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Adding Oil to Your Skincare Routine is a Must!

Let’s learn about how to incorporate oil into your skincare routine!

Adding Oil to Your Skincare Routine is a Must!

Oil has gotten a bad rap when it comes to beauty. Women don’t aspire to have oily hair and skin. And, oily skin gets blamed for blemishes such as acne. Even suntan oil has lost popularity, bringing to mind leather-skinned ladies who value skin color over skin health. But the truth is that oil may be just what’s missing from your beauty routine, especially as we age.

Oil is so essential to great skin that even young women are using it! So, this is one beauty secret you can pass along to your granddaughters now. Even supermodel Miranda Kerr, who swears by rosehip oil, says, “I put it on at night and I wake up glowing.” And adorable actress Emma Stone calls upon grapeseed oil every night, telling Style.com that she puts it on her face post-shower to keep her alabaster skin flawless.

I’m also a believer in the skin-saving power of pure oils. And this week I’ve gathered the top three ways to incorporate oils into your skincare routine. 

A Trio of Oils Cleans Skin

Dermalogica’s Precleanse is a deep cleansing oil that first warmed me to the idea that oil could truly benefit any and all skin types.

The olive, kukui, and apricot oils in Precleanse melt away sebum, sunscreen, and even waterproof makeup. It’s so gentle, I even use it around my eyes because it effortlessly washes away waterproof makeup.

Plus, thanks to the essential fatty acids in key oil ingredients, Precleanse nourishes skin, leaving it ultra clean and hydrated, but not even the slightest bit ‘oily.’ Get it on Amazon HERE.

A Leg Up with Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is ideal for a host of grooming purposes because it improves the moisture and lipid content of the skin.

Loyalists swear by coconut oil for everything from conditioning hair to removing makeup, but I’ve found the best use for coconut oil, hands down, is shaving. Purchase unrefined organic coconut oil if possible (it’s sold at most grocery stores) and simply apply it to wet legs.

Massage the oil into the skin to create an emulsion and shave as usual. You’ll be left with the softest, smoothest legs! Including no razor bumps, and soft, smooth skin afterward… no dry, flaky legs for you, darling!

Lavender Oil Banishes Blemishes

Acne, yes acne, the bane of teenage years, often crops up again during menopause, typically around the mouth, chin and, jaw, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

Using oil to combat oil shouldn’t seem crazy; after all, we’ve been told to ‘fight fire with fire.’ But somehow those of us with oily skin seem to want to dry it out rather than slick it up.

Enter Kerstin Florian’s Clarifying Lavender Oil, a skin treatment ideal for acne-prone menopausal skin, thanks to a 3 percent essential lavender oil concentration. Lavender oil is incredibly effective at nourishing, healing and detoxifying skin while supporting cell regeneration. Sold in a half-ounce bottle for $36 at upscale resort and day spas, just a dab of this skin-saving oil each night treats problem skin effectively… and smells amazing.

So while you may go to bed a skeptic, when it comes to the benefits of incorporating oils into your beauty routine, you’ll no doubt wake up an even more beautiful believer.


Do you have skincare routine tips to share? I know you do, darlings. Do tell! You can comment below or find me on FacebookTwitter, and even… Instagram. Let’s chat!

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October 20, 2020


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  1. Rosemary says:

    I only use coconut oil or avocado oil. They don’t give me blotches like other cosmetic products do and they don’t cost the earth.

    Keep using the oil, Honey!

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      I did not know about avocado it! You keep teaching me, Rosemary!!! I love to eat avocados, not I will put avocado oil on my shin. Hope all is well in Portugal. Sending friendship and warmth. Honey. PS. I love the smell of coconut oil, don’t you?

  2. Leta Stovall says:

    I use a combination oil to cleanse my face (Grapeseed, olive, almond, lavender, rose hip) followed by a warm washcloth. I use a rose water witch hazel toner, then I moisturize with the same oil before bed) leaves my skin soft and it helps reduce poor size. I even use the oil as a moisturizer under my sunscreen during the day.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Is your combination ‘your recipe’ or store bought. I use Grapeseed and coconut but each separately. Please let me know. I also use Rose Water. Thank you for your information. Have a nice week-end. Warmly, Honey

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