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Weekly review: Finding strength and words to live by

Another beautiful fall week has come and gone and would you believe it ended with snow in Chicago on Friday! Sure it didn’t stick, but still it’s only early November! I took a video and posted it on my Instagram for those of you darlings who I just knew wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it with your OWN EYES.

It was a week full of hustle and bustle, but also a week full of reflection for me. I shared with you darlings some of my own personal mantras as well as some of my recent struggles.

On Sunday I recounted with you the benefits of my curious nature. Right now there is a huge benefit: My curiousity has quite literally kept my darling dog Orchid alive these past few months. Curiosity can improve your life in smaller ways as well. Learning leads to growth and discovery and can help you enhance and fill your life after 50. If you didn’t get the chance read it here.

This week we also finally got to release our first book list! Just in time for the holidays too. I was so excited to read and compile all your reviews. It gave me so many good ideas and I hope it gave all of you some good ideas for next reads too. Here is the link for you to refer to. I am smiling,

I also admitted something to you, dear readers, I’m not always the greatest under the pressure of conflict. But I always use a guiding principle that my father taught me: Take the high road. So this week I wrote about the high road and what it means to take it. Here is a short snipped from the piece on why I believe it is the right path: “Sometimes, though very seldom, I have drifted to the low road and darlings, it has made me feel worse. My stress doubles. My tension is now on two fronts. I am upset with the other person and I am just as upset with myself.” You can read the whole piece here.

In my final piece of personal reflection I recounted two “magical” experiences I had this week with fairies. They have truly brought me comfort in a time of great uncertainty. Please read my musing here.

And as always in beauty and fashion we discussed what I think is fast approaching for many: the holidays! I gave some tips for buying luggage, which can be a very expensive purchase and is not to be taken lightly. And in beauty we discussed metallic makeup which could really liven up a holiday look. Click here to read about luggage and here to read about metallics.


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