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What You’re Like in a Relationship, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

What You’re Like in a Relationship, Based on your Zodiac Sign

Astrology has often affected our lives in ways that we couldn’t predict. Most especially when it came to romance, one of life’s greatest mysteries. Everybody handles love differently and the Zodiac signs are no different.

It’s not uncommon to see people from different Zodiac signs approach romance and love radically different from each other. Some place a particular premium on their partner being a great conversationalist. Others favor fewer words and more powerful deeds from their partners. In any case, we’ve described each sign below and what they’re like in relationships!


Aries, as always, will take charge and initiate. Charging in headfirst like their sign’s ram symbol, they’re very flirtatious and will always make the first move. Passionate and adventurous by nature, Aries brings a lot of excitement to any relationship they’re in.

Aries’ have the best and longest relationships when they incorporate spicy activities to keep their fire burning. Just make sure that every day with an Aries is different and filled with thrills. Do that, and they’ll ensure that their love is never boring or average.


Taureans are traditionalists when it comes to relationships, so they love going out on dates. But they can also be homebodies; they’ll spend a lot of time cuddling on the couch or watching TV. Extreme stubbornness is characteristic of a Taurus, so they’ll fight to maintain a good relationship.

Someone born under the sign of Taurus will also endeavor to make you feel secure and cared for. Nurture good communication with them early to ensure this sensitive bull doesn’t get offended when you bring up your anger. They’re stubborn, after all; it’s not easy to convince them they did the wrong thing, at least in your eyes.


Dating Gemini is always a thrilling experience to go through. Fun and always up to learn something new, they do their best to gain the most out of every situation. Like Aries, they’re natural flirts and their banter will keep you laughing the whole relationship. Gemini is one of the funniest Zodiac signs, after all.

Note that they don’t just choose their relationships randomly. If a Gemini has chosen you, they did so for a reason. Usually, it means that they think they’ve met their intellectual and emotional match. Some Gemini get around a lot, so they’re self-assured when they settle down with their choice.


Cancers are incredibly tender and gentle by nature as the most nurturing Zodiac sign. As kind souls, they feel too deeply and too much. Because they’re the most sensitive Zodiac sign, they won’t hesitate to show that to their romantic partner.

Once they make the choice to commit, Cancer will pour oceans of love on their significant other. Emotional and intuitive partnerships are best for Cancer, so a mate that understands them is vital. Relationships with Cancer are relationships with a devoted and lifelong partner, so buckle in for a long ride.


Like the fiery Aries and their ruling planet (the Sun), Leo relationships are very passionate. Affection and adventure abound in their relationship on account of Leo’s fiery nature. Like a male lion, Leos often choose their partners on a dominance rubric. Essentially, they’ll be looking for a relationship where they’re dominant and leading.

Leo must be the center of attention because Leo believes they deserve to shine bright in any situation. Like the Giving Tree, Leos are generous to their partner. Creating a wonderful life for their mate is no issue to them. However, don’t forget to nurture them from time to time! Otherwise, Leo can get insecure and that can cause difficulties.


You need to make sure that Virgo feels needed in the relationship. Methodical by nature, Virgos will take as long as they must to ensure they’re entering the right relationship. That same methodical approach affects how they solve problems.

Because of this, they endeavor particularly hard to make things better in a relationship rather than give up. This dedication to problem-solving makes them equally dedicated spouses. While the methodology makes them predictable sometimes, a Virgo will sometimes try to live a little wild.


Libras take right after their representation in the Zodiac: a scale. Their drive to find balance motivates them to find the perfect partner. Of course, finding the perfect partner is so hard that it may as well be a myth. Because of this, Libras take forever before they decide to get into a relationship. It all has to balance out for them, you see.

Libras are often interested in keeping the peace and function best in harmonized relationships. Think of them as seeking a twin flame. Despite taking forever to find the perfect partner, it’s strange for Libra to be alone. They’re not a particularly independent sign, so it’s unnatural for a Libra to be without a partner.

Connecting with others is vital for Libra and this most especially doesn’t change in a relationship environment. Libra lovers are creative and expressive, yet they keep a fantastic balance in their lives. Satisfying their partner is something Libra loves to do, making them one of the most charming Zodiac catches.


One of the most passionate signs in the Zodiac is a Scorpio in a relationship. Intimacy and closeness are serious business for a Scorpio because trust is a rare currency for them. Intelligent and honest partners are Scorpio’s favorite type of partners.

They’re wonderful for Scorpio and it’s vital that the partner keeps them interested and intrigued. Loyalty is one of the most powerful traits of a Scorpio, and it’s this trait that distinguishes them. Relationships take time for a Scorpio precisely because they’re so loyal. Because of this, they tend to stay long after the spark is gone; one of their many downfalls.


Energetic and inquisitive folk in a relationship are often born under the sign of Sagittarius. Well-known adventurers in the Zodiac, approach life and partnerships with an open mind. As wanderers, they naturally search for their life’s meaning during their travels. It is vital that you support them as they do this.

Of course, this wandering nature makes it hell to try and get a Sagittarius to settle down. Open relationships are often something a Sagittarius will suggest or favor. They adore and often crave change. It makes them feel better about themselves, so trying to get them to settle down? That makes them feel trapped, burdened even.


Capricorns take relationships very slowly on account of them wanting to feel more secure in their decisions. Entering a partnership with a Capricorn can sometimes feel painfully slow because of this. It is always, 100% of the time, a good decision for them to take everything one step at a time.

Words are cheap to a Capricorn, so they speak sparsely in relationships. Capricorns are hardcore believers in love by deed, not word. Their actions around you will always tell you about their love. Pay attention to how they act around you to determine how they feel about you.

Assess a Capricorn’s body language carefully while they’re in a relationship, especially if you’re the partner. The effort that they put forward will always tell you that they’re sincere and generous in their love. If ever a Capricorn does decide to tell you they love you, take it seriously. Those words hold so much more meaning than you know.


Aquarius needs intellectual stimulation in their relationships. Mental stimulation is their brain’s and heart’s on-switch, so to speak. It turns them on and keeps them interested in their partner. Long chats and talking about the future are something they adore greatly.

Dreams are vitally important to an Aquarius and that’s what long chats and future discussions are for. It gives the Aquarius something to dream about. In love, Aquarius needs a very honest and open relationship. They are incapable of holding back their feelings from their partner. Pathologically expressing themselves to their partner is a need for them.

Dynamic and progressive lifestyles are common for Aquarius when they enter long-term relationships. Aquarians inspire those who enter relationships with them to dream as well. Enter a relationship with an Aquarius and prepare to dream bigger than you ever have before.


Extreme romantics is the name coined specifically for Pisces in romantic relationships. Their love is tender and they’re generous with their heart. They adore intimacy greatly and seek it fervently with their partners. As deep beings by nature, Pisces won’t waste their time with flings or shallow people.

Emotional depth is like water to the fish sign, Pisces. They need that depth and they need appreciation for their sensitivity. It can’t hurt to give the same appreciation for their extremely doting loyalty.

When Pisces falls in love, they fall hard. Pisces love falls so hard that you could call it terminal velocity. They’ll do literally anything for their partners. As the most chivalrous sign of the Zodiac, loving them is a beautifully memorable experience.

Are you believe what your Zodiac sign says about you? Please let us know in the comments at the bottom of this page. We’d love to hear from you!


About the Author: David Thomas is a professional writer at Trusted Astrology. With more than 10 years of experience with astrology, David is a trusted resource to help you with astrological analysis and interpretation.

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September 13, 2021


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