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Weekend Musings: Women’s History Month, Exercise & More!

Happy March, everyone! With March comes hopefully better weather, and soon Spring. I love Spring because it’s the start of new life. Flowers blooming, the warm sun on your skin, and new opportunities.

This year is your time to Bloom. Why? Because every year is your time to bloom. It’s up to you to decide when to take the chances you’ve been wanting to take or when to start something brand new in your life. Maybe it’s as small as starting a journal, or maybe it’s taking an online art class. The opportunities are endless!

What will you do in your life to bloom this spring?

Now, on to my Weekend Musings…

“Company” Broadway Revival Starring Raul Esparza

One thing that COVID-19 has taken away from us, and the brilliant artists and musicians, is live theater. I’m sure you feel as I do. How I long to be back in the seats of a theater, with a program in my hand, waiting for a show to start.

I miss feeling the energy and excitement of those around me. And, I miss experiencing the talents and emotions of those on stage.

Because of this, I went to search to see what I could find on YouTube. To my luck, I came across the 2006 Revival of “Company” on Broadway. What a treat! If you have the gift of 2 hours to sit down and watch, please do! Enjoy.

30-Minute Low-Impact Dance Grooves Workout

A couple of weeks back I posted a low-impact workout for seniors, and many of you commented that you did it and enjoyed it! So, I went on the search again for another fun workout for us to do together.

And… what better than dancing! Dancing doesn’t even feel like a workout, and this is apartment-friendly, and knee-friendly because it’s low-impact! What could be better than that?

If you do this 30-minute dance workout, please let me know in the comments!

Women’s History Month: Movies and TV shows to Watch

If you didn’t know already, this month is Women’s History Month. Earlier this week I put together a list of books for you to read to honor women and a story about how you can honor your own personal stories.

This list from CNET gives a wonderful list of movies and TV shows for you to watch this month that will ‘uplift and inspire’ you. The movies range from classics to new age, as well as the TV shows.

I know I’ll be watching a few this month!

Click HERE to see the list.

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