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Nutrition in the New Year – Simple Recipes To Eat All Year Long!

Darlings, I know that the New Year always brings the desire for a “New You”. But, I’m here to tell you that “the you” you are now is perfect. However, if you desire to better yourself, that is always a great thing. 

You know I am all for taking care of your mind, body and soul, especially as we age. One way to do that is through how we nourish our bodies. We need to eat well (most of the time) and take the necessary supplements so we feel our best. 

Eating Well While Busy 

Often why we have a hard time eating well is because we are busy. I know that I have used the excuse “I’m too tired,” to cook. Have you? 

Well, not anymore. We don’t need to harbor any excuses in this new year of reinvention! 

So, how do we do this? We do it together, and we make things much easier on ourselves. Meals don’t need to be complicated. In fact, we can even use a meal service that caters to our lives. Anything that will help us stay on track and better our bodies, Darlings. 

Here are a few great recipe ideas to try this very week. All you need is a grocery list and a day to do it. I like to do my meal prep day on a Sunday. It will help start your Monday off on the right foot!

Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep 

Love eggs, veggies and a hearty start to the morning? Well, this meal-prep breakfast might be for you. I know that my Ultimate Concierge and I love to start the morning off in this way. Doing a meal-prep such as this is an easy, delicious and great way to go at each new day with a healthy heart and full stomach. 

Find the recipe for this breakfast bowl HERE


I love a great Salmon dish, Darlings, and I think this one is just perfect. It’s also wonderful because it’s easy to make and tastes great. Did I mention you only have to use one pan? Utilizing a sheet pan such as this makes cooking easy and simple to clean up. Who doesn’t love that? As well, Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids which is great for your heart and your overall health. 

Find the recipe HERE 

Chicken, Rice & Broccoli Bowls 

Chicken is such a great and versatile food, Darlings. Not only is it a lean protein, but it can also be seasoned just about any way you want. No matter if you want it savory or on the sweet side, fried or grilled, it’s a wonderful option for any type of eater. If you buy frozen chicken, meal-prep it several different ways for throughout the week if you desire. Pair it with rice and broccoli for a healthy rounded meal. 

For a simple and easy recipe, click HERE 

Overnight Oats 

Looking for a very heart-healthy start to the morning? Overnight Oats are a simple way to eat a satisfying and exciting breakfast. Why do I say exciting? Because you can create any flavor oats just by adding different fruits and spices. I really like something simple like apple and cinnamon, but you can get as crazy as you want! 

For a simple Overnight Oat recipe that’s Vegan, click HERE 


Looking for a flavorful vegetarian option? Well, look no further. Chickpeas are a great way to get protein without adding meat to your meal. And don’t worry, you don’t have to sacrifice any flavor. These Chipotle Chickpea Taco Bowls will not leave your tastebuds sad. In fact, I’m pretty sure they will be dancing the night away! Plus, they are very simple and affordable to make. 

Visit HERE for the recipe!

Don’t Overthink It, Darlings! 

My sweet readers, do not overthink meal-prep or eating healthy in general. Nothing in life has to be as complicated as we make it. Remember to always start out simple. Make one simple meal that doesn’t feel daunting. Then, once you’ve mastered that, move on to another one. If you really do not have time, then use a meal service such as Gobble or HelloFresh. You can pick your meals and have them delivered to you each week. Many still require cooking, but at least you have the option to eat healthier brought right to your doorstep. 

I hope I gave you a few ideas for some healthy meals. Now go forth and cook my, Darlings! 

Do you make your meals ahead of time? Let me know some of your favorite healthy meals for the New Year in the comments below or on Instagram and Facebook

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  1. What wonderful suggestions and so easy! I love Sun Basket food delivery. Yes, you do have to cook the foods but you have many recipe options and some are quicker and easier than others. I have tried several other food delivery services and this is my top choice. Next week I am getting a lunch delivery from Gobble to see how it works for my working husband to maintain his low carb/sugar diet.

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    1. I am so sorry. I cannot imagine what happened. I am sending your message to my tech person to help you. His name is Pete. Did this just happen? Be a little patient. Again, I am so sorry for causing you any stress. Warmly, Honey

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