like a tsunami. It was the COVID-19 shot in my arm. And, it was my realization of enjoying the simple things, of loving and holding dear all that I have.

I am very grateful to President Donald Trump who did not allow the red tape of government to spend years developing a safe COVID-19 vaccine. I applaud the scientists, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies who worked tirelessly to provide us with a vaccine that gives us protection in the 90 percentile. To the thousands of civilian volunteers who entered test programs and the National Guard who are learning how to give injections; it has been a superior team effort. Because of teamwork and hard work, many lives will be saved. So, I want to take a moment to give my many thanks.

I am smiling.

Will you be getting the COVID-19 vaccination? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions at the bottom of this page. 

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  1. Lucky you, Honey. Here in our part of Florida, we are so far down the sign up line it will probably be next year before my husband and I get an appointment for the vaccine!!

    1. What is that? Why not put your name down in a city Walgreens, etc.. And, get into your car and chase the vaccine down? I would. You are Florida residents and if you can, do. I have read that people are flying in that have Florida residency and only spend 6 months in Florida. I hope in Elsewhere where there is a will there is still a way. Keep me posted. Warmly,Honey

  2. Hi Honey—I had my first Covid shot a week and a half ago ! I think that mentally it had not kicked in that I was on my way to freedom as one of my best friends texted me in Friday to see if I wanted to be part of a girl’s trip to FL in April. My first response was I am not sure because I am concerned about Covid!! My husband looked at me snd said you will have your second Covid shot in Feb so you won’t have to let that stop you. And BOOM that was like a revelation —-I will be free!! So now I am excitedly planning to go on my Girl’s trip and realizing my freedom is about to return😁

    1. I am very happy your husband lifted your spirits and filled your cup with positivity.Have a great trip. Warmly, Honey

  3. I laughed out loud when I read your account of the happiness you experienced after receiving the Covid vaccine. I can truly relate! Friday night, my Joe and I made our appointments to receive the vaccine on February 12th and I couldn’t stop smiling. I can’t wait to be free again.

    1. You will celebrate Valentine’s Day not only grateful that you have one another but grateful you had your vaccines. I am glad I made you smile! I am smiling right now.Warmly, Honey

  4. OMG you nailed it!!! I felt all those same feeling after getting my vaccine. After tomorrow all of our children will have had the 1st dose with the 2nd scheduled . We will be able to see each other and gather as a family again. We all realize we still must be cautious, distance and wear our mask. I want all to experience this feeling of normalcy and freedom. Thank you Honey for your positive and encouraging thoughts.

    1. I am very excited and happy for you. You will be united with your family and …life! You are so very welcome. Warmly, Honey

  5. Congratulations on getting your vaccine. I am so happy for you. I can totally relate to the stress you have felt. My stress is continuing to increase, however, because I will probably not be able to receive mine until the spring, and I’m afraid that having the vaccine will give people a false sense of security and fewer people will wear masks, social distance, etc.

    1. You are defiantly ‘not a ray of sunshine’ on the first day of February. I think people will feel extra careful about wearing their mask because they now have a very positive reason to protect themselves. Have faith in the American people.I think when most everyone is inoculated, the vaccine will awaken a mighty giant.So, please stop your worries. Warmly, Honey

  6. Excellent post!!! I feel the same way, I got my first shot last week. Thank you to President Trump and all the people in the USA who helped getting the vaccine to all of us.
    From a grateful heart….

  7. I’m so happy you received the vaccine. I am still on a waiting list and eager to get an appointment for mine. My doctor did tell me to be aware that the vaccine is definitely good news; however, By no means does it mean complete immunity. The vaccine does provide some protection, but even after the two doses, it gives you about a 94% or 95% level of protection. Despite the fact that you may be protected they can’t tell if you are still at risk of being an asymptomatic carrier and have the ability to carry the virus and spread the virus to others. So you can’t assume that just because you get the vaccine that you are both protected and no longer capable of carrying the virus asymptomatically and spreading it to others. I definitely still look forward to taking mine, but even then I know I will still need to observe preventative public health measures we’re already taking.

    1. 94% gives us a chance to reenter the world.Hopefully herd immunity will build.We want to have faith and we have to live on hope. Warmly, Honey

  8. I have had both doses of the vaccine with no side effects. Those of us who remember the polio epidemic of the 50s would never hesitate to be vaccinated as we recall our friends in iron lungs and those who are forevermore paraplegics!!!!
    Please everyone—get the vaccine!!!

    1. Thank you for giving a yell out to all to take the vaccine.Between you and me let’s make a difference. Warmly, Honey

  9. I am sooo happy you received your vaccine and on your way to getting your life back. I have not received mine yet but hope to soon. I am 82 years old (young), retired elementary teacher and I found you a couple of years ago on Facebook. I’ve never written to you before but today I had to. I could hear the joy in your voice! I enjoy your articles so much and hope you will continue them for many years.

    1. Oh, thank you Joyce for your meaningful words.I am so glad you wrote to me and I promise I will continue writing. I hope you are signed up for your vaccine and I hope the teachers in my city, Chicago, get back into the classroom. I will keep my eyes open for another comment from you! Warmly, Honey

  10. Happy to see the old “spark” back in your comments! I also am awaiting the relief we will experience from our second poke!
    Live, love and be happy, dear lady!

    1. Thank you, Terri.Now we have ‘hope.’ Without hope it is hard to be hopeful. My spark is back. Warmly, Honey

  11. Yes I will be receiving my second Pfizer shot tomorrow. Can’t wait! Like you, I do feel a sense of relief and an expectation of “getting back to normal”. Hopefully everyone will be fully vaccinated soon and we will have a reprieve from this awful virus. I too want to travel and see one of my daughters who lives in Australia. Even though I can’t visit her now because they do not have open borders I feel a sense of hope. I wish you good health!

    1. I am so glad you have the same feeling as I do. We had been robbed of our optimism for so long and now we must believe we are are lives back. Warmly, Honey

    2. I hope for your good health,too And,a wish that the borders will open soon and off you will go to Australia tp be reunited with your daughter and…life! Warmly, Honey

    1. That is how I felt, too. We had our second Covid 19 inoculation a few days ago. Soon we will be out and about. Warmly, Honey

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