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Earth brands combines great shoes with a great cause


As many of you know I spent years living in Honolulu, Hawaii. I loved it. I loved the pace of life and the marvelous people I met, but most of all I loved the nature. Now that I spend the majority of my time in my apartment in the sky I still do my best to incorporate nature into my life. I love the park across the street from my building. I love going on walks in the fresh air. I keep beautiful greenery in my apartment, as well as lovely orchids which I just adore ( I mean I named my dog after them so you know I love them!). It’s obviously not the same as living in Hawaii! But it does satisfy many of my needs to be surrounded by nature!

So what does my love of boots and my love of nature have in common, darling readers? This marvelous company, Earth brands!

You know I adore boots. They are an absolute “must” in anyone’s fall and winter wardrobe. There are endless ways to style them and incorporate them into your look. And you know I love a good heel dear readers, specifically platforms.I have found the most fabulous pair of boots from Earth brands that are like wearing clouds! I am forgoing a heel for these shoes! Earth offers a line of shoes called Earthies and I just received a pair of Madrid boots and it’s like wearing no shoes at all. The suede boots are not only comfortable, but had a great sole with lots of traction. They will be absolutely perfect for the icy conditions during a Chicago winter.

But you may say, “Honey we know you spend an awful lot of time in Calfiornia… how much Chicago winter will you be experiencing?” Plenty, darlings! And on top of that these Earthies boots are going to be a dream when traveling for the upcoming holidays. They will feel great on the airplane and walking a distance in an airport will be no bother or trouble at all.

So now you may ask what does this have to do with my love of nature? As a company, Earth brands is all about protecting nature, which made me not only fall in love with the boots, but the brand! They give back to the environment!

Earth brands partners with Trees for the Future to plant trees. Their goal for 2017 was to plant 100,000 trees. I just love that. What a fabulous endeavor!

And do you want to know the best part of these good-for-the-environment, comfortable and practical boots? They don’t sacrifice style for all of those other wonderful traits. Earth brands’ line of boots are very on-trend. I opted for the booties, but they also offer high boots and styles with heels. And for those of you not living in an area that will get cold this winter, they have tons of other chic styles too. Their sneakers come in amazing patterns and colors, but they also have heels and flats and dress shoes. You think of a shoe and Earth brands probably has it! And on top of that you are helping to plant beautiful trees and give back to nature. As if you needed another reason to invest in another good pair of shoes, darlings!

Sponsored post: I received compensation in exchange for writing this post. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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