“The high road is doing the right thing even if it is not easy.”

My father’s philosophy was to take the high road; to always maintain a strong moral compass and strong values. His actions supported his teaching. He wanted his children to be able to look themselves in the mirror and be proud of their actions, especially when put to the test. I often question: are there occasions when the high road is the wrong road? Darlings, now that I am a woman many years over 50…the answer is a qualified NO.

I questioned this many times in the past because I have had incidents, like you, where I found it difficult to take the high road. My emotions went into a tailspin and I felt myself spiraling to the low road. Sometimes, though very seldom, I have drifted to the low road and darlings, it has made me feel worse. My stress doubles. My tension is now on two fronts. I am upset with the other person and I am just as upset with myself.

The struggle of the high road

Taking the high road is often a struggle. Sometimes I lose it when it comes to people’s repeated actions of inconsideration, sarcasm and mean spiritedness.  However, when I travel to the low road I suffer for my behavior. In most instances, my next action is to man up to my conduct and apologize because I don’t want to carry negative baggage and…I am truly sorry.

This is important, darlings. I am still living through an experience of taking the high road by remaining silent.  I should have made a statement. Remember, there is a fine line between taking the high road and being stepped on.

We have two choices. We can walk away and say nothing or we can step up to the plate and vocalize our discontent with thought-provoking language. Both ways are taking the high road.

I wrote a poem on the fierceness of women over 50. I am adding another fierce quality: “I am fierce because I take the high road.”


  1. The most important reason…  for yourself.
  2. You deserve a peaceful lifestyle after 50.
  3. Bad behavior on the part of others should not impact your behavior.
  4. Positive energy will make you feel good.
  5. When you take the high road you take away their power.
  6. Let revenge be their burden to carry, not yours.
  7. The person who takes the low road regrets their action.

As difficult as it is, my aspiration is to walk away with grace, with my head held high in a noble manner and be remembered as a woman who took the high road. In 98% of cases I am that woman. I have a new goal: 100%, darlings.