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Daring to Be a Vulnerable Woman In Today’s World

Daring to Be a Vulnerable Woman

Daring to Be a Vulnerable Woman

A small group of friends who were all businesswomen, including myself, were asked to share their elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a speech that describes the brand of a company. Why is it called that? Because it should take no longer than it takes an elevator to go from the top floor to the ground floor; less than a minute. It describes the brand, what it is selling, and the goal of convincing others to purchase it.

After each of us gave our elevator pitch, one of the girls suggested we have some fun, “Let’s write an elevator pitch about ourselves as though we are a brand.” She ‘sold us’ on her idea!

Each elevator pitch was quite telling about each of us…

My Elevator Pitch

“I am a hot pot of vegetable soup with an assortment of bright and colorful vegetables. I am a little bit of this and a little bit of that. You will enjoy me as a product because I am diversified.”

Simply Be

I like my alone time because it gives me a chance to simply be. As I laid in bed that night next to my Ultimate Concierge and pooch America, the stillness of the night and their rhythmic breathing was the perfect setting for me to think about what top quality attracts me to other women.

I decided I am attracted to a woman who shows her vulnerable side. Are you surprised by my answer? I assume so because most people think the definition of vulnerable is weakness. Think again, darling! Ask yourself, do you show a vulnerable side of yourself?

Without question, I have zero problems showing my vulnerable side. I am ‘blessed’ that I have no fear in acknowledging my vulnerabilities in the presence of others. It does not bother me in the least to be unknowing and powerless or show my real emotions. That I am capable of being vulnerable, is expressing to others that I am genuine, and not a lot of fluff.

It shows a woman’s inner power and self-confidence when she can accept what she doesn’t know and be excited to learn. This is a ticket to self-growth. This also allows her the freedom to ask for advice while at the same time letting others know she is not perfect. This is very attractive in a woman because others will trust her.

An Empowered Woman

Are you surprised that I said I was blessed that I show my vulnerable self? Don’t be. I think a woman who allows herself to show her vulnerable side is an empowered woman. She is resilient and cleared-eyed and honest because she is not afraid to be herself. I can tell a vulnerable woman by her actions. I know I can trust her. And, I know I will respect her. I know she will perceive me as a woman who has no fear of showing her vulnerable side. And, most probably we will be friends.

Remember this darling, everyone is scared of something. Everyone makes mistakes. At one time or another, everyone feels the intimidation of another.

A Powerful Woman

A powerful woman is not afraid to expose her fears, her susceptibilities, and her feeling of powerlessness. This makes her real. So, think of the grandeur you will feel by exposing your vulnerabilities to others. When you expose your doubts, your lack of knowledge, and an open and kind heart, you will attract the right type of women to be in your company.

Personally, I am not attracted to women with bravado, a bold manner intending to impress or intimidate. These women could never show their vulnerability because in truth they are insecure and are afraid others will see them as weak. They are not true to themselves and this stifles their growth, creativity, and kindness towards others.

An Authentic Woman

Vulnerability gives you the gift of owning yourself. You are authentic. You are the captain of your ship.

Darling remember, not all women will appreciate how marvelous you are. They may view you as powerless when you show ‘the real you’, your vulnerable side. This is about them. This is not about you. At your age, you know who you are. If you are a closed woman, try to be open. Openness will give you your personal freedom to bloom.

Do you believe yourself to be a vulnerable woman? Or, do you struggle with your vulnerability? Let’s talk about it in the comments at the bottom of this page!

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  1. I’m Real , some people find this off putting ! I’m straight forward , not a Game player ! So , unfortunately , I have harder times with duplicitous women , been having trouble with this lately ! Maybe , can you give some points on finesse in these type of situations ? Thank you !

    1. There are ways of being real and ways of being real.It is in the message of body language and thinking about the manner of your voice and words you use. In other words it is how your message is coming across. Begin to listen to how you would sound to you, before you speak. You can say the same words in different manners and get different result. If the person is difficult consider deleting them from your life. Hope this helps. Warmly, Honey

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