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Passages After 50

Weekend Musings: Skincare, Outdoor Adventures and Much More!

Happy First Week of 2021!

How was your first week of the New Year, darling? 2020 was such a strange year, but 2021 holds a promise of new chapters and new beginnings. Even though a new year doesn’t mean a new you, it can mean a starting over of sorts.

Now, don’t worry if you don’t have New Year’s Resolutions, you don’t have to have any if you don’t want them, but you can still make a commitment to yourself to do a least one thing in 2021 that you’ve been meaning or wanting to do. Maybe it will even help if you journal about it or make a bucket list. What a fun idea!

Wishing you all a great second week of January 2021!

Now, on to my Weekend Musings…

32 Vogue Editors Share Their Hero Skin-Care Products!

Weekend Musings: Skincare, Outdoor Adventures and Much More!

Darling, you know how much I enjoy skincare!

When I came across this article on Vogue, I just had to share. It is an all-encompassing article that was contributed to by 32 Vogue editors who know their skincare! They share their favorite oils, creams, sunscreens, and much, much more! Enjoy, and let me know if you try any! READ HERE

The Best Outdoor Adventures in America

Because we can’t travel overseas during this COVID-19 pandemic, many people in America are relying on National Parks and beautiful spaces across the USA that you can visit without flight. Our lands hold beauty that some of us have only seen a small amount of. And, America is one of the most beautiful counties, you just have to be willing to travel and discover them.

Town & Country Magazine Online put together a list of the Best Outdoor Adventures in America. It includes snowmobiling in Idaho, visiting the Bayous of Louisianna, and many more!

Explore all of the adventures HERE

Testing 9 Under-Eye Concealers on Mature Skin! Over 50


Makeup that covers mature skin well is very hard to find, especially under-eye concealers. They can feel cakey and often times make the under-eye look puffy or feel greasy. Or, they may not even work at all!

This wonderful video by HotandFlashy on YouTube tests 9 different under-eye concealers on mature skin. Maybe you’ll see how yours works in real-time, or find a new concealer to try! I, myself, love La Mer Concealer… but let me know what you love most!


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January 9, 2021

Passages After 50

Weekend Musings: Skincare, Outdoor Adventures and Much More!

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