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Weekend Musings: Virtual Travel, Lipstick & More!

Communication is key

Happy Weekend!

Can you believe we are already approaching the end of July? Before we know it, it will be fall and the leaves will be changing.

Even though summer this year is not what we expected it to be, it doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of our situation.

Wake up each morning with a grateful heart, make a list of those things you are grateful for, and of course… smile!

Now, on to my Weekend Musings!

Communication is Key!

Darling, we must communicate to have great relationships. Last week, a dear friend and Honey Bee came to my beautiful apartment in the sky and we filmed this together.
If you are struggling with communication with your children or the one you love, I hope this helps you.

Tips for Fabulous Lips After 50

A while back we posted “Tips for Fabulous Lips After 50” with Elise Marquam-Jahns, and I wanted to re-post it since we are in quarantine. This video is great for those after 50 who struggle with wearing the right lipstick and how to apply it (especially as we age).

I hope this helps!

Inside Louvre Museum Paris

Do you have the travel bug, but can’t travel because of COVID-19? Well, you can ‘travel’ from your very own couch. There are wonderful virtual travel videos on YouTube that you can search and watch right on your TV. This video is inside the beautiful Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

Once we are allowed to travel, where will you go?

This Week’s Roundup of Blog Posts Include:

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