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What to Avoid In Style After The Age Of 50

Let’s talk about what to avoid in style after the age of 50!

What to Avoid In Style After The Age Of 50

A woman’s inner style is the key to genuine style. And, as far as I am concerned “older is the new black.” Even though I have natural silver hair, my body has changed. I have bad feet, my hands no longer look young, my boobs have dropped and I notice when I walk through airports young people pass me, it matters not. My husband tells me all the time, “You have such a positive attitude.”

Taking Care of Your Inner and Outer Style After 50

Most of you know that I am a 21st-century grandmother with over 20 grandchildren who call me “Honey.” I am married to an exciting man (my Ultimate Concierge) who wears red-framed glasses and loves to take me shopping.

I own my sense of style, hoard my classic clothes and use luxurious olive or coconut oil on my skin. I take daily walks with my soft-coated Wheaten Terrier, America, work out on a regular basis, write my blogs and eat lots of fish to maintain my health.

I have an emotional inner style routine. And, I live in the present, try to make lemonade out of lemons, see my glass half full, smile often and I always have a purpose. I don’t spend time worrying about aging; I worry about becoming boring. I spend most of my time with my husband. I text my family who live in seven different states, write my blogs, run my business, HoneyGood.com, have a multi-faceted social life, solve my hardships as best I can when they present themselves (and they do), and keep up with fashion. As I often say, “I am so busy, I am dizzy!” But I like it just fine.

It has taken me years to get where I am and it hasn’t been easy. It is all about a positive attitude and a lot of effort.

I realize that a woman’s outer style is vital to a woman’s emotional well-being, especially for those of us over 50. Therefore, I am going off subject matter for a short time to share some of the fashion no-nos I have learned over the years.

Fashion Don’ts for Women Over 50

1. I don’t wear sneakers. Fine for working out. Period.

2. Don’t wear bland colors or multiple colors. My preference is monochromatic clothing with a pop of color in jewelry, shoes, handbags, and striking eyeglasses. My French girlfriend in Paris wears a grey suit with a pair of pink pumps and a handbag. I have learned from her. Be daring, darling. My suggestion is to stay away from taupe and beige.

3. I don’t wear boring eyeglass frames. Have fun with your glasses. Take risks. For example, I tint my prescription in my black frames blue and the glass in my pink frames, rose color. I treat my glasses as accessories. And, I have saved every pair of my glasses I’ve ever had. I just replace my prescription. Remember styles return.

4. My hairstyle should be modern. Overly styled is out. Remember 50 is the new 40, 60 the new 50, 70 the new 60, and 80 the new 70. Consider layering your hair and wear any length that makes you feel vibrant and relevant. A subtle highlight in the front will brighten your face. I think grey hair can be sexy and modern but tricky. You have to know yourself.

5. Unkempt eyebrows are a no-no. As we age, our eyebrow’s thin. I suggest visiting an eyebrow specialist for a tint and a wax. I use a powder with a brush to darken my brows. Many of my girlfriends have tattooed their brows. I have taken a pass because I am afraid my brows may look unnatural.

6. Yellowing teeth should be whitened. Unfortunately, our pearly whites naturally yellow with age. Fortunately, there are several over-the-counter whitening products. Asking your dentist is another option. As the old adage goes, “A beautiful smile is worth a thousand words.”

7. Nude and beige hosiery is outdated. For the summer months, I have replaced my sheer nude hosiery with fishnet colored hose, leggings, or spray-on tanner. I wear leggings, tights, and opaque stockings in cold weather.

8. Never wear a poorly fitted bra. Invest time (it takes me forever) and money to find a properly fitted bra. If you have a hard time being fitted, I suggest you ask for the most experienced fitter in a department store or private shop.

9. Excessive amounts of makeup are unflattering. Thick foundation, heavy eyeliner and bright blush add years. Toss them out. I use a tinted foundation and a light shade of blush. I have greenish-blue eyes so I wear shades of lavender and navy blue eyeliner. I use a white pencil to dot the inside corner of each eye because I have read that it opens up one’s eye. I agree. I have read time and again that women over 50 should wear soft lip color. I dance to my own drummer, preferring bold color.

10. I feel that an oversized handbag is not fashionable. Consider your size when purchasing a new handbag. Your handbags should not carry you, you should carry the bag.

11. If you can wear ‘em flaunt ‘em… shoes. I can’t wear them but I do. I just love my shoes. I wear platforms over pumps because they are gorgeous and easier to wear. Buy your shoes a size larger and wear brands that have a large toe box.

The Key

You can follow my advice about the physical beauty blunders above, but first, darling… remember, “A woman’s inner style is the key to her outer style.”

So, love yourself and others, be passionate about your life, be brave, be informed, walk with confidence and attitude and you will have the best of everything… in style.

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June 4, 2021


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  1. Susan Sussman says:

    I always enjoy your blog and advice. I too am a lipstick rebel! One of the original lipstick colors made by Charles Revson was “cherries in the snow. “ It is an iconic blue/red not orange/red that compliments many skin tones. It is my go to red!

  2. gloria says:

    That is a lovely color, Susan Sussman, but a close color to that one is ‘Love that Red’ from the same line.
    I have used it for years as it compliments my skin as well. I think “Cherries in the Snow” is a bit lighter, but a close
    second. One must try them out.

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